Tuesday, October 28, 2014

MoS Rao Inderjit Singhvisits Western Command

0Source- Sanjhamorcha blog)


  1. as per commitment by minister that one rank one pension work in progress. preparing formula for implimentation. also awaiting 7th pay commission recommendation. meeting held by iesm on 24 sep 2014 with 7th pay commission. iesm done great job.
    and forwarded all anomalise raised by privious pay commission. now we can hope that we will get one rank one pension

    1. Yes dear veteran. Let us on hoping. It is a good breakfast, though a bad supper. Let us keep on hoping for another 5 years, and then keep on trusting for another 5 years, and then keep on expecting for another 5 years and then keep on looking fwd to our final resting. Probably u r unaware that our Defense Minister has already said NO to OROP

  2. Probably the Minister himself does not know what is OROP. It is just a routine assurance

  3. every one knows what is orop as per defence minister he is going to hand over orop to armed force tribunle for more resolution on orop. and definatly this is a practice to pass one hand to other hand because they are not feeling comfort for issueing orop order in true sense