Monday, September 16, 2013

'Why should families of soldiers who die for country be compensated?' asks UP official


Aligarh: A top bureaucrat in Uttar Pradesh has controversially lashed out at families of martyrs, implying that their demands for compensation are unseen in any other country. Aligarh District Magistrate Rajeev Rautela has made controversial remarks on martyrs

"India is a land of mourners," Aligarh district magistrate Rajeev Rautela has reportedly said in remarks that have sparked a storm.

"5,000 Americans have been killed in Afghanistan, but you will never hear their families asking for compensation, they want to do something for the country," said the official.
"It is the duty of soldiers to lay down their lives on the war front. (In India) the government pays the soldier,  he is fighting on the border, he dies serving the country, then until we get petrol pumps or Rs. 50 lakh compensation, we say we won't allow last rites, how will this country progress?"

Mr Rautela's comments to a group of journalists on Sunday set off a flurry of comments on the social media. Sources close to him, however, say he has been "quoted out of context."
(Source-NDTV news -Edited by Deepshikha Ghosh | Updated: September 16, 2013 18:39 IST)


  1. He is fit to become our def minister

  2. Dear Readers,

    These bastard IAS Lobby do not know anything about the great country of our mother land India as these culprits from rich family as our soldiers are sacrificed for their Nation and their families want to live further with the support of some compensation from government due to high inflation and pressing situation to survive at present . Kick out these bastards from India for ever.

  3. i condem this thing because the person in defence is in sacrifice to this country if all the defence person resign out their service job and if no military person to safe guard this country think of this country.if this kind of administrative peron and political person ready to take guns to safe guard this country.if any critical situation arise simply they hide their heads into the hood.this administrative and political person are real cowerds and they all wear sarees.shame shame political shame.think of defence person and of their families.this is not america.this is there are enemy circumstance around our border.thik and proceed.