Thursday, October 9, 2014


have sent following message on PMO Blog at 1725h on 8 Oct 14

You have promised OROP at many occasions but where is the notification? MOD as usual is not following your order. OROP is a statute as it is approved by two parliaments, has promise of PM, support of all parties but it is still a Mirage for ESM. We do not know which doors to knock now. ESM have given their life and limbs for India but Politicians and bureaucrats do not accept us as good Indians. Sorry state but true! If PM can not give OROP then who can? Lost hopes! one of step son of India!!!! 

If members wish to circulate this message to press please feel free to do.

Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM
L - 48, Sector - 25,
NOIDA. 201301
Tele no 01204313951
Mobile   09810541222


  1. He must reply this issue on public forum , if it is not being implemented by his Govt. Waiting as beggar at Govt door step is also insult to a soldier.

  2. He must reply this issue on public forum , if it is not being implemented by his Govt. Waiting as beggar at Govt door step is also insult to a soldier.

  3. Dear All,

    I wish to say that Bureaucrats are the main culprits for non implementing the OROP as they are Cursed for entire Nation and one day they will get good reward from some where else due to their bad work with Indian Armed Forces Veteran.

  4. mr namo, before selecting ur cabinet ministers have u done med check up for ur ministers. fin & def min is critically ill, the advantage is taken by pak now, aap ka bashan band karo aur get in to work as prathan manthri,sir

  5. Do not know or don't want to think Gp Capt Sir? All our uniformed lives we have shunned collective bargaining. That is our problem. Those sectors who bargain collectively, will get what they want or they will go on strike & paralyse the economy. We are afraid of that very word strike calling it MUTINY. Well that and only that - collective bargaining and strike (or mutiny) whatever u want to call it - has won the day all along. Until we learn this we will remain beggers only

  6. Time and again I find a lot of criticism in this forum against bureaucracy.
    Who is the boss? The politician or the bureaucrat?

  7. Orop arrears will get before this diwali 2014 oct govt ko pakka dena padeaga.jai hind babythomas retired indian army sepy.

  8. Jai Hind or Jai Babythomas or Jai Modji the Govt is in no mood to grant us OROP in the near future. The Govt. is now seriously concerned about granting double pension to MPs. The treasury is empty to pay exserviceman.

  9. It appears Gen V K Singh Retd has also joined the bandwagon of politicians fooling exservicemen. In an election rally on 12th at Karnal he said he will implement OROP. How? When the Fin Min doubling as Def Min has already said NO? He further said that the Govt has earmarked Rs.2000 crores for this purpose. Now the cat is out. OROP cannot be given with 2000crores. It requires double that amt. So what the Govt will do? Dole out some peanuts as OROP and tell us Kush hai na?.Abhi chup raho 5 saal. Have u watched our Pm at Madison Square Garden? He doled out something to NRIs and asked Kush?

  10. Dear PM sir,
    Kindly look into the matter as defense joined by poor family background specially PBOR from rural area ( villages) who can not efforts good education to their children. As per existing records 98% personnel PBOR are from village. You know the pain of poor family back ground ( as per your statement) can be understood easily.
    If we have been from reach family back ground we could have been attend good college and today we would be doctors or IAS.

    Kindly do the needful.
    with warm regards
    cp singh
    Ex IAF

    1. CP Singh Saheb, why should he look into the matter? For 5 years he nrrd not. After 5 years, let us see at that time.