Monday, March 7, 2016




  1. one of the best befitting replay to this Intolerance made by congress and CPM Jugulbhandhies .

    They looted the country and now not allow to functions any thing .

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  6. Khersahab wah kya bole, SUNTE-SUNTE HATNE KO DIL NAHI MAN RAHA THA>Wah................Bhagwan Aapko Lambi Umra De. You have taken justice Ganguly head on (vis to vis) who seems most morally corrupt judge in Independent India who happen to be in news for molesting an intern. Shame.......shame .
    People like him should refrain from using public plate formbeing used for the well being of the nation.

  7. Wonder why full debate is not available.
    Khers diatribe was more on theatrics , sensationalism and adrift from the main subject as if Modi was/is central subject. Looks like BJP is Modi and Modi is BJP and all discussions are guided to one destination and then into a binary derivative of nationalism v/s anti-nationalism.
    Even SC allows discussion and debate on its own judgements and his second argument of declaring JNU / all media, people speaking in support as anti-nationals is based on the wrong / doctored video connecting wrong persons makes the defence even more hollow.
    Tomorrow god knows even SC will be declared anti-national for giving different verdicts then the saffron brigade doctrines.
    Just because Congress / Indira declared emergency, it can not be a reuse / defense for BJP too as if it is some kind of comparative politics. In fact Kolkata / audience was more tolerant who listened to such personalized attack with equal emphasis. Given some other place we would seen moral brigade violence and one side story only.
    Educated , intelligential , media and educational institutes together with 03 pillers of democracy make the fabric of a nation. Peasants and the uneducated mass are easily gullible and sucked into fanatism.
    Want to destroy a nation ... start with its educational institutes like Nalanda as in the past,

    As educated people we must make our own self assessment and even if disagree one should not stoop down to personal level castigation.
    Listen the rebuttal from Barks Dutt too.

    What was promised was development , job and freedom from corruption.
    Why this diversion into Beef , encroaching upon the independence of the universities and premier institutions like FTII and jumla bazi.
    If 33% votes can bring one to power then the combined opposition story of Delhi and Bihar is an example too.
    With nil hope in all 2016 elections, BJP is opening a Pandora box or too many fronts.
    Surly Modi is doing great but the fringe elements and the hidden ones are derailing the bullet train.