Sunday, December 2, 2012


Dec 2 2012, 3:10 PM
Dear Colleagues, 

The planned IESM rally was held at Jantar Mantar On December 01. We had advertised the rally widely and great hype had been built up. Unfortunately the attendance of around 3000 was much below expectations. Thankfully, the enthusiasm of those present did overcome the lack of numbers to some extent. As a policy of gradual escalation a vehicle with medals mounted on it has been prepared and is scheduled to go around Delhi and NCR during the coming days. The vehicle was parkedThe vehicle was parked on site and drew great appreciation from all. There were many enthusiastic speakers that took the mike and spoke their mind on government’s repeated stonewalling our demand of OROP. Unfortunately, this upset our time schedule and we had to call off our planned march – along with the medal vehicle – on roads around Connaught Place. On 02 December was the General Body meeting and the elections. There was no voting and all the old members of the Governing Body have been returned unopposed. Colonel KK Malhotra, Hony Captains Bhim Singh and Nagender Singh are the new members of the team. The General Body reaffirmed its resolve to continue with the struggle till our demands are met.

  The pension enhancement coming out of the of Rs 2300 Crore that the Govt has sanctioned is expected to be announced by 15 December 2012.
(e-MAIL SENT By Gen Raj Kadyan to BCV on chatroll of Indian

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