Tuesday, December 18, 2012


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  1. all CAPF - CRPF BSF all are being granted CSD & serviceman status BUT Territorial army personnel being integral part of ARMY are being denied of all ensuing benefits

    Revision of Definition of Ex-Servicemen


    1.As per prevailing policy;-. Short Service Commissioned Officers though being NON-Pensioners are treated as Ex-Servicemen as are given GRATUITY

    2. Commissioned Officers of Territorial Army despite having earned gratuity At par with SSCO are denied of Ex-Servicemen status .

    3.As per ARMY pension regulation Part-I 1961;- Gratuity is an kind of pension but officers Honorably released\discharged with Gratuity from TERRITORIAL ARMY are excluded from Ex-servicemen definition without any valued reason thus are deprived of all prevailing beneficial scheme of center & state Govt & virtually NO helpful policy subsist for honorably released Territorial Army Officers being deprived of EXSERVICEMAN status

    5.Officers in the TERRITORIAL ARMY are holding commission, granted by the president of INDIA with designation of Rank corresponding to those of Indian commissioned officers of the regular Army, Granted Gratuity on their honorable retirement\ Discharge\Release after 05 years of aggregate embodied service / or 10 years of commissioned service alike Non pensioner SSCO\ECO

    4.Honorably retired officers of TERRITORIAL ARMY are awarded Gratuity at par with All retirees of Indian Armed forces & constitute one class of Ex serviceman. It is untenable to single out certain persons of the same class for differential treatment

    5. Denial of Ex-Service men status and ensuing benefits has produced a class within a class without rational basis amongst ALL retired commissioned officers.

    6.it is an open affront to their Reckon able embodied service rendered voluntarily in the national defense this discrimination has ruined the praiseworthy status & self-esteem of all honorable retired Territorial Army officers in INDIAN society are forced to suffer in silence for no reasons\fault on their part

    7. It is therefore, requested to include Honorably released Territorial Army Officers into the preview of Ex-Servicemen, Being Gratuity holders alike SSCO