Thursday, May 5, 2016


Dear All,

The Guilty should be Jailed n the corruption money, brought back, soon..OR BOOT OUT THE GOVT IN 2019 .Please read below, an article by Brig A Bajpai.

well said sir.

Col A Sunder Rajan

Points in succeeding paragraphs make it very clear that both the ruling Modi Govt who should be vigorously investigating this Chopper Gate scam but are not doing so and the top congress leaders as also the bureaucrats who took the bribe in this 3600 corer scam of Chopper Gate are all quietly passing the buck to ex IAF chief and vice chief in connivance with the ruling Govt, well knowing that these IAF officials may be involved but they are very small fry’s and would have got only the crumbs. 

All efforts are on to save the real culprits. Why it is so? 

This Modi Government must explain to people of India. If Modi Govt does not go into the depth of this case then they should forget coming back to power in 2019 because people of India are not fools.

• Ex Air Chief Tyagi and his Vice Chief Gujral may have helped in framing the parameters of this deal in such a way that only Augusta Westland remains eligible for the contract but the contract giver was the Ex-Defense Minister Antony of Congress on approval of Dr Manmohan Singh, the pseudo PM of India, real PM being Sonia Gandhi. Antony could have refused to bring down the flying ceiling of the helicopter from 6000 meters to 4500 meters. 6000 was a must because in NE and ladakh there are places where an helicopter may have to land at 5000 meters and above. The euro copter had qualified for it but this was rejected because it had become single vendor deal. But then Augusta Westland helicopter AW101 which can only fly up to a flying ceiling of 4500 meters also became a single vendor deal, so why did we go for it?

• In Feb 2013 when Italy arrested the officials of Finmeccanica the parent company of Augusta west land who actually produces this helicopter, on the charges of giving bribes to people in India for sale of this helicopter, so CBI then had no option but to register an FIR against Augusta Westland. But then its Director Ranjit Sinha did not send the copy of this FIR to ED directorate, despite two reminders from ED Dte for nine months. Why? 

ED Dte could not start the money laundering case against Augusta without this FIR. So why Ranjit Sinha is not being summoned to answer that on whose orders he delayed the whole proceedings?

• ED Director having got the copy of the FIR after nine months as also other documents thereafter took no further action why? Why CBI is not calling him to answer these questions?

• The court of Appeals judge in Italy sought Indian cooperation in investigating this Chopper Gate but in Milan courts judgment it is clearly mentioned that Indian Govt of Manmohan Singh gave it no help why? 

What was Congress trying to hide? 

Modi Govt came to power on 26 May 14. Why Modi Govt also gave no help to Italian court?

• In the main judgment of the Italian court of appeals given on 8 April 2016 there are hand written notes attached of the accused in which names of then Dir Defense Acquisition and now CAG Mr Sharma's name is there as bribe taker along with then Defense Secretary and Joint Defense Secretary. 

Why CBI has not summoned them for questioning?

From all this it is very clear that both the BJP and the Cong does not want this case to be taken to its logical conclusion and the culprits punished. 

They want to punish small fry’s like IAF ex chief and then keep silent. 

The lesson that the Armed Forces Chiefs must learn from this is to start showing spine and be scrupulously honest. 

Whether Neta or Babu do not allow them to fire gun from their shoulders or not.

If any scam takes place expose the guilty publicly of course with proof. 

The reason BJP is going soft on Congress is because each of them have skeletons in their cupboards and any direct exposure will result in skeletons falling all over from respective cupboards. 

It is now necessary that people of India prevail on these Netas to come out clean and, if necessary, force Modi Govt to launch serious investigations.

Nothing less should do.

(Source- Via e-mail from Col S Sunder Rajan (Retd)


  1. Col, You are right but it does not happen in our country because all most all political parties have their home of glass (fragile)hence they only throw pestles at each other not even stones. DCGA case was with all the proofs of fake companies who were suppliers while Arun Jetly was chairman for 13 years. Instead he is fighting case for indignation against Kejriwal. No inquiry ordered.Common wealth game scandal one BJP MLA was in question but it was all happening when Congress was in power. Please understand "Hands in Gloves" is at work.It is political class as a whole that need to change.

  2. rite,,both parties are responsible for curruption

  3. This is the right of Politician and public right not to comment on these authorised thives.

  4. It is seen since long that no corruption cases were taken seriously by any political party in power for all these parties are hand on in glove in sharing the booties. Once in a while these issues are brought about to stall the parliament proceedings which is an agreed agenda between them. Since independence the ED or the CBI never concluded and convicted any politician for misdeeds, are these politicians so blemish-less? If the concerned ministry got evidence why can't they lodge an FIR in local police station without going to the evading ED/CBI?

  5. Mauka milega tho sab chaatega

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