Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Diwali Gift in advance

Monday, 13 October 2014

TRIPAS has provided a 48 pages reply to the 7th CPC Questionnaire through Speed Post today, 13 Oct 14.

Will take a couple of days to type, proof read, and then upload.

Your Diwali Gift from me.

Maybe, just may be the Services HQ will place recommendations in the Joint Service Memorandum for similar treatment!!! 

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  1. These 48 pages of reply it self will reveal a lot & will indicate the direction in which the wind is going to blow. Thanks in advance Sir.
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  1. Pls shift the left side column a little more to right or the main column a little to left. The right side column is overlapping the main column and obstructing the msg in main column. Regards.

  2. instead of last pay drawn read latest pay drawn by indivisual rank can make a sence for one rank one pension this is the universal truth . those who forwarding various statement they are not a rank bearer actually they are a rank broker because they are not survive with holding rank. use sence instead of nonsence. thanks

  3. unable to see pay band forwarded to 7th pay commission by tri services memorandum when it will be published. happy diwali

  4. these 48 pages of reply it may be confidential so that unable to broadcast or that should be visible after 7th cpc report. so we can hope after 7th cpc recommendation for various issues. so start pray from god that all pending anomaly should be corrected and reach the soldier door. happy diwali to all

  5. for disable pension there should be special attention required from the government. because disable pensioner unable to work and fully depend on pension . so for
    issuing pension should be taken maximum service length table and also rounding of percentage to all instead of invalided out using word and hiting to disabled soldier. justice to all

  6. happy diwali to all and keep fighting spirit for your right follow the principle do or die. for one rank one pension. thanks for iesm working for various issues and forwarding all matters in front of 7th pay commission for consideration. experianced judge never fall their soldiers aspectation. keeping hope from his judgement

  7. pm modi announcing every were where ever he visited that i am giving orop. but never seen single order issued for grant of one rank one pension order by written statement by his ministry. because every one waiting excutive order by his cabinet. for implimentation of one rank one pension . otherwise he start announcement like general vk singh that orop under consideration of government.