Friday, May 22, 2020

Guidelines for claiming reimbursement of medicines purchased from 23 mar 2020 onwards- ECHS

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Central Organisation, ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters
Ministry of Defence (Army)
Thimayya Marg, Near Gopinath
Circle, Delhi Cantt-110010
19 MAY 2020
B/49761/AG/ECHS/Medicine Policy
IHQ of MoD (Navy)Dir ECHS (N)
DAV Subroto Park
All HQ Command (A/ECHS)
AMA ECHS, Embassy of India, Nepal
All Regional Centres
1 Please ref the fwg:
(a) CO ECHS letter No B/49762/AG/ECHS/Medicine Policy dt 08 Apr 2019.
(b) CO FCHS letter No B/49761/AG/ECHSIMedicine Policy dt 27 Apr 2020.
(c) CO ECHS letter No B/49761/AG/ECHS dt 23 Mar 2020.
(d) CO ECHS letter No B/49761/AG/ECHS/Medicine dt 24 Apr 2020.
(e) CO ECHS letter No B/49761/AGfECHS/Medicine dt 28 Apr 2020
2. Though the lockdown may be lifted after 31 May 2020 in a gradual manner, in view of the prevalent situation, it is critical to ensure minimum footfall at the Polyclinic to mitigate spread of virus.
3. In view of the above, provisions have been granted to purchase life style/ chronic diseases medicines and claim reimbursement by veterans till 31 May 2020. Individual medicines reimbursement bills are normally handed over physically to OIC Polyclinic for processing for payment, However to minimise/ stream line footfall at Polyclinics, provision to upload bills online or send by Registered Post may be resorted to Beneficiaries may be advised to follow one of the three methods elucidated in succeeding paras for reimbursement of claim amount with immediate effect :-
(a) Online Submission.
(i) Veterans may submit claims online through designated email to OIC Polyclinic A separate mail ID may be created by OsIC PC, if required for the purpose and informed to veterans
(ii) The scanned copies of last prescription held, bill, ECHS card. contingent bill (as per Appx ‘A’ to this letter) and copy of cancelled cheque / first page of passbook should be attached as fife (s) with the email
(iii) All Veterans will mention their complete residential address and tele/ mobile No.
(iv) OIC Polyclinic will ack the receipt of mail and seek any further clarification if required.
(v) The veterans will however submit all original documents (for audit) after the lockdown is lifted by dates to be stipulated later. Non depositing of all the original documents by stipulated date will invite recovery of money.
(b) Veterans who are not able to upload the claim online may send all the above documents (bill and contingent bill in original) alongwith their calling No/ whatsapp No and residential address to OIC Polyclinic through “Registered Post with Acknowledgement Due (AD) Card”. They should keep a photocopy of all documents with them. OIC Polyclinics will process the bills for payment as per existing orders.
(c) The veterans who are not able to send the online claim or by Regd Post for reimbursement shall submit their bills physically after 15 Jun 2020, Specific dates on which veterans could come to submit claims will be coordinated by GIC Polyclinic through tele, email or whatsapp.
(d) OsIC Polyclinics will process the bills (submitted online) digitally duly authenticated by DSC online and for rest of bills as per procedure explained in our letter at Para 1(a) & (b) above. RC will make necessary payment. without waiting for physical copies. Physical copies (for bills submitted online) will be fwd once situation stabilizes for audit purpose.
4. This has the approval of MD ECHS.
(Anupam N Adhaulia)
Dir (Med)
(Source : Govtempdiary website)

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