Friday, December 12, 2014


A special meeting was called by RM on 10 Dec 14 to which reps of         3 recognized Ex-servicemen Associations, including DIWAVE, were invited. The officials who attended the meeting included DG(PS), DGR, MD (ECHS), Secretary KSB, AFA, Joint CGDA and JS (ESW), in addition to RRM and Secy (ESW). 

2.Stating that the primary focus of meeting was OROP, RM sought     the  views of the Associations on the issue . We responded that the organization that is spearheading the issue is IESM who had already briefed him yesterday and that we had nothing more to add.

3. After listening to Lt Gen Balbir Singh, President IESL’s arguments,   RM stated that the implementation of OROP was not in doubt as it was  a solemn commitment of the Govt and BJP. The only question was of modalities for future increases i.e. dynamic adjustments or in slabs.      A view was expressed that while granting increments until end 2015, the 7th CPC could be asked to give formula for future adjustments. On the question of expenditure figures, it was pointed out that whatever   be the amount, it would not appear significant when compared with Rs.12500 crores as the cost of each DA installment which is twice a year. Also, a commitment is commitment, whatever be the cost.

4. After hearing pros and cons, RM indicated that he was in a better picture and that while he would not like to bind himself with a time frame, he is keen to take final decision as soon as possible.

5. Before the meeting ended, we did bring to RM’s attention 2 priority issues – a. Attitude and functioning of DESW and b. The dire need to reduce litigation by effecting 4-5 changes in current pension policies.   It was decided that a small group comprising DIWAVE reps and DESW officials would discuss the issues and put up recommendations to RRM & RM. RM indicated that he would have no hesitation in withdrawing legal cases if so warranted. Also, by end Jan15 he would call another meeting on such issues.

6. With reference to some reports about Shri Harbans Singh, former   Dir /JS Pensions likely to be brought back, we made it clear that such   a step would be retrogressive, because of his anti-veteran approach   and the fact the he alone was responsible for proliferating mindless litigation against the disabled and war widows. The point was taken note of.

(Source- Voice of Pensioners blog)


  1. OROP table proposed by Service HQs seems to be suggested after lot of deliberations and is very comprehensive and simple. Earlier pension tables were lengthy and complex running into hundreds of pages. It is not understood why such a good work is unnecessarily being ignored for few thousand rupees for the people who have made the supreme sacrifice for the country. Their sacrifice can not be truly understood by those who do not want to understand it
    Any further delay will show results to those after few years who are trying to undermine the undercurrent due to overconfidence

    1. what is the table proposed by Service HQs?The best way to implement OROP impartially is to make maximum of Pay Band+GP+MSP as notional pay to fix pension for 33 yrs of service for both pre and post 2006 retirees of armed force.In other words, it should be 50% of maximum of Pay Band+GP+MSP as pension for 33 yrs of service.

  2. Why at all the matter needs to be referred to 7th CPC? Once OROP is accepted our pensions will have to be recalculated based on 7th CPC scales. What is the complication in that?

  3. let everybody to know the formula being adopted to fix OROP. The one and only way available is to make maximum of Pay Band+GP+MSP as notional pay to fix pension for 33 yrs of service for both pre and post retirees of armed force.