Friday, October 17, 2014

An Army Soldier Martyred is worth a maximum of Rs 10 Lakhs incl his insurance money, while a policeman on his normal duty in a market place or on the city road, killed by criminals after a scuffle is worth Rs 100 Lakhs. 

Is it  Justice ???

Let us look forward, widen our horizon and do something for the family of the soldiers who gets martyred while protecting the Nation against the enemy with min of 2 Crores, a JCO 5 Crores and an Officer Rs 10 Crores.
(Source- Signals Parivaar)

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  1. It is not justice. But what can we do? What the hell can we do? Sweet nothing. The powers that be know this very much. That is why they constantly under rate our value. They will continue to do so till such time our Generals & Air Marshals & Admirals decide to do what is to be done to make the politician realize the value of Armed Forces