Saturday, July 26, 2014


(Source- TOI)

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  1. Bugles sounding LAST POST, and VVIPs saluting at the Amar Jawan statue on this Vijay Divas! What use it is to those who are AMAR?
    He is no more to take your salute.
    His widow & children are weeping for his return.
    You can't do that.
    They are wailing for a decent Family Pension.
    You are not willing to give that.
    The survivors ask for OROP.
    You are bent upon taking him for a ride.
    "God and Soldier are prayed for. in times of need.
    When the need is over God is forgotten and the old soldier DERIDED"
    Jai Mantri ji! Jai babu ji! To hell with the exservicemen & OROP for another 5 years.