Friday, June 6, 2014

PMO tells MoD,MHA: Get forces involved in policy


In an attempt to improve the working environment for the armed forces and other internal security outfits, the Prime Minister’s Office has directed the home and defence ministries to ensure that all strategic decisions, specially those relating to the uniformed forces, should be taken only after detailed consultations with their top officers.
The PMO, sources said, strongly believes that matters relating to the armed forces should not be decided by civilian bureaucrats sitting in North and South Block and that the military leadership should be involved more in decision-making.There is a growing view in the new BJP-led government that the uniformed forces have been ignored far too long while taking key strategic decisions.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has signalled that any key decision cannot be left to the bureaucrats, and that the forces must be involved at every stage as they have firsthand experience of what is happening on the ground. “Look at what happens in procurement of weapons or other equipment. Though the armed forces are involved in testing and checking arms and equipment, in reality the entire process is deeply influenced by bureaucrats who have virtually no experience in this field. “
Similarly, any new welfare scheme for armed or paramilitary forces gets drafted by a joint secretary or director-level officer. All that will now change, and actual operations officers from the forces will have a greater say,” a senior official said.

(Source : The Asian Age)


  1. Lot many talks are going on for improvement of defence and there policies but no body telle about long awaited demand of OROP when it would be implemented by newly formed government, and allocation of budget etc. and what is the hike for pre 2006 pensioners. pl. mreply soon .

  2. When ? When ? and only When does the ESM get the credit in his bank account is the million dollar question ?? Baaki sab dil ke behlane ki baaten hain aur Ghalib ye khayal achha nahi hai

  3. While calculating OROP, Whether the qualifying service of last rank held will be taken into consideration for the purpose of ACP as applicable in post 2006 retirees.

  4. Good news but when ? Credit in vetrans acct to believe . Can,t trust until implemented letter circulated .

  5. With very sorry and sad I wish to tell that now I feel ashamed on our Country of India as India is only Country for not looking after the welfare of their Armed Forces I also hope all bad work is being done by Bureaucrat Dogs onlyu