Thursday, January 22, 2015


Chairman IESM, Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd) writes to Raksha Mantri for Delay in Implementing OROP

Shri Manohar Parrikar
Hon’ble Raksha Mantri
104, South Block
New Delhi-110011


Hon’ble Raksha Mantri

            This has reference to our meeting with you on 09 Dec 2014 and IESM letter dated 02 Jan 2015.
            We the ex-servicemen have been waiting for the last 11 months for the implementation of OROP and have been relentlessly projecting to the Govt the need for early action.  You have also consulted other ESM Organisations, the three services HQs and the officials of MoD on this important demand of defence personnel.  However, for the reasons best known to you, the Govt Notification has not yet been issued.  This is a cause of serious concern.

IESM has decided to hold a Rally on 01 Feb 2015 at Jantar Mantar New Delhi to voice our concern to the Govt and also inform to the people of India about the grave injustices perpetuated on the soldiers.  This Rally, in no way, is to confront the Govt but to exercise our right to project our demands and concerns in a democratic setup.  Sir, we have a few questions to be asked from the Govt and these are:-

  • Does it take 11 months to issue a letter for a full majority Govt? 

  • When the OROP has been accepted in principle by the Govt and necessary funds have been catered for why is this undue suspense and delay in issuance of notification?

  • When PM of the nation has confirmed at three different occasions after taking oath as PM and innumerable times during campaigning for elections that OROP is his personal commitment to Armed Forces, why has the notification not been issued?

  • Why is MOD resorting to selective leaks to test the reaction of veterans? In fact these leaks are deliberate to test the strength of opposition to dilution of OROP.  Ex-servicemen have been short-changed many times by manipulative bureaucracy and hence are very apprehensive of this unexplainable delay. 

  • Why is Government hesitating to commit that OROP letter will be out by so and so date and why is the Govt buying more time? You have now given a time line till 25 July 2015, whereas you informed us on 09 Dec 2014 that the decision will be taken within a month?  

  • Why can't Government issue the notification of OROP by 01 Feb 15. What is holding issuance of the notification? All process of consultation and acceptance and approval has been completed.

  • Why is the Govt hesitating to  clearly spell out that OROP will be implemented in full and as per the approved definition as given out in Govt Executive Orders dated 26 Feb 2014 and repeated by RRM on 02 Dec 2014 on the floor of the House in Rajya Sabha?

Approved definition of OROP as given by RRM in Parliament is given below:-

Implementation of One Rank One Pension 

            The principle of One Rank One Pension for the Armed Forces has been accepted by the Government. The modalities for implementation were discussed with various stakeholders and are presently under consideration of the Government. It will be implemented once the modalities are approved by the Government. 

            One Rank One Pension (OROP) implies that uniform pension be paid to the Armed Forces personnel retiring in the same rank with the same length of service irrespective of their date of retirement and any future enhancement in the rates of pension to be automatically passed on to the past pensioners. This implies bridging the gap between the rate of pension of the current pensioners and the past pensioners, and also future enhancement in the rate of pension to be automatically passed on to the past pensioners. (DM/HH/RAJ, Release ID: 112372).

            Sir, any dilution to the concept and definition of OROP will not be acceptable to the Defence Fraternity.

            Ex-servicemen request the Govt to issue the Implementation Notification of OROP at the earliest please.  IESM will be very happy to thank the Govt during the Rally if the letter is issued before 01 Feb 2015.
            With regards

Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd) 
Chairman IESM

Copy to :-

Shri Rao Inderjit Singh
Raksha Rajya Mantri
C-1/14 Lodi Garden
New Delhi - 110 003

General Dalbir Singh                              
PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, VSM, ADC          
Chief of the Army Staff 
Integrated HQs of Ministry of Defence (Army)
South Block, New Delhi-110011

Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha                                                      
PVSM, AVSM, VM, ADC                                                                    Chief of the Air Staff & Chairman,
Chiefs of Staffs Committee (CoSC),                                  
Integrated HQs of Ministry of Defence (Air Force) 
Vayu Bhawan, New Delhi 110011

Admiral R K Dhowan, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, 
Chief of the Naval Staff                                                             
Integrated HQs of Ministry of Defence (Navy)  
South Block, New Delhi -110011



  1. So many things happening regarding orop, the person who made so many promises he is keeping silent, 25 July is the fresh date given by DM, don't know how many fresh dates are yet to come, god save ESM fraternity

  2. The picture of OROP will be very clear by the end of Feb as it will cast its shadow in Budget ....JCR

  3. Bureaucrat's image is high than army, so that orop can't be implmented in the shadow of these thieves.

  4. Government don't have any concern with ex-servicemen. They are not serious at all about OROP. They have cheated to all veterans for their selfishness means for voteonly. They always use to interpret in the definition of OROP even after clear cut definition same pension of same rank according to length of service. Now we should start fighting till finalisation of OROP.

  5. Sir, This is just eyewash and fooling ESM community as a whole, Let not believe politician born lier.