Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Former Banker (AAP Leader) Meera Sanyal on Demonetisation

(Source : Youtube)


  1. No matter what ex one is, on joining AAP,one is reduced to being an agitating liar and go against the Modi Govt. It is sad to see people start out as ones with desire to serve mother India but are subsequently discovered to be mere political stooges. AAP,may turn out to be the biggest disappointment of the decade, after all it started off from revered ANNA'S AGITATION against so many evils and today AAP stands to guard those very things, it set out to destroy, hoping people will be fooled into believing them.Nation is served by people with vision and agenda to do and not people with agenda to obstruct them.It is high time for people who lent their credibility to AAP and unfortunately lost much of it to correct course, loss of some face is better than having none. .

  2. Please tell what she tell is incorrect, point to point.What ever she might be, even if a devil- pay attention to what she says and counter it. Don't say your your bakth to Bharath Maa to fake the truth.A small part of black money, which was kept in foreign accounts amounts to get each individuals a 10 lakhs each ( some one promised to get back it and feed it in our accounts).And please calculate that money by multiplying it 10lakh with 120+ people- how much it will amount?!!. Leave that, a simple logic, consider all demonitised money are black, My and yours- that is around 15 lakh Crores.Divide it with 120+ Crore people. How much you get? To find it you only need to divide 15 lakh by 120, easy! Now say how much you get?.......12,500/-. This is the per capita value of whole demonitised notes.