Sunday, August 24, 2014


      It is intimated that a new policy for issue of dependent identity card for Retired Air Force Personnel has been issued by Air HQ.

      The Dependent Identity card for retired Air Force Personnel will be issued by the Unit from which the AF Personnel is retiring or from the nearest AF Unit in case of retired Air Force Personnel. The same will be renewed by the nearest Unit where he/she is settled. This will be done by the Unit after verification from COS/Discharge Book. An affidavit as per format given in the following attached application, will be furnished, from a notary on oath, in case of initial issue, loss replacement of DICRAP. However, serving AF Personnel would be required to put up a personnel/general application at least 15 days in advance for initial issue of DICRAP for his dependent at the time of retirement/discharge from IAF.

      Dependent Identity card for retired Air Force Personnel issued to spouse and widows of AF personnel will be permanent and would necessitate change only on change of status and appearance. Dependent Identity card for retired Air Force Personnel issued to others would require revalidation once in three year.

      Whenever DICRAP becoming unfit for further use, a new DICRAP will be issued and old card will be withdrawn. The cost of card and lamination charge is to be borne by the concerned individual.

      A full application form for the Dependent Identity card for Retired Air Force Personnel is uploaded herewith. An affidavit which is attached with form to be typed on a Rs. 100/- Non-Judicial stamp paper/ e-stamp paper/affix stamp.

      Laminated ROIC for Retired AIR Force Officers:-     The new pattern of laminated ROIC will be issued by the Dte of Air Veterans at Air HQ.  The following documents are to submit to nearest Unit Adjutant :-

      (a)         Copy of PPO.
      (b)         Photographs with red background.
      (c)         Xerox copy of old ROIC.
      (d)        Form to be filed up in triplicate.
      (e)         Signature should be black ink.

      (Source- Air Force Assn website)


  1. When is the Government going to fulfil the announcement of Hon'ble Prime Minister about OROP ?

  2. How to get new Retd Officers I CARD from Indian Navy please.