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Ministry of Defence: Handling of Court Cases, Filing of Appeal/SLP, Measures to withdraw repeated Appeals/SLPs - Recommendations of Expert Committee

Office of the CGDA, Ulan Batar Road, Palam,
Delhi Cantt-110010

No. AN/ III / 3012/ Circular/ VOL.VII 
dated 30.10.2018.


All PCsDA/ PCA (Fys.)/ PIFAs,
CsDA/ CsFA (Fys.)/ IFAs/ RTCs.
(through CGDA website).

Subject: Implementation of recommendation of Expert Committee constituted by Hon’ble Raksha Mantri.

A copy of GoI, Ministry of Defence D(CMU) MoD ID No. 4(5) / D(CMU) / 2018 dated 07.09.2018 on the subject alongwith copies of circulars referred therein is forwarded herewith for information and necessary action please.

(Mustaq Ahmad)

Government of India
Ministry of Defence

Sena Bhawan, New Delhi,
Dated 07 September, 2018.

Subject: Implementation of recommendations of Expert Committee constituted by Hon’ble Raksha Mantri

Reducing Litigation has been the prime focus of the Government of India and is being repeatedly emphasized by various circulars from Cabinet Secretariat and Ministry of Law & Justice. in this regard, various circulars have been issued by D(CMU) which cover the following aspects significantly:

I. Procedure for handling Court Cases in Ministry of Defence.
II. Procedure for filing of Appeal/SLP in Supreme Court.
III. Measures to withdraw repeated Appeals/SLPs where the issue has already been decided by the Apex court.

Copies of relevant circulars are enclosed.

2. in this regard, a Committee of Experts was also constituted by the Hon’ble Raksha Mantri vide MoD O.M. No.61/D(CMU)/2015 dated 15.07.2015 to look into solutions for reducing litigation concerning the Ministry of Defence and to put in place an efficient mechanism of redressal of grievances related to service and pension matter. The said Committee has made several recommendations to strengthen the grievance redressal mechanism and to reduce litigation. These were examined by the Ministry. With the approval of the Hon’ble RM, 16 recommendations were accepted for implementation, 16 recommendations were accepted in-principle and 43 recommendations were to be further examined for taking an appropriate decision. Based on the recommendations of the Committee, the following guidelines are hereby reiterated for the guidance of all concerned:

Recommendations No. 22, 24 & 61 : Avoiding unnecessary appeals

In these recommendations, the committee has recommended that litigation be viewed in an impersonal, non-adversarial and dispassionate manner and should not be made a prestige-issue or a win/loss situation. The committee has also recommended that- the tendency of continuous unethical filing of appeals in issues that have attained finality at the High Court or Supreme Court should be checked and all such pending appeals should be identified and immediately withdrawn. Further, it has also been emphasized by the committee that unnecessary appeals should be avoided. and as a matter of principle, the attempt of the Government should be to accept court verdicts as far as possible. Appeals should be an exception and not the rule. And in exceptional cases only challenges should be made to the High Courts against verdicts of CAT rendered in favour of employees, and not as a matter of routine. 

All concerned are requested to take note of the above mentioned guidelines. In this regard, D(CMU) has also issued ID note No. 7(9)/2018/D(CMU) dated 26.06.2018 (copy enclosed) and Office Order No. 1/(1)/2015-D(CMU) dated 02/02/2016 (copy enclosed).

Recommendation No. 50: Applicability of Judgements to similarly placed employees

Expert committee has recommended that whenever a legal principle is settled by a High Court or the Supreme Court, the same must be universally applied to all similarly placed employees or at least on individual representations after examining the same, rather than forcing them into individual litigation. 

In this regard, attention is drawn to D(CMU)’s ID No. 7(9)/2018/D(Cl\/lU) dated 26.06.2018 (copy enclosed). However, it is proposed that each case may be decided on its merit, subject to consultation with Department of Expenditure and DOP&T having regard to financial implications.

4. All concerned are again requested to take cognizance of the above recommendations and take necessary action as required, in order to reduce litigation.

(SK Sharma)
Encl: - As above. 

All Joint Secretaries in MoD
All-Additional FAs in MoD(Finance)
MoD ID No. 4(5)/D (CMU)/ 2018 dated 07.09.2018

No.6176/2015-D (CMU)
Ministry of Defence
Department of Defence
New Delhi,
Dated the 3rd April, 2017.


Subject: Procedure for handling court cases - regarding.

It has come to notice that due to lack of co-ordination between various directorates and the divisions of MOD, absence of a uniform approach and timely action in handling the court cases, the litigation including contempt petitions are on the rise.

2. With a view to ensuring timely action for defending the cases effectively and also to reduce the incidence of contempt petitions, the following instructions may be followed:-

(a) The notice/papers relating to any new OA /Writ Petition/Review Petition filed and received in D(CMU), MoD shall be immediately forwarded to the concerned Wing/Division of MOD.

(b) In addition to the above, the Divisions may also receive new OA /Writ Petition/ Review Petition directly. The Divisions in both these oases, shall:

(i) retain a complete copy of the OA for future reference and taking up follow up

(ii) make entries in the LIMBS portal; and

(iii) pass it on to the concerned Service Headquarters with suitable instructions, if any.

(c) The concerned Service Headquarters would be responsible for getting the reply/ counter affidavit filed before the appropriate court. They may seek advice of the Administrative Wing concerned, if required. The Service Headquarters may devise their own Standard. Operating Procedures (SOPS) and timelines in this endeavour.

(d) As soon as an order is passed in a case, the concerned field unit/ office will obtain a copy of the order from the Counsel concerned at the earliest and send an advance copy of the same, along with. the advice of the Government Counsel handling the case, directly to the concerned Service Head Quarters, who in turn will mark a copy of the same to the Administrative Wing. This would be in addition to submission of the same through the normal service channel.

(e) The Service Head Quarters may examine the order expeditiously and take a decision Whether to implement the order or go for appeal and inform the Administrative Wing accordingly. However, where the implementation of the order has Wide ramifications like large financial implications, deviation from the existing policy of the Government, potential that the order may not be limited to the person(s) who fought. the case but will affect a whole cadre or class of employees etc., the Service Head Quarters shall send their recommendation regarding implementation of the order or otherwise to the concerned. Administrative Wing. The advice of DOPT/MoF may be taken by the Administrative Wing for implementation of any order which is not as per their policy.

(f) Once it is decided to implement the order, its timely implementation. would be ensured/monitored by the Service Head Quarter/ Administrative Wing to avoid filing of "contempt petition” for non compliance.

(g) The decision to file appeal before the High Court (in case of order of CAT) would be taken expeditiously by Administrative Wing after seeking the advice of LA(Defence).

(h) Important cases may be brought to the notice of the concerned Additional Secretary / Defence Secretary by the Joint Secretary of the Administrative Wing.

(i) In case appeal is required to be filed before the Supreme Court, necessary action may be taken by following instructions already issued vide MOD ID. No.(1)/2015-D(CMU) dated 2nd February, 2016 (copy enclosed).

This issue with the approval of Defence Secretary.

(Manisha Bhatnagar)
Deputy Secretary (MIS)

Ministry of Defence
New Delhi

Dated 2nd February, 2016


Subject: Filing of Appeal/SLP in Supreme Court - Procedure regarding

In the context of the increasing number of court cases where the Government is a litigant before various courts, Ministry of Law had. brought out the National Litigation Policy in 2010. The policy states that Government must cease to be a compulsive litigant. The philosophy that matters should be left to the courts for ultimate decision has to be discarded. The policy further states:

“In Service Matters, no appeal will be filed in cases where:

a) the matter pertains to an individual grievance ‘without any major repercussion;

b) the matter pertains to a case of pension or retirement benefits without involving any principle and without setting any precedent or financial implications.”

2. Further at a meeting held. on 08.10.2015, Hon’ble -Raksha Mantri expressed concern over the fact that Appeals/SLPs are filed in the Supreme-Court in a routine manner and in several cases adverse orders are passed by the Supreme Court much to the embarrassment of the Government. Hon’ble RM observed that there may be court orders which deviate from government policy or have large financial implications. In such cases tiling Appeal/ SLP may be inevitable. There may however be some Court orders which do not have wide repercussions and may have only meager financial implications. In such cases it may be necessary to examine whether it is administratively expedient to file Appeal/SLP in the Supreme Court.

3. In the above background, the procedure for filing Appeal /SLP in the Supreme Court has been reviewed. and it has been decided that the following procedure will be followed while filing Appeal / SLP in the Supreme Court:

a. The Service Hqrs/Directorates will send the proposal for filing or otherwise of Appeal/SLP in the Supreme Court to the concerned Joint Secretary after due examination in light of relevant rules - and policy. The advice of the Central Government Standing Counsel (CGSC) handling the case on the suitability of filing appeal. or otherwise should also be obtained and forwarded along with the proposal. This should be done expeditiously as it has been seen that many of the SLPs/Appeals have been dismissed. by the Hon’ble Supreme Court on account of delay in filing.

b. The J S concerned. shall examine the proposal taking into account the advice of the CG-SC handling the case and previous cases of similar nature, if any, which. are subjudice or have been already decided. by the Supreme Court on merits. Where the decision of the Court involves policy issues or have wider repercussions, the J S shall take the advice of the nodal Ministries/ Departments namely DOP&T, MOF, etc. concerned with the subject.

c. On a comprehensive examination of the case as above, if the J S arrives at a decision that it is a fit case for filing Appeal/ SLP in the Supreme Court, he will refer the file to LA(Def) for his advice / views. Otherwise, he Will return the file to the Service Hqrs/Directorate for implementing the court order with the concurrence of the Defence Finance, if required.

d. On receipt of the proposal for filing Appeal / SLP, LA(Def) will, after due examination of the case, return the file with his views/ advice to the JS.

e. if LA(Def) agrees with the proposal for filing Appeal/SLR the JS will assess the importance of the case and decide Whether it needs to be shown. to AS/Defence Secretary or RM. Thereafter, the file will be returned to LA(Def) for onward transmission to Central Agency Section for filing Appeal/SLP in the Supreme Court. But it has to be kept in mind that in the process, the limitation for filing Appeal/SLP does not get expired. In case, such period has already expired, then reason for the delay has to be shown date-wise for filing an application for getting the delay condoned.

f. If, however, LA(Def) does not agree with the proposal for filing Appeal/SLP and the JS also, in view of the advice of LA(Def), decides that there is no need to file Appeal/ SLP, the file will be sent back to Service Hqrs/ Directorate for implementing the order.

g. If, in spite of the advice of LA(Dei) not to file Appeal/SLR JS decides that there is still justification for filing Appeal/SUD, he will take the approval of Additional Secretary (AS) and send. the file to MOL/CAS through LA(def).

4. Approval of Raksha Mantri shall be taken in all sensitive cases or where wider interests of Public Policy are involved. A decision whether a case will be shown to the Minister will be taken at the level of Joint Secretary.

5. This order is issued in supersession of the earlier order No.1-84(4)/88-O&M dated 2nd June, 1988.

Deputy Secretary (E+MIS)
Tel: 23013416

Ministry of Defence

Subject: Minutes of the Meeting held on 22.06.2018 at 3.00 p.m.- Under the Chairmanship of Additional Secretary(JN) to identify Court Cases to be Withdrawn.

A meeting was held on 22.06.2018 under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary (JN) to identify court cases to be withdrawn.

2. A copy of minutes of the meeting is enclosed herewith for further necessary action.

Encl: As above 
(Charu Vijay)
Under Secretary (O&M/PG)
MoD ID No. 7(9)/2018/D(CMU) dated 26 June 2018

Minutes of the Meeting held on 22.06.2018 at 3.00 p.m. Under the Chairmanship of Additional Secretary (JN) to Identify Court Cases to be Withdrawn

A meeting was convened by AS(JN) on 22.06.2018 with all the Joint Secretaries of Department of Defence, JS(ESW) and LA(Def) to deliberate upon the above said issue.

Representatives of the JAG(Army) and JAG(Navy) were also present in the meeting. List of participants is placed at Annexure.

2. Initiating the discussion, AS(JN) gave the background of the meeting and informed that recently Supreme Court had imposed a penalty of 1 Lakh on Ministry of Defence for repeatedly filing SLPs over the issue which are already decided by the Apex court.

There is an urgent need to take appropriate measures to withdraw such cases so as to avoid further embarrassment and penalty/strictures in similar instances.

3. Each participant was thereafter requested to provide details of the existing no. of cases in Supreme Court, High Court, AFTs, CAT and District & Subordinate Courts and the number of cases identified for withdrawal. In response, the following information was provided by the participants regarding their respective Wings/Divisions:

Name of Wings/DivisionDetails in r/o Court Cases pending/withdrawn/proposed to be withdrawn.
JS(ESW)A total of 163, 46 & 8 pension cases relating to Army, Air & Navy respectively are pending before the Supreme Court. Out of 163 pension cases of Army, 20 are proposed to be withdrawn. Out of 46 pension cases of Air, 14 have been withdrawn and 22 are proposed to be withdrawn. Out of 8 pension cases of Army, 1 is proposed to be withdrawn.
JAG (Army)Approximately 6000 cases are pending in all the courts inclusive of 1000 cases (approx.) in Supreme Court.
Rep. from NavyThere are 388 cases (mostly pension cases) pending in AFT, out of which 79 are proposed to be withdrawn.
CAO1 case is pending in Supreme Court which has been filed by UPSC with MoD as a proforma respondent. 36 cases are pending before High Courts and 51 cases before CAT. In addition, 6 cases are pending before AFT/lower courts. A vast majority of the cases relate to service matters of civilian employees.
BROTotal 1246 cases are pending, out of which 28 are in supreme Court.
PDCP (Principle Directorate of Civilian personnel) of NavyTotal 788 cases are pending, out of which 5 in Supreme Court, 123 in High Court, 26 in District & Subordinate Courts and rest are in CAT
JS(Works)DGDE has 387 cases pending in Supreme court and 37 in CAT.

E-in-C has a total of 1310 cases pending, out of which 54 in Supreme Court, 224 in High Court, 844 in CAT & 112 in AFT.

4. AS(JN) observed that no clear or satisfactory position is emerging from the data provided in the meeting. After detailed deliberation, following action points were agreed upon:-

a) An exercise to be carried out urgently to compile data regarding the total number of existing court cases pending in various courts i.e., Supreme Court, High Court, AFTs, CAT and District & Subordinate Courts, along with appropriate categorisation of cases.

b) Wherever an issue has already been decided against the Department by the Supreme Court, all matters where similar appeals are pending before Supreme Court, High Court, AFTs, CAT and District & Subordinate Courts, shall be identified for withdrawal.

c) In all cases identified for withdrawal in accordance with b) above, appropriate action should be taken for withdrawal of cases expeditiously.

d) As regards the suggestion of LA(Def) to amend the existing policies to bring them in line with the decisions of the Supreme Court wherever the two are in conflict, the issue can be considered once the exercise of quantifying, categorizing and identifying cases for withdrawal as mentioned above has been completed. Similarly, his suggestion to automatically give'consequent relief to all similarly placed persons once a case has been finally decided against the Department and not confine grant of relief only to persons who were litigants in that particular case will also be considered after the above exercise has been completed.

e) AS(JN) requested all participants to complete the action on the points as decided in the meeting and come with all details in the next meeting which will be held after two weeks, i.e., on 06th July 2018.

5. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.

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PCDA Circular 206: Transfer of pension account from one Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) to another PDA - Application Forms

O/o the principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions)
Draupadighat, Allahabad-211014

Circular No. 206

No. AT/Tech/SO-XX 
Dated: 02/11/2018


01.The Chief Accountant, RBI Deptt. of Govt. Bank Accounts, Central
office C-7, Second Floor, Bandre- Kurla Complex, P B No. 8143,
Bandre East, Mumbai-400051
02. The Director of Treasuries of all State...............
03. The Manager CPPC of Public Sector Banks including IDBI
04. The CDA (PD) Meerut
05. The CDA, Chennai
06. The Nodal Officers (ICICI/AXIS/HDFC Bank)....
07. The Pay & Accounts Officer...............
08. The Military. 85 Air Attache, Indian Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal
09.The DPDO
10.Post Master, Kathua (J &/ K) and Camp Bell Bay
Sub: Transfer of pension account from one Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) to another PDA.
Provisions for Transfer of pension account from one Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) to another PDA has been provided in the Defence Pension Payment Instructions (DPPI) as well as Scheme for Payment of Defence Pensions by Public Sector Banks. But, it has been observed that the PDAs are not following laid down procedure in the matter. Hence, the competent authority has decided that following procedure is required to be adopted in the matter.

(i) Pensioner shall submit a simple application (in Part-I of the enclosed formats) along with Pension Certificate (where issued to him) to the PDA from where he is drawing pension at present. A copy of application may be returned to the pensioner duly giving the receipt of the application by the PDA for the records of the pensioner.

(ii) The following documents are required to be forwarded by the existing PDA to the new PDA by registered post.

(a) PPO (including all Corrigendum PPOs) and Payment Authority (if any issued)
(b) Descriptive Roll / Identification Documents with Photographs.
(c) Extract of Payment Register with a certificate thereon indicating the rate of Pension and Dearness relief and date upto and for which last paid. Where the pensioner has been allowed commutation of pension, the PDA should also indicate prominently in the Last Pension Certificate, the date of payment of capitalized value of pension, the date of reduction of pension on account of commutation and the date on which he would complete 15 Years for restoration of his commuted portion of pension.
(d) Nomination to receive arrears of pension
(e) Option & undertaking furnished by the pensioner for Medical Allowance
(f) Pension Certificate (where issued)

(iii) In the current scenario, most of the PPOs are issued e-PPO form. Hence, it has been decided that transferor PDA will forward the documents mentioned above as well as copy of e-PPO received through SFTP from this office duly countersigned by him to the new PDA as per existing system.

(iv) Further payments in continuation of the date upto and for which the pensioner is shown as paid on the Extract of Payment Register, will be arranged by the new PDA.

(v) An intimation regarding the transfer of pension papers should invariably be sent both by the transferor/ transferee PDA to the Pr. CDA (Pensions) Allahabad through Form-I/IMP-5(A)/D-II by the transferor PDA (under Part-II of the enclosed format) and Form-II/IMP-S/D-I by the transferee PDA (under Part-III of the enclosed format) as per prevailing procedure by registered post as well as on e-mail ID: [at]

(2) While forwarding Form-I/IMP-5(A)/D-II to this office by the transferor PDA, following documents are also required to be attached with Form-I/IMP-5(A)/D-II:

(i) A consent (in Part-IV of the enclosed format) from the new PDA that after receipt of documents from the existing PDA, his/her pension will be paid after taking on the payment strength of the new PDA.

(ii) A leaf of cheque issued by the new PDA duly cancelled in the case of new PDA is Bank.

(3) In the case of change of PDA from Indian Embassy, Nepal to other PDA and vice-versa, existing system for pension file routed through this office and issuance of corrigendum PPO before change of PDA will follow.

(4) This circular has also been uploaded on this office website

Addl. CDA (Pensions)

(To be submitted in QUINTUPLICATE to the present PDA)




I opt to draw my pension through ........... .......... .............. ............ ................ ........... ......... (Name of Pension Disbursement Authority). Therefore, you are requested to make necessary arrangement for transfer of my pension documents to the new Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) whose details are as below:

Particulars of the new PDA:

Name of the new PDA ...............................

Address of the new PDA ...........................

Bank Account No. to which pension is to be credited ...............................

My particulars are as below:

Name in Block letters:...........................

PPO No ...........................

H.O./PS/TS No.(allotted by PDA) ......................

My present address: 

Three specimen signatures of pensioner:

------------  ----------------  -----------------

Following documents in original are also enclosed herewith for forwarding the same to the Pr. CDA (pensions):

(iii) A consent from the new PDA that after receipt of documents from the existing PDA, his / her pension will be paid after taking on the payment strength of the new PDA.

(iv) A leaf of cheque issued by the new PDA duly cancelled in the case of new PDA is Bank.

Yours faithfully,


No............                                                                                                                                                    Date............


The ..............................

(Name and address of the new PDA)

The following pension documents in respect of Shri/Smt for payment of pension/ family pension as sanctioned vide Pr. CDA (Pensions), Allahabad/ Pr. CDA (NAVY), Mumbai/Dy. CDA (Air Force), New Delhi PPO No. are forwarded herewith:-
  • Pension Payment Order/PC (Original & Corr.) No .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 
  • Payment Authority (if any issued) No. & date .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  • Descriptive Roll / Identification Documents with Photographs.
  • Extract of Payment Register
  • Last payment certificate indicating:
    (i) Rate of Pension / family pension per month 
    (ii) Amount of Dearness relief
    (iii) Other elements / allowances (if any paid)
    (iv) Date upto and for which above rate of pension last paid.
    (v) Amount of deduction of commuted portion of pension on the date last pension paid to the pensioner
    (vi) No. of installment of commuted portion of pension already deducted on the date last pension paid to the pensioner
    (vii) Date of restoration of commuted portion of pension
    • Nomination made by the pensioner for payment of his/ her life time arrears
    • Option & undertaking furnished by the pensioner for Fixed Medical Allowance
    • Undertaking given by the pensioner / family pensioner to recover over payment pension / family pension.
    • Personal file of the pensioner / family pensioner

    The pensioner has been identified on .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. by this office.

    Please acknowledge receipt.

    Signature of the PDA with seal

    Copy to:
    The Pr. CDA (Pensions) 
    Draupadi Ghat 
    Uttar Pradesh - 211 014
    : For your information. Following documents received from the pensioner/ family pensioners are also forwarded herewith in original with Form-I/ IMP-5(A) / D-II for your necessary action please: 
    (i) Application of the pensioner for change of the PDA 
    (ii) A consent from the new PDA that after receipt of documents from the existing PDA, his / her pension will be paid after taking on the payment strength of the new PDA.
    (iii) A leaf of cheque issued by the new PDA duly cancelled in the case of new PDA is Bank.

    Signature of the PDA with seal

    Note: (One copy of the application may be retained by the transferer office and remaining 2 copies be forwarded to the transferee office).


    No .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 
    Date: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 


    The .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 
    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 
    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 
    (Name and address of the transferer PDA)

    Pension documents in respect of Shri/Smt .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..  forwarded vide your letter No. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..  dated .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..  has been received in this office. Accordingly, the pensioner/ family pensioner has been taken on our pension strength. The pension of the pensioner/ family pensioner has been commenced by this office from the month of .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. (in words & figures both) in the Bank A/c No

    Signature of the PDA with seal

    Copy to:
    The Pr. CDA (Pensions) 
    Draupadi Ghat 
    Uttar Pradesh - 211 014
    : One copy of the application of the pensioner regarding change of the PDA is forwarded herewith with Form-II/IMP-5/D-I for your necessary action pleas

    Signature of the PDA with seal


    It is certified that Shri/Smt .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. whose PPO No. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. is holding Bank A/c No .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. (in the case of transferee PDA is Bank) in our Bank. The above named pensioner/ family pensioner has approached to this PDA for payment of pension on transfer of pension documents from the existing PDA. This PDA is agree for payment of pension to the above named pensioner/ family pensioner after receipt of pension documents from the existing PDA after taking on the payment strength of this PDA.

    Signature of the transferee PDA with seal





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    Tuesday, November 6, 2018

    7th CPC Pension Revision for Pre-2016 Defence Personnel (JCO/ORs) - Notional Pay fixation method: PCDA Circular 610 dated 5.11.2018


    Circular No. 610
    Date: 05/11/2018.


    The Officer-in-Charge ROs/ PAOs (ORs)
    Subject: Revision of pension of pre-01.01.2016 pensioners/family pensioners in implementation of Govt.decision on the recommendations of the 7thCPC on notional pay fixation method-reg.
    Reference: (1) This office Circular No.570 dated 31.10.2016 and 585 dated 21.09.2017 and No. 608 dated 26.10.2018.
    (2) Govt. Of India, MOD letter No.17(1)/2017(02)/D (Pension/Policy) dt. 17.10.2018. (Available on the website of this office

    1. Please refer to this office circular No. 570 dated 31.10.16, No.585 dated 21.09.17 and No. 608 Dated 26.10.18 issued for revision of pension of Pre-2016 retired/discharged AF Personnel. Consequent upon issuance of the concordance table vide GoI, MoD Ltr No. 17(1)/2017(02)/D(Pension/Policy) d/d 17.10.2018, revision of pension under notional pay fixation method is to be carried out by the PSAs concerned by issuing Corr. PPO.

    2. These concordance tables have been prepared to facilitate fixation of NP of Pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners by the concerned Record Offices and attached PAOs in case of JCO/ORs of the 3 services and PCDA(O) Pune/Naval Pay Office, Mumbai/ AFCAO New Delhi in case of commissioned officers of Army/ Navy/Air Force respectively. Due care has been taken to prepare these concordance tables based on the fitment tables for fixation of pay from 3rd to 4th (only for Sailors), 4th to 5th, 5th to 6th &6th to 7th Pay Commission. In case of any inconsistency in the concordance tables vis-à-vis the relevant rules/ instructions, the notional pay and pension/family pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners may be fixed in accordance with the rules/instructions applicable for fixation of pay in the intervening Pay Commission periods.

    3. The pension / family pension of pre-2016 Armed Forces pensioners/family pensioners may be revised using the appropriate concordance table in accordance with the instructions contained in this Ministry’s above quoted letter dated 5.9.2017.

    4. To enable PSAs to implement the MOD letter dated 5.09.2017 para-18 of the ibid letter clearly specifies that it shall be the responsibility of the concerned Record offices and attached Pay Account Offices in case of JCOs/ORs of the three Services and PCDA(O) Pune/AFCAO New Delhi/ Naval Pay Office, Mumbai in case of Commissioned Officers of Army / Air Force / Navy to initiate cases for revision of pension/ family pension of Pre-01-01- 2016 pensioners/ family pensioners with effect from 01.01.2016 in accordance with these orders for issue of revised Pension Payment Order (PPO) for every pensioner / family pensioner. The Pension Sanctioning Authority would impress upon the concerned Record Offices/ PCDA(O) Pune / AFCAO New Delhi/ Naval Pay Office, Mumbai for fixation of pay on notional basis based on extant orders and will issue revised Pension Payment Authority at the earliest.
    5. Suo-moto Revision:
    This office has carried out an analysis to assess no of cases of Pre-16 pensioners where revision is involved. As per sanction database, an estimated 22 lakh cases requires revision of pension/family pension. To carry out revision through normal conventional method of calling for LPC-CUM-Data Sheet from RO with vetting of Pay details by PAO concerned may be a herculean task and would be time consuming. Therefore It has been proposed to carry out suo-moto revision subject to the approval of Ministry of Defence, wherever feasible based on PDA details and Pay details (and other info like Rank Group , QS) wherever available in master data base and based on notional Pay fixation as per Concordance table for 7th CPC issued vide GOI. MOD letter dated 17/10/2018.
    6. Initiation for remaining cases where suo moto is not feasible. (Action by RO/PAO )
    In remaining cases where Pay Details (and other related fields like Rank Group, QS) and current PDA details are not available with this office, in such cases this office will not be able to revise the pension and issue the revised PPO on suo-moto basis. In these cases claims / inputs will be required from concerned RO/PAO to authenticate the pensioner details. Therefore to carryout effective, paperless and speedy revision, an Utility software has been developed by PCDA(P) office to be hosted on CGDA WAN to make available all the data of Pre-2016 JCOs/ORs pensioners/family pensioners for access, modification, initiation (if not found available in database of PCDA(P) on search) and for fixation of 7 th CPC pay details by respective ROs/PAOs in line with MOD letter dated 05/09/2017 (Para 18). Due care has been taken to account for all the cases of live pensioners however still if any case is missing, the same may be floated through this utility by RO/PAO and forwarded online through utility.
    7. Paperless Revision and issue of e-PPO
    Therefore the Data can be accessed, initiated, approved and completed through the utility software provided by this office on WAN and controlled through allotted login / password, which is menu based and user friendly. Collection of data will be realized through an interface accessible through WAN and completed data will be processed by PCDA(P) Allahabad and e-PPOs will be generated in cases received. The working methodology of utility software and the User Manual defining the role of Record Office and Pay Account Office is attached for guidance.
    8. Issue and Transmission of e-PPO
    The revised corrigendum PPO will be issued by PSAs in e-PPO mode with new 12 digit PPO No. and 4 digit suffix code alongwith old PPO number. The e-PPO consisting of .pdf and .xml files will be digitally signed and will be transmitted directly to the PDAs through SFTP connectivity as is already being done for new pensioners (no confirmation from RO is required by PDA). E-PPOs will also be uploaded on CGDA WAN for ROs to download a copy for record purpose as well as for providing a copy to the pensioner/family pensioner concerned. Any irregularity if noticed may be returned back to this office.
    9. Allotment of login ID and password to Administrator of RO and PAO:
    To access the utility programme, each RO and PAO will be issued login ID and password. Accordingly every RO/PAO has to nominate one Officer of their office as ADMIN (Administrator) to whom login credentials i.e. password will be provided by PCDA(P). The ADMIN of RO/PAO may further allot login user id and password to the required number of users to act as Initiator and Approver in their office at their end through ‘User Management’ of utility software on WAN. For this purpose a Proforma for allotment of login ID and password to the Admin of RO/PAO concerned is enclosed as per Annexure-A which may be filled and submitted to this office under the signature of CRO/PAO In charge concerned on the e-mail address <> of this office as well as invariably through the hard copy duly signed by O I/C of the Record Office/PAO concerned to Shri Himanshu Tripathy,IDAS Group Officer, EDP Centre, PCDA(P) Allahabad-211014 for further necessary action within a month of issue of this letter / Circular.
    10. Allotment of login ID and password to other users of RO and PAO (other than administrator)
    The Administrator of RO and PAO will further allot login user ID and password to the required number of users as Initiator and Approver of their office at their end through ‘User Management’ of utility software on WAN. Facility has been provided in the utility software that all user can change their password after allotment or as and when they requires.
    11. Training schedule for Record Offices and concerned Pay Account Offices
    It has also been decided that to familiarise the officers/staff of Record Offices and Pay Account Offices with the running/navigation of utility software a two days training programme (theoretical as well as practical) will be organised for the officials of the ROs/PAOs dealing with the pension matters as per training schedule in DPTI, Allahabad. It is advisable that at least one Officer, one JCO and one ORs from each Record Office and one Sr.AO/AO, one AAO along with one Auditor/Sr. Auditor from each PAO may be required to attend the said training programme. It is also impressed that the officers/staff dealing with this revision task should only be nominated by officer in charge of the RO/PAO concerned to participate in the above training programme. Detailed training schedule in this regard is attached with the circular as Annexure-B. Due to limited facility of accommodation in DPTI, Allahabad, it is informed that the accommodation to the participants in the said training programme will be provided on the availability basis.

    NOTE: A tutorial video for pre training and guidance on utility software is planned to be uploaded on website of PCDA(P) shortly for all the users.

    12. Availability of infrastructure
    Necessary infrastructure i.e. PC, scanner and WAN connectivity to all the users may be arranged/augmented at your end.

    Encl: As above
    No. Gts/Tech/7 th CPC/0181/Vol-VII  
    Dated: 05.11.2018                                         Signed/-xxx
    (Himanshu Tripathi)
    ACDA (P)

    Sl. No
    1.Name of RO/PAO
    2.Code of RO/PAO
    3.Code of Record Office (two digit)
    4.Name of Officer nominated as Admin
    5.Rank / Designation of Officer nominated as Admin
    6.IC No. / Regimental No./Personal No. of Officer nominated as Admin
    7.Mobile No. Of officer nominated as Admin
    8.E-mail address of officer nominated as Admin

    (Signature and Stamp of officer)

    (Signature and Stamp of Officer Incharge Record Office/Pay Account Office)



    Name of Record Office and attached Pay Account OfficeFromTo
    1.AMC, LUCKNOW03/12/201804/12/2018
    2.11 GR, LUCKNOW03/12/201804/12/2018
    3.DOGRA REGIMENT, FAIZABAD03/12/201804/12/2018
    4.RAJPUT REGIMENT, FATEHGARH03/12/201804/12/2018
    5.SLI, FATEHGARH03/12/201804/12/2018
    6.39 GTC, VARANASI03/12/201804/12/2018
    8LADAKH SCOUT, LEH03/12/201804/12/2018
    9RAJ RIFLES, DELHI CANTT03/12/201804/12/2018
    1014 GR, SUBATHU HILLS SHIMLA03/12/201804/12/2018
    11.ARTILLERY, NASIK ROAD NASIK06/12/201807/12/2018
    12.A D ARTILLERY, NASIK ROAD NASIK06/12/201807/12/2018
    13.ARMOURED CORPS, AHMADNAGAR06/12/201807/12/2018
    14.ARMY PHYSICAL TRAINING CORPS, PUNE06/12/201807/12/2018
    15.INTELLIGENCE CORPS, PUNE06/12/201807/12/2018
    16.BEG, KIRKEE06/12/201807/12/2018
    17.MARATHA LIGHT INFANTRY, BELGAUM06/12/201807/12/2018
    18.PUNJAB REGIMENT, RAMGARH CANTT06/12/201807/12/2018
    19.SIKH REGIMENT, RAMGARH06/12/201807/12/2018
    20.BIHAR REGIMENT, DANAPUR CANTT06/12/201807/12/2018
    21.BEG, ROORKEE10/12/201811/12/2018
    22.GARHWAL RIFLES, LANSDOWN10/12/201811/12/2018
    23.JAT REGIMENT, BARAILLY10/12/201811/12/2018
    24.KUMAON REGIMENT, RANIKHET10/12/201811/12/2018
    25.RVC, MEERUT CANTT10/12/201811/12/2018
    26.AFRO and JCDA(AF) SUBROO PARK DELHI CANTT10/12/201811/12/2018
    28.PRESIDENT BODY GUARD, NEW DELHI10/12/201811/12/2018
    29.58 GTC, SHILLONG10/12/201811/12/2018
    30.ASSAM REGIMENTAL CENTRE, SHILLONG10/12/201811/12/2018
    31.ASC (SOUTH), BANGALORE13/12/201814/12/2018
    32.MEG, BANGALORE13/12/201814/12/2018
    33.PARA REGIMENT, BANGALORE13/12/201814/12/2018
    34.PIONEER CORPS, BANGALORE13/12/201814/12/2018
    35.APS, KAMPTEE13/12/201814/12/2018
    36.CMP, BANGALORE13/12/201814/12/2018
    37.MAHAR REGIMENT, SAUGAR13/12/201814/12/2018
    38.MADRAS REGIMENT, WELLINGTON13/12/201814/12/2018
    39.DSC, CANNANORE13/12/201814/12/2018
    41.EME, SECUNDERABAD17/12/201818/12/2018
    42.AOC, SECUNDERABAD17/12/201818/12/2018
    43.AEC, PANCHMARHI17/12/201818/12/2018
    44.CORPS OF SIGNALS, JABALPUR17/12/201818/12/2018
    45.J&K RIFLES, JABALPUR17/12/201818/12/2018
    46.GRENADIERS, JABALPUR17/12/201818/12/2018
    47.MAHAR REGIMENT, SAUGAR17/12/201818/12/2018

    User Manual for Pre’16 JCOs/ORs pensioners

    For accessing utility software, completion and uploading of documents for revision of Pension / Family Pension in respect of Pre’2016 JCOs/ORs pensioners as per 7th CPC Recommendations.

    1. Introduction 
    To facilitate the speedy revision of effected cases it has been decided to host and made available to Record Office and Pay Account Office concerned the available data of Pre’2016 JCOs /ORs pensioners/family pensioners for access, modification, initiation (if not available in database) and for fixation and filling of 7th CPC pay details by them. Accordingly all the available data in this office pertaining to Pre’2016 JCOs / ORs pensioners/family pensioners will be uploaded on WAN server of PCDA(P) Allahabad which will be accessible by all the Record Office and Pay Account Office. The Data can be accessed, initiated, approved and completed through a utility software by Record Office and Pay Account Office concerned through a controlled login / password allotted to them, which is menu based and user friendly developed & hosted by EDP Centre of PCDA(P). Collection of data from Record Office and Pay Account Office concerned will be realized through an interface accessible through WAN. A data entry screen has also been provided for capturing of data not found in the database.

    2. Allotment of login/password & role of Admin Record Office and PAO (ORs) concerned.

    A secured login / password will be provided to the Record Office as admin (screen-shot-2) who will in turn allot the login / password to required no. of user as Initiator and Approver at their end through ‘User Management’ on the dashboard (screen-shot-3) and assign Approver for each initiator (screen-shot-4). Provision has been made in the Utility software to change their password by Admin, Initiator and Approver through ‘Settings’ on the dashboard if so desire (screen-shot-6) . Various reports will be generated through ‘Report’ on the dashboard. All the user can start work from their dashboard on WAN by entering their login & password (screen-shot-1). Each user after completion of work closes their work bench through ‘Logout’ icon on dashboard.

    3. Role of Initiator

    Stage-1 Data can be accessed by Initiator by login through (screen-shot-1) using his login / password. Initiator dashboard will appear as shown in screen-shot-8. He can initiate a claim by clicking ‘Initiate Claim’’, First the case may be searched from available data base using search criteria i.e. PPO number or Regimental No (screen-shot-9). If data is available in the database the same will be displayed on the screen in LPC- CUM-Data Sheet format as per screen shot-11 and the same may be checked, modified and filled by the initiator as per instructions contained in Annexure-1 (enclosed) and click the button ‘Update Data’.

    Stage-2 On clicking ‘Update Data’’ the task has not been completed and the data will be pending as ‘Pending Task’ in his work bench / available for further modification if any (screen-shot-8). The data will be submitted online to Approver by clicking buttons ‘Submit LPC’ and uploading of required data as per screen-shot-12 and thereafter clicking the button “Finalize”,. the case will be transferred to connected Approvers work bench. List of scan images (PDF documents) to be uploaded is attached at Annexure-II.

    Stage-3 In cases where initiator is not agreed with any of the fields and wants any corrections in non editable field of the LPC-CUM-Data Sheet, he can record the same by selecting ‘Yes’ on the remark option at the bottom of data sheet a “’Remark’’ column will appear on the bottom of data sheet for recording field no. in bracket and its correct data value separated with comma if more than one in the “Remark” column of LPC- CUM-Data Sheet with supporting scan image of documents.

    Stage-4 However in cases if the required data is not found on search criteria in the database a fresh data entry is to be carried out by the Initiator as per LPC-CUM-Data Sheet format by clicking ‘Initiate Fresh’ on the screen and a blank LPC-Cum-Data Sheet screen will appear for data entry (screen-shot-11). Necessary instructions for filling the LPC- Cum-Data Sheet is contained in Annexure-1 (enclosed). Thereafter action as per Stage-2 & Stag-3 the case will transferred to connected Approver’s work bench.

    Initiator can view / generate the list of ‘Completed Task’ (screen- shot-13) and ‘Rejected Claim List’ through ‘Report’ icon on the dashboard.

    4. Role of Approver

    After completion of work by the Initiator by clicking buttons ‘Submit LPC’ and ‘’Finalize’ button to upload PDF scan images, the cases will appear in connected Approver’s work bench for approval (screen-shot-15). The Approver can open the case through ‘Task Management’ à ‘Approve Datasheet’ (screen-shot-15 & 16 ) and verify entries / carry out the modification if any required in editable fields and click ‘Update’ & ‘Submit’ button for approval. He can also view the uploaded documents by clicking them on top of LPC (screen-shot-16 & 17). After approval a PDF file of LPC-CUM-Data Sheet format will be generated. After generation of PDF of datasheet the case will be transferred to concerned Pay Account Office PAO(ORs) for further checking and filling of 7th CPC notional pay details as per concordance table. He can view the list of approved data sheet passed on online to PAO (screen-shot-18).
    Approver can see the daily report and progress through ‘Report’ icon on dashboard list of approve data sheet under:

    a) Daily Report
    b) Suo-moto
    c) Claim Assignment
    d) Work pendency list
    e) List of Processed claims (screen-shot-18)
    f) List of rejected claims 

    5. Role of Admin of Pay Account Office (ORs)

    Same as of Admin-RO (screen-shot-19). He can assign the data sheet received from Record Office to Initiator/ Auditor of PAO (screen- shot-21) and see the status of work being carried out by Auditor and AAO/AO (screen-shot-23). If it is necessary he can swap or revoke the work assign to an Auditor to another Auditor(screen-shot-25, 26 & 27). He allots login ID & password to each auditor & their Approver and map each auditor to his Approver/AAO/AO (screen-shot-28 & 29).

    5, Role of Initiator/Auditor of Pay Account Office (ORs)

    Data approved by Approver of Record Office can be accessed by the Auditor of PAO (ORs) concerned by login through his login / password (screen-shot-1 & 30). Auditor’s dashboard will appear as shown in screen- shot-32. The Auditor will check the case / fill up the notional pay details as per 7th CPC orders / concordance table and click ‘Update’ & ‘Submit’ button to pass on the case to his Approver/AAO (screen-shot-33) . He can view the approved and rejected data sheet (screen-shot-34 & 35).

    6. Role of AAO of Pay Account Office (ORs)
    The AAO of PAO (ORs) will access the data through his login / password allotted to him (screen-shot-1 & 36). He will check the data and approve notional 7th CPC Pay details of the case (screen-shot-38 & 39). He can view the approved and rejected data sheet (screen-shot-40). After checking, vetting and final approval of notional 7th CPC pay details by AAO the case will be flagged for PCDA (P) Allahabad for further processing and generation of e-PPO.

    The revised PPO will be issued by PCDA(P) Allahabad in e-PPO mode and e-PPO will be digitally signed and will be transmitted to the PDAs through SFTP connectivity as being done directly for payment. e-PPO will also be uploaded on DAD WAN for ROs to download for record purpose as well as for providing a copy to the pensioner/family pensioner concerned.

    Instructions for filling LPC Cum Datasheet for revision of Pension/Disability Pension/family pensionin respect of Pre-2016 JCOs/ORs as per 7th CPC.
    Part-A Basic / Service Details
    1RO CODERecord Office as per code list.
    2ORIGINAL PPO NOOriginal PPO number should be mentioned.
    3LATEST CORR PPO NOLatest PPO number should be mentioned.
    4PPO FOR DISABILITY ELEMENT (IF SEPRATELY GRANTED)If disability element is notified separately, PPO number through which notified, should be mentioned.
    5LATEST CORR PPO OF DISABILITY PENSION, IF ANYLatest PPO number, through which DE is revised should be mentioned.
    6DSC/TA CATGORYAs per list. This is mandatory to fill up..
    7NAMEName of the individual. This is mandatory to fill up
    8REGIMENTAL NORegimental No. This is mandatory to fill up..
    9RANK LAST HELDRank last should be mentioned as per rank code list This is mandatory to fill up..
    10RANK PENSIONED FORRank for which pension sanctioned should be mentioned as per rank code list (mandatory).
    11ACP/MACP RANK IF ANY.‘A’ for 1st ACP, ‘B’ for 2nd ACP, ‘C’ for 3rd ACP & ‘N’ for No ACP granted / 
    12GROUPFill with Group of pensioner at the time of discharge. This is mandatory to fill up..
    13DIPLOMA (AICTE)For holder of diploma certificate from AICTE, fill with ‘Y’ else fill with ‘N’ (Mandatory)
    14TRADEAs per list of Trades..
    15NET QUALIFYING SERVICE(YY-MM-DD)This Field is to be filled as “YYMMDD”. This field should be calculated as under Gross QS = (Date of discharge/Death (in case of death during service)- Date of Enrolment) 
    Net Qualifying Service =( Gross QS+Former counted service-Non- qualifying /forfeited service). This is mandatory to fill up..
    16DATE OF BIRTHThis Field is to be filled as “YYYYMMDD”
    17DATE OF ENROLMENTThis Field is to be filled as “YYYYMMDD”
    18DATE OF DISCHARGEThis Field is to be filled as “YYYYMMDD”
    19DATE OF DEATHThis Field is to be filled as “YYYYMMDD”.In case of family pension this field is mandatory.
    Part-B Pay Details
    21Last Pay drawn/ Notional PayLast pay drawn, rounded to whole rupees, at the time of retirement/death is to be filled. If the personnel discharged/died prior to 01.01.1986 notional pay as on 01.01.1986 should be filled in.
    22LAST PAY SCALE CODE IN WHICH RETIREDPay scale corresponding to Last Pay drawn/ Notional Pay column.
    23GRADE Pay drawnTo be filled in case of personnel discharged/died during service between 01.01.2006 to 31.12.2015 else grade pay should be blank.
    24MSP drawnTo be filled in case of personnel discharged/died during service between 01.01.2006 to 31.12.2015 else MSP should be blank.
    25X group Pay‘X’ group pay, if drawn is to be filled.
    26Classification Alllowance drawnClassification allowance is to be filled. If the personnel discharged/died prior to 01.01.1986 Classification Alllowance as on 01.01.1986 should be filled in.
    27NOTIONAL PAY LEVEL AS PER 7TH CPCMandatory Field: 
    Notional pay level as per 7th CPC should be filled.
    Notional pay in pay Matrix as per 7th CPC should be filled.
    29NOTIONAL MSP (AS PER 7th CPC)Mandatory Field: 
    For Pre2016 (including Pre 86 and Pre 96) pensioner, this field is to be filled with notional MSP as on 01.01.2016.
    30Notional Classification AllowanceNotional Classification allowance as per 7th CPC is to be filled.
    30aNotional X Group PayNotional X Group Pay as per 7th CPC is to be filled
    31SPOUSE/ FAMILY PENSIONER'S NAMEName of spouse/Family Pensioner may be filled. In case, name is having more than 50 characters, the same will be abbreviated.
    32DOB OF FAMILY PENSIONERIf field no. 50 is filled, this field may be filled as “YYYYMMDD”.
    33RELATIONIf field no. 50 is filled, this field to be filled with the relationship with the Personnel code as per list..
    34WAR INJURY ELEMENT  %(WI)War Injury Element %(WI) may be filled
    WIE) may be filled.
    36COMPOSITE DISABILITYComposite Disability % may be filled.
    37DISABILITY FROMDate may be filled as YYYY/MM/DD from which disability is payable through last corrigendum.
    38DISABILITY TODate may be filled as YYYY/MM/DD upto which disability is payable through last corrigendum. If it is payable for life it should be filled as 00000000.
    39FAMILY PENSION SHARE  %In case of division of family pension % share notified to the family pensioner should be mentioned.
    40WHETHER PENSION NOTIFIED AS PER COURT ORDER (Y/N)Fill with Y or N as the case may be.
    41No. Of PPO ISSUED IN SATISFACTION OF COURT ORDERIf Field number 70 is ‘Y ’ Fill with the PPO number issued in satisfaction of court order .
    42PENSION RECOMMENDED CODE‘F’ for full Pension, ‘T’ for 2/3rd of pension, H’ for Half pension & ‘P’ for provisional pension where gratuity and Family Pen. not to be sanctioned
    43PDA CODEAs per List.
    44DPDO CODEAs per List, if PDA CODE is ‘1’ otherwise ‘00’
    45PDA STATE CODEAS per List
    46BANK CODEAs per List
    47BSR code of CPPC BranchThe code allotted by RBI to each CPPC Bank may be filled.
    48BSR code of Paying BranchThe code allotted by RBI to each Paying branch
    49Bank A/c No.May be filled from left side only. If the character is < 25 the Right side boxes may be kept blank
    50IFSC code of Paying BranchThe code allotted by RBI to each bank branch may be filled.
    51PDA StationDISTRICT NAME OF PDA may be filled.
    Contact details (JCO/ORS)
    52AADHAAR NO. Of INDIVIDUAL12 Digit Aadhaar No. of the individual
    53PAN NO. Of INDIVIDUALPAN No. of the individual
    54MOBILE/PHONE NO. Of INDIVIDUALMobile Number of the individual.
    55E-MAIL ID Of INDIVIDUALE-mail ID of the individual
    Contact details (Spouse / Family Pensioner)
    56AADHAAR NO.12 Digit Aadhaar No. of the spouse / F.P.
    57PAN NO.PAN No. of the spouse / F.P.
    58MOBILE/PHONE NO.Mobile Number of the spouse / F.P. 
    First 3 digits for ISD Code. Example for India, first 3 digit will be +91
    59E-MAIL IDE-mail ID of the spouse / F.P.


    List of scan images to be uploaded by the Initiator 

    In addition to initiate a claim by the Initiator by completing / filling Lpc-Cum-Data Sheet as per Stage-1 to Stage-4 above, scan image of following documents will also be uploaded by the initiator in the circumstance noted below:-
    1) In case no change in LPC-CUM-Data Sheet except notional pay fixation:-
    a) No scan image is required.
    2) In case no PDA detail in database :-
    a) Cancelled cheque or photo copy of bank Pass-Book showing PDA detail in case of bank or PPO showing current PDA detail.
    3) In cases of Disability Pension/Element case
    a) Disability Pension/Element Original PPO
    b) Latest Corrigendum PPO of Disability pension/Element if any
    4) In cases of Family Pension
    a) Original PPO (granting Family Pension)
    b) Latest Corrigendum PPO if any
    5) In case of fresh entries (where master data not exist)


    (Source : )