Monday, September 16, 2013

Narendra Modi, BJP's prime ministerial candidate today addressed a massive ex-servicemen's rally at Rewari in Haryana on Sunday.

Narendra Modi, BJP's prime ministerial candidate today addressed a massive ex-servicemen's rally at Rewari in Haryana on Sunday. Former Army chief Gen V K Singh also shared the dias with Modi. This was the Modi's first rally after his anointment as the BJP's prime ministerial candidate. The address was attended by a crowd exceeding 1.5 lakh including many ex-servicemen. Modi expressed his gratitude towards the Army personnel and said that it was a privilege for him to address "such a huge" gathering of former members of the Army. "I salute the Army and the ex-Army men of India. I bow to the brave soldiers of our nation," Modi said.
In his speech Modi demanded a White Paper on One Rank, One Pension facility for the ex-service-men. He added "The problem wouldn't have persisted had Vajpayee came back to power in 2004."
He also slammed Defence Minister AK Antony's statement in Parliament over LoC killings where he stated that the attacks were by people who had come in Pakistan Army's uniform.
Modi also congratulated the Indian defence scientists for the successful launch of Agni-V missile on Sunday morning.

Some of the highlights of the speech
  • It is not the army that is at fault for this, the problem is in Delhi. So we need to seek a solution from Delhi too
  • Pakistan is trying infiltrate into our land, take water from Brahma putra everyday
  • When people want to go for a vacation they should go visit the army memorials, it gives one encouragement, good morals
  • The government seems to think that the army has signed up to die
  • But our defence minster just said that they were Pakistani men wearing army uniforms. Nothing hurts me more than this
  • During the Uttaranchal tragedy, Pakistan opened fire at our army men
  • During the floods in Uttaranchal too army came in saved the pilgrims. I salute them for putting others' life before their own
  • Army saved Gujarat during the Bhuj earthquake, when people were struggling between life and death: Narendra #Modi #ht
  • For one to win a war one has to have the courage to stand up and be a leader: Modi
  • It was pre-decided that I will address this rally, I was nominated BJP's PM candidate by then
  • Bhupinder Singh Hooda "ne Gujarat ka namak bahut khaaya hai": Modi
  • In my lifetime I never got the chance to be surrounded by so many servicemen. I consider this my good luck
  • The thrill that I feel during this function is much more than the happiness I felt when I was nominated BJP's PM candidate: Modi
  • Glad we got the good news about the successful launch of Agni 5 missile
  • We aren't getting the opportunity to hear good news in this country, it's been almost decade that we've only heard bad news. We are tired
  • I respect and commend army men all over the country
  • To have the will to give your life for your country makes them as great as saints. I commend these army men
  • India is the land of bravehearts
(Source-CG News blog)

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