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Can the Army, Navy and Air HQ do something? As RailwayPay element in the case of Loco Inspectors —55% addition to 7th CPC Pay matric for serving and 30% addition to 7th CPC pay matrix for retirement benefits

Dear all Veteran,

Please go through the below mentioned Railway Board orders granting 55% additional pay element (7th CPC) for Running Staff of railways. 

The NFIR took up with Railway Borad to give 30% additional element for the retiered running staff, which was missed out in the railway order.

That means the railway's running staff (serving is getting 55% additional basic) of their regulay pay scale and the retired staff gets an additional 30% more on their pensions.

There must be a strong reason for this special pay/pension benefits extended to running staff in view of strenuous/hard/long work in the running train etc. 

Why such a facility is not extended to Armed Forces Personnel, for their tenures in hard/difficult field areas.

Yes, compensation is given in the form of FIELD/HARD AREA allowance, which is not counted in Basic Pay or Basic Pension. 

But why not on the above lines as Railway Board Orders. 

Can the Army, Navy and Air HQ do something?


No. E(P&A)II-2015/RS-25 New Delhi,
dated: 24.01.2017
The General Manager,
All Indian Railways
and Production Units.
Sub.:- Pay element relating to Running Staff after the recommendations of Seventh CPC.
It has come to notice that on some of the zonal railways add-on pay element of 55% is not being reckoned for calculation of emoluments for the purpose of retirement benefits for the running staff on the basic pay fixed in the 7th CPC pay structure. As per Rule 924 (iii) of IREM-I that is still valid, 55% of Basic Pay is reckoned as add-on pay element for calculation of pension and DCRG of the Running Staff. It is therefore advised that calculation of retirement benefits of the running staff may be made as per extant Rule 924 (iii) of IREM-I on the revised basic pay in the 7th CPC.
2. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.
(Dhruv Singh)
Executive Director
Pay Commission-I
Railway Board 
Tele.fax No. 23378355.  
                                                                                                        Signed Copy                                                                  ==============================================                                                                
Registration No. : RTU/Nnn/31/2012
National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
Affiliated to : INTUC/ITF
Dated: 08/02/2017
The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Sub: Pay element in the case of Loco Inspectors — 30% addition to 7th CPC pay matrix for retirement benefits — reg.
Ref: (i)NFIR’s demand in the Board PNM meeting held. on 22’1 & 23rd December, 2016 for continuance of 55% & 30% pay element on 7th CPC pay matrix levels.
(ii)Railway Board’s letter No.E(P&A)II-2015/RS-25 dated 24/01/2017.
          Pursuant to NFIR’s references and discussions held in the Railway Board PNM meeting on 22nd and 23rd December, 2016, the Railway Board vide letter dated 24/01/2017 has issued instructions to the GMs of Zonal Railways to reckon add-on pay element of 55% on 7th CPC pay matrix levels for calculation of emoluments for the purpose of retirement benefits and 30% for other purposes to the running staff as per IREM provisions and extant instructions.
        In the above context, NFIR brings to the notice of the Railway Board that in terms of the extant instructions (Railway Board’s letter No.E(P&A)II/83/RS-10(IV) dated 25/11/1992) contained in para 5.5 of Board’s letter dated 25/11/1992, the running staff deployed as Loco Inspectors are entitled for 30% addition to their basic pay for the purpose of pensionary benefits. Those Loco Inspectors retired/retiring w.e.f. January 2016 are required to be granted retirement benefits with 30% add on to their pay in the 7th CPC pay matrix level, but, however in the absence of Railway Board’s instructions, some Zonal Railways are entertaining doubts and denying benefit of 30% on revised pay matrix.
      NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to issue suitable clarification to the Zonal Railways to ensure 30% addition to the 7th CPC pay matrix of Loco Inspectors for payment of retiral benefits similar to running staff for whom 55% addition is allowed. A copy of the instruction issued may be endorsed to the Federation.
Yours faithfully
(Dr M. Raghavaiah) 
General Secretary
(Source - Govtempdiary): 

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  1. The trade unions in Railways are the strongest weapon of the railway employees. We in the Armed Forces have no such weapons. All our senior officers are figure heads who pay no attention other than their own promotion avenues. So, you better forget you wishful thinking.