Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Analysis of 2018 IAF pensioners(Sgt X Grp and Navy) PPOs


I just want to make a simple analysis of two PPOs placed across by CE sir in he centre spread of this blog.
1 Jun 22, 07:38 PM
GaviniVN: 1. Sgt Lalit Kumar X gp DoE 24.3.1998 and DoD 1.4.2018(total service wrongly shown as 19 yrs 11 months and 28 days instead of 20 years and 7 days) Any was pension shall be for 20 yrs only). Hislevel 5 PMtx 42800, Milp 5200 Gp pay 6200 & Class allow540 (3 GCBs?) =Rs.54740/2=27370 as pension (50% of emoulments as Service Pension.
1 Jun 22, 07:43 PM
GaviniVN: Similarly 2. Sgt Gaurav Gupta X gp DoE 18.12.1998 and DoD 1.1.2019 (total service rendered 20 yrs 14 days). His level 5 PMtx 44100, Milp 5200 Gp pay 6200 & Class allow540 (3 GCBs?) =Rs.56040/2=28020 as pension (50% of emoulments as Service Pension.
1 Jun 22, 07:48 PM
GaviniVN: No idea as to how many years they were in Sgt rank. May be about 8-9 years. But their BP at the time of discharege from service is shown at : Sgt Lalitkumar - BP at 14 years and for Gaurav Gupta - BP at 15 years level. crement difference.
1 Jun 22, 07:53 PM
GaviniVN: Capitalised Value of Pension for Sgt Lalit Kumar :Rs.14,90,297/-and for Sgt Gaurav Gupta -Rs.15,28,211/-
1 Jun 22, 08:07 PM
GaviniVN: These two Sgts seem to have got fixed the BP as maximum of their 5th CPC Rs.5595/-and 6th CPC Rs.13210/-levels and at 7th CPC at Rs.34900/- and thereafter 7 and years annual increments. with these figures these ESM sgts were in the ranksof Sgt for more than 12 and 13 yearsrespectively. Any guesses?
1 Jun 22, 08:10 PM
GaviniVN: They were elevated to Sgt ranks in 6-7 years? I am really confused if any one get to Sgt rank so quickly. Of course Edn Instr and Dip Holder Sgt ranks are different.
1 Jun 22, 08:10 PM
GaviniVN: CE sir may kindly elucidate please.
1 Jun 22, 08:27 PM
GaviniVN: It is still more cur-ous to note the Navy ESM pensions displayed in the centre spread of this blog - 15 Yrs service rendered pension @ Rs.28150/- and 15.5 yrs service rendered pension is Rs.32800/-. Simply unbelievable.6months more service and you get Rs.4650/- more basic pension??
1 Jun 22, 08:29 PM
GaviniVN: Live data furnished herein is hopefully enough to go to AFT Principal Bench Delhi? CE Sir?
1 Jun 22, 08:31 PM
GaviniVN: p.s. I compared these data vis-a-vis Cir 608, Gp X Sgt con table.

(Source : The Voice of Pensioners blog)

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