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Dear Veterans,


GB IESM thanks all the veterans who have expressed their view supporting the stand of GB IESM for temporary suspension of the OROP agitation at JM in view of Corona. IESM also thanks veterans who have advised to terminate the agitation at JM. This is for information of all that not even a single JCO/NCO has written to close the agitation. They are all supporting the decision of IESM.


IESM gets advise from large number of veterans. IESM discusses the issue within GB and depending on the input GB takes a decision. IESM has taken a decision in Mar 2020 that agitation at Jantar Mantar will remain suspended till further communication in view of the covid situation in India. This decision had been welcomed by a large majority of IESM members.


IESM has had detailed discussions with Col Rajan on the issue and have explained to him that langri OROP granted by the Government has many anomalies. Because of these anomalies, NCOs, JCOs and widows are being paid less pension than their counterparts who retired after July 2014 with the same rank and same length of service. We have also explained to him in detail that with these anomalies veterans will always be fixed at least one and a half increments behind present retirees. Further this definition has killed the soul of OROP. 


Government has been intentionally delaying even five year equalisation which was due on 1 July 2019.  If the Government is refusing to follow their own order how will the Government rectify the anomalies of LANGRI OROP, is a question to ponder. Government has even refused to pay heed to the direction of the honorable Supreme Court order dated 1 May 2019, in which HSC has directed MOD to resolve the anomalies in LANGRI OROP. On the contrary MOD has filed an affidavit in HSC that full OROP has been given to veterans and the petition filed by IESM does not have any merit and hence must be dismissed. IESM has filed a strong reply to GOI's affidavit. HSC has tentatively fixed 09 July 2021 for final arguments on the issue. If the agitation is closed at this stage then the Government Attorney General will confirm in HSC that IESM is very happy with the LANGRI OROP because they have closed the agitation. This will weaken our argument and will have adverse effects on our case. IESM has taken a decision not to close agitation at JM. This decision has the support of large number of IESM members.  


I cannot understand the motive behind the mail of Col Rajan in which he has requested veterans to sign on dotted lines on the draft proposed by him to put pressure on GB IESM to terminate the agitation. He has not given valid reason for closing the agitation or any alternate solution to get full OROP. His only argument is that veterans must stand in solidarity with the Government in view of the Corona pandemic. IESM has done exactly that in Mar 2020 and suspended the agitation till further communication.  IESM had collected a sum of Rs 15 lakh and donated in PM CARES fund in Apr 2020 and Rs 1, 10,000 donated in PMNRF in May 2020. IESM has communicated to the government that IESM agitation at JM has been suspended. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended our peaceful movement. However IESM has decided agitation will continue till such times for full OROP implemented.


 In view of corona and services of members of IESM are available to Government for any work which is deemed fit by Government. IESM Members in Maharashtra are working in with the Government of Maharashtra providing relief to the citizens.



 Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd)

Advisor United Front of Ex Servicemen (UFESM (JM) & Chairman Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM)

Mob: 9312404269, 0124-4110570                                  

Email: satbirsm@gmail.com

Dated : 03 Jun 2021

(Source : Via E-mail)

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