Saturday, May 28, 2016

Directorate of Air Veterans (DAV)

Public Info Notice
As received

HQ SWAC has intimated that the DAV has recently re-launched its website, "" to resolve pension related queries/ grievances  and timely finalisation of NE benefits.

All Air Veterans are requested to log in to this website and update their personal information like Mob No, residential address and e-mail address.

If you are not able to access the website then please send an e-mail to <> cc <>.


CK Sharma



  1. The given website not working. Ok. Why should we send emails. Applause to them such a pack to their pride they instal here. I am not interested in bank account, nor interested in adhar card because i can not run, even voterid I don't have because not interested, if do they need my casting let them come to me and give voters I'd. I am interested interested in my entitled pension, my quota from csd.I SERVED IN FORCE, DO I NEED MY PENSION

  2. Dte of Air Vet. do not entertain any mail as experience by me. I since long unable to access the site as they could not recognize my service number, I have sent e-mail to above ID but did not get response. Can anybody tell me if there is some other revised service number for ex-IAF pensioner exists.

  3. i my self feel ashamed to say airwarruior due to treatment of DAV shame on your part

  4. why it need approval are u people ashamed of ur work

  5. In spite of repeated try I am unable to sign-up. It shows either my service no or DOB is wrong. I entered my service no with check suffix and without check suffix and accurate DOB, But both the time it shows the same as mentioned above. I think there is some problem and need to fix the issues.