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01 Dec 2014

Dear All,

Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar,Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha through a letter dated 27 Nov 14 urged IESM to give some more time to the Govt for the implementation of O R O P before recommencing the Protest Movement. 

He has been in the forefront in getting the due justice to the soldiers. I alongwith Gp Capt VK Gandhi, General Secretary had a meeting with Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar at 0930AM today.
We discussed and understood the view point of each other.  He promised to arrange our meeting with the new RM at an early date.  He has also suggested, if required he would facilitate meeting with the PM.

We informed him that decision to recommence the Agitation was taken only when no forward Movement had taken place since Apr 2014 when the DGL prepared by the Service HQs based on approved definition was presented the then RM.  RM. Secondly our numerous requests to PM & RM for a meeting, was not even acknowledged.

Since Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar has stated that he would facilitate our meeting with the RM at an early date, IESM has decided to hold in abeyance the planned Agitation.  In view of the foregoing the scheduled Relay Hunger Strike from 03 to 16 Dec 2014, Rally on 07 Dec 2014 and deposit of medals stand postponed.  Fresh date will be intimated later.  We will keep you all informed about the progress of negotiations.  

The bottom line is:-

• There will be no change in the Approved definition of OROP.

• It will be granted w.e.f. 01 April 2014 as sanctioned earlier.

With regards

Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd)
Chairman IESM
Mob: +919312404269, 0124-4110570
Email ID: satbirsm@gmail.com

(Source- Vasundhara blog)


  1. Accepting the indirect request from the govt. ( even the great well wisher Mr.Rajeev Chandrasekhar ji will not have initiated this meeting without a word from the PM/RM ) postpone the protests is a correct decision. Agreed, the heavens will not fall to wait for a few weeks more as long as the bottom lines are not compromised. But there is nothing wrong in getting this issue forcefully published in the print and electronic media, the way the whole issue has been and is still being handled and political leadership hijacked by the thankless civilian babus. This should help preempt their efforts to change the definition of OROP. Jai Hind

    1. Can the Govt have other than ulterior motive? Once the bottom line has been accepted, only problem the govt can have is lack of finances. Do we believe finance is the issue? No, only problem is political as it was announced by the UPA. BJP will clear it in early 2019. ESM may hop or kick the bucket for all they care.

  2. If the intentions of the Government / RM are genuine and if there is a hope for positive move then there is no harm in waiting for few weeks (not months/years). the point is that there may not be further ditching from the other side.

  3. I hope things will soon justified....if not...Plse let take a decision to come in media as soon as possible....make a strike...sow...them...power of Ex-servicemen.

  4. If it is real effort in the way of OROP, then no wrong in postponing the agitation. But one should not forget the past experience in this regards. It maybe just another effort to buy time and avoid media attention also on going parliament session attention. This fear also supported by Brigadier (retd) V Mahalingam's in his thoughtful blog in TOO, which is available in following link:

  5. Delay again and once again means doubts and we should remember "when justice is delayed means the justice is denied". Is it this game being played with very cunning brain of some one sitting in AC office at Delhi . Hon ble PM has given clear signal at Glacier, OROP done, then those what how who all are delaying the announcement of The PM ?

    1. It is a common practice for all politicians to give lectures according to the situation and places which our PM also has done and doing when ever he attended the Armed forces functions like what he gave speech in naval base and also in media. SELECTIVE AMNESIA, Hope to get atleast before my death.

  6. Until and unless we sit for indefinite hunger strike in Jantar Mantar, the electronic media will not focus on this issue. We are not beggars and what we demand is our right whereas the babus think as if they are giving from their pocket; For the sake of three millions veterans and their family welfare, it will be better some one should organize this and I will participate in that till death. All politicians will try to delay this till next election and again they will start this drama once again from the beginning; If finance is the main issue, let them give the arrears in intervals but at least start implementing immediately so that they would have much problem after some more time

  7. PM Modi is just giving lip services but on ground he is not implementing anything. Politicians always give false promise during election. PM Modi is cheating thousands of ex-servicemen who have given their best for the safeguard of the country by failing to implement OROP scheme.