Sunday, January 11, 2015

Update OROP

Heard that RRM called for a meeting on OROP.

Secy, DESW (the new one, not Ms Sangita Gairola) is reported to have said that CGDA [the new one, not Kum Vandana Srivastava, the new FA (DS)] needs to call a meeting.

The meeting of the almost defunct Joint Working Group (JWG), again reportedly, is scheduled for 13 Jan 15. 

Maybe they would see sense in the Services DGL!

Would they iron out the wrinkles and have an order of implementation on Army Day? 

Well, if wishes were horses, we'd get OROP sooner than 28 Feb 15 (a Saturday).  

(Courtesy : Aerial View blog)    


  1. meeting on meting, discussion on discussion has lost the nature of orop. please issue necessary circular in this regard without loss of time on meeting and discussion. if any problem to govt and cgda please contact to me

  2. God only knows that why our good governance prabhus are not able to issue orop implementation letter after so many days of taking over of govt and so many assurances from different levels. How many nos of exservicemen(pre-2006) would remain alive before implementation of orop is a burning question and for this question, no modality please.

  3. Have any idea meeting with RRM on OROP that scheduled on 13 jan 15