Friday, October 25, 2013

Military personnel & 7th CPC - Separate Independent Pay Commission Vs Common Pay Commission?

1.      Govt announces formation of 7th CPC. Services HQ instead of a separate and independent pay commission demand nomination of military member in same common pay commission?.
2.      Why this scaling down of demand by services HQ? Are their decision influenced? It is the question of 25 Lakhs military veterans, their families, war widows and orphaned children who have no voice. Most of soldiers are jobless at young age and paid 2-3 times less from even a Govt peon?
Is patriotism and commitment to national service their offence while Netas loots this country?
3.     We have had very bad experiences of common CPC earlier? Can this time with military member a common pay commission give justice to military soldiers and veterans? Certainly NO.
4.     Why a separate and independent pay commission for military soldiers and veterans?
--   Military services are distinct services treated so under article 309-313 of the constitution. No govt can violet constitutional provisions
--   Supreme commander of defence forces is President of India and it works on the principle of command.
--   Military officers including JCOs are commissioned officers whereas civil officers are merely gazetted officers. Commissioned officers exercise executive, judicial, magistrate, operational and administrative powers all in one which is not so in case of any other govt services. Executive powers are exercised by the sovereign state. Commissioned officers exercise some of these sovereign powers like forming of govt in occupied territories, confirmation and execution of death sentences under Special/General Court Martials in case of war and also certain indirect and hidden provisions of military powers under article 34 of the constitution).
--  Certain fundamental rights and freedom of defence personals have been curtailed which is not so in case of civilian govt employees.
--   Military personals work under very strict military laws.
--   Due to nature of job they commit their life to nation.
--   They can be ordered to serve anywhere in the world and even space.
--   Job profile of military and civil staff is so distinct.
5.    A common CPC will always work on the principle of bringing parity and balance in compensa-tion among all govt services of the union. Technically it cannot treat defence services distinctly as they deserve. This principle has been quoted as main reason (whenever it is convenient to Govt and Bureaucrats) while denying entitled rights like One Rank One Pension, compensation for retiring early, tax free military pay as given in US and many more other entitlements. Military member with no powers under Govt of India Business Rules will be a non-contributory or advisory member. Will be totally ineffective.
6.     Separate and independent pay commission is the constitutional right of the soldiers and govt is doing no favour. By not giving it in fact the constitutional rights of the soldiers are been denied.
7.     Do you have a common pay commission for judges or MPs why as their nature of job is different? Then why for defence forces which work under supreme command of president?
8.     All these years govt was promising a separate and independent pay commission? Why this U turn by Services HQ? Is the decision influenced? If they cannot look after resettlement and welfare of military veterans than what right do they have to give a recommendationwithout consulting them? It is question of rights of 25 lakhs military veterans, war widows and their families.
9.     Under laws related to constitution of commission, GOI can always form such statutory body under a retired judge with members from all three services including three retired veterans. They can also form an advisory body to give representation to retired Jawans, JCOsand war widows from all three services with just one IAS officer as Secretary (for Govt liaison and Secy works). Laws permit that and Govt can do it.
10.    We are demanding justice no favours. Give our constitutional right. Govt cannot deny it.
 We have served democratic India with our blood, now we will live for democracy
Veterans have a political stake in the democracy and will exert and exercise it
(Source-Indian Military Veterans for Democracy) - (A Political Front of Retired Military Soldiers)

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