Monday, August 11, 2014


Monday, August 11, 2014

.Is'nt it ironical that our country on one hand - confers 'Bharat Ratna' on Sachin Tendulkar, who seeks and gets  exemption of customs duty on a 'Ferrari' which he got free, who reportedly earns crores of rupees(in hundreds) every year, and on the other hand is absolutely ignorant of this person. 

Man of the Millennium.....Kalayanasundaram

Mr. Kalayanasundaram. Photo by: R.M. Rajarathinam
Mr.Kalayanasundaram worked as a Librarian for 30 years. Every month in his 30 year experience(service), he donated his entire salary to help the needy. He worked as a server in a hotel to meet his needs. He donated even his pension amount of about ten lakh rupees to the needy.

He is the first person in the world to spend the entire earnings for a social cause. In recognition to his service, the American government honoured him with the ‘Man of the Millennium’ award. He received a sum of Rs 30 crores as part of this award which he distributed entirely for the needy as usual.

Moved by his passion to help others, Super Star Rajinikanth adopted him as his father. He still stays as a bachelor and dedicated his entire life for serving the society.

All our Politicians, Film stars, Business magnets, cricketers  Press and we all Indians should be PROUD and also should be ashamed of ourselves. American Government has honored him but we Indians even don't know that such a personality exist amongst us.

Atleast have the courtesy to pass this on and on till the whole world comes to know about this 
Great Good Samaritan.
Hat's off Kalayanasundaram.. We Indians are extremely proud of you and proudly say
(Source- BC Vasundhara blog) 


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  1. just for charity why bharat ratan for him lot of people do charity