Friday, June 30, 2017


    I fail to understand why we are clamouring over one another to malign the Jantar Mantar agitation at the drop of a hat. In a recent post an Ex-Army Cdr commented on whether the serving lot needed advice from ESM.
Yes Sir, they do.
Being cocooned, they are fed a lot of gibberish as evident from the recent letter in circulation about the non-applicability of NFU to maintain status. They will only feel the effect of their silence when they retire and strive for civil nirvana. But that time the clock would have been set back and the effects of the One-time-increment a.k.a the present day OROP would have worn off.
We as Indians vote to power congenital scamsters and even deify them as Netas, yet are very hypocritical and resort to slander when it comes to one of us. Why?  
I am of the opinion that whatever form we have got OROP in is due to the actions at Jantar Mantar. When the momentum was with ESM there was a slander campaign and infighting. Just what the Doctor ordered for the babus & Netas to augment their depleting anti-Fauj vitriolic armory. For God’s Sake! If one feels he is doing a good job why do you need to slander, overtly or covertly – Just do your good work--------- B**Ls to the rest as we say in the army.
But No, we had to squabble – General Vs General, Men Vs Officers, ESM Group Vs Another and between Politically aligned ESM groups. And, at a time when the iron was hot and the momentum on the gallop. Just that last lap and the adversary would have buckled. But no – the hurdles were raised.
What is the end result?
# The OMJC has submitted its report and the Govt. is busy tinkering with it since there is no pressure upon them to act.
# The actions of the previous Chiefs who were galvanized into staying the implementation of the 7th PC has now been neutralised by the acceptance of the 7th PC without resolution of Core issues that had degraded the Defence forces from the 3rd PC onwards. 
Hark the Death Knell of the much tooted “ Naam-Namak-Nishan”.
We will soon be just another ParaMilitarised Military.
Our adversary – the Babu is a Sly and Wily character. They care two hoots for legal orders. If the Apex court says “remove red beacons”, they subvert the order by introducing upgraded car pennants. 
Therefore, I am quite skeptical about the resolution of grievances by approaching the Court/tribunals. When ESM approach the AFTs our adversary is forewarned and when he gets the gist of arguments of ESM in the Tribunals, the rules of the game are changed and the goal post shifted. So, even after the “tareekh-pe-tareekh” game and the case is won in the Courts the plaintiff will find that the game has changed and the verdict is now obsolete in the new playing field. 
Babus are masters at moving the cheese. It has to be a blitzkrieg where the babu gets no reaction time and the Neta fears a “Kissa-kursi-ka” aftermath.   
Else, Crores will be spent to get a favourable verdict that will be – Nil batta sannata. Prefer to see ESM groups spend it on air tickets than spend it for hallowed obsolescence.
India would never have been a Republic in 1950 had it not been for the combined effort of the ideologies of Bose and Gandhiji. If the Raj was not financially in trouble after WW II our non-violence movement would have been inconsequential. 
If the Defence forces need to redeem their lost Honour then they need to stop quibbling and let each do his own.
Let the JM lot do their bit while the believers of AFT do theirs. Maybe the multipronged approach will yield results.
But if we continue to snipe – we will be the losers.


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