Friday, February 10, 2017

7TH PAY PANEL RECOMMENDATIONS/Armed forces to MoD: Don’t compare us with paramilitary

New Delhi, February 5
The armed forces have approached the Defence Ministry saying by no yardstick can they be compared, let alone be lowered, in hierarchy to the paramilitary forces.
The three forces — Army, Navy and the Force — have petitioned Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar seeking a restoration of earlier status, which has been “disturbed” after the recommendations of the 7th pay commission. The government is yet to announce what all it has accepted or rejected.
The representation has termed comparisons with paramilitary as “wrong and misplaced”, citing suggestions made by 7th pay commission.
It talks about “progressive decline of status of the forces” and warns that self-esteem of the armed forces’ officers has been hit. Such is the seriousness of the matter that Parrikar called in Chiefs of the three services for a 90-minute meeting on the matter on February 2.
The paramilitary forces included the Central Reserve Police Forces (CRPF), Border Security Force (BSF), Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB).
In their representation, which covers an entire gamut of issues, the armed forces have said there can be no comparison with the paramilitary in terms of the mandate, duties, risks in service conditions and tasks assigned.
Citing past records, the forces claim the 7th pay panel recommendations will upset laid-down seniorities and placing armed forces’ allowances lower than those of paramilitary forces will change rules for risk allowances like those applicable in the north-east or J&K. It points out the base levels to calculate pensions for the forces are lower than the others.
The disability pension for armed forces has been lowered, but it has been maintained at same levels for paramilitary forces. Parrikar has been informed that the pay panel has disturbed the parity between Lieut-Colonels and Commandants of the paramilitary forces.

(Source- The Tribune)

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