Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OROP : On 15 July 2012 18:50, Sailesh Ranade wrote

Dear Veterans,

1. I have been closely following the situation with regard to OROP. I feel disgusted that veterans are crying like spoilt children for some fancy toy. This Tamasha has been going on for a few years now with no end in sight. In fact, we have brought this upon ourselves.

2. Now let us come to the main point. Veterans are not children. So stop behaving like children. If you think that the government (politicians and bureaucrats) is going to listen to you, forget it. Have you noticed that the government will notice you only if you do dharnas, hunger strikes, rallies and resort to things like rasta / rail roko. See how every other department is holding the government to ransom. 3. So what needs to be done? Get your butts off the ground and pull your finger out. Following points come to my mind readily.

•Bring in a Tall and Clean Leader. Only one relevant present day ICON comes to my mind.

Gen VK Singh. He has no financial historical baggage.

•If you cannot muster VKS, bring in Anna Hazare.

•Join Forces. Today we have all sorts of Brigadiers, Major Gen, Lt Gen and even a Major who run different types of organisation. Come together, but keep the tainted out. I used to see a lot of Generals on TV in the last 6 months. Dump them. Also dump all the military Governors and High Commissioners. They were all corrupt.

•Form a Political Party. Call it the “Patriotic Front“. I guarantee, at least 100 seats in Parliament if there are clean candidates. The number of ex-servicemen and servicemen is easily close to 4 million. There is no bigger homogenous force in the world. If you include the paramilitary, it will easily touch 10 million. When in Parliament, make your own laws. Pass any bill in favour of the veterans.

•The statement that “we will play by the rules” needs to be discarded. When your future is being decided by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and judiciary, there is simply no future. Hold rallies, strikes, rasta roko etc. I am sure Delhi and surrounding areas can easily muster more people than what Anna Hazare and Ramdev could organise. And these two gentlemen brought the government on its knees.

•As military veterans, we should consider all means. All is fair in love and war. The result will be quick and the lesson will sink in once and for all. We don’t need cry babies on TV. Act now. The mood is against the government. India desperately needs a revolution. A minor storm by military veterans will be enough.

S Ranade
An excellent idea. Implementable.
Col Rajan
Comment: Why are IESM and IESL the two large Veteran organisations losing steam? Is it because their primary aim is now refocussed on collection of funds and spending more and doing less for the Veteran community? What has happened to improvement of ECHS, CSD and Resettlement? We hear nothing on ground.


  1. Sir, Much is talked about OROP & NFFU and comparing the downgradation of Armed Forces. But everyone overlooks the VIth Pay Commission came w.e.f.01.01.2006 and w.e.f. 01.01.2004 there is no pensionary/Provident Fund benefits to all IAS/IPS/IRS etc. Grade A Officers or GP B, C & D civil staff joined after 01.01.2004. Whereas defence persons joining after 01.01.2004 will get pension/Fund benefits. In future civil side will ask for OROP at par with AFs. Ironic is'nt it? Though there is no provision and can not be implemented by President ( Leave beuracrats even of Cabinet Secretary Level). Please check up the latest on civil side before demanding for more than them.
    Yours faithfully
    Tukaram V Manerajurikar

  2. yes this is a very good move, there is no other way to bring the corrupt govt to understand
    the basic demand of veterans,all generals and brigs and cols exploited the veterans. this is the time to organise properly and execute the demands at correct place ie in parliament.

    a veteran

  3. GR* idea...seems workable too.