Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Written by Khan Shaukat Ali

My problem with what's happening in the India is not about BJP and Congress, Or JNU and anti-nationalism, or Jats and reservation, Or Hindu Extremism and Muslim Extremism, Or Beef Ban and Porn Ban, Or Kejriwal and Modi, Or Ravish and that 'India wants to know' guy.

My problem is our mindspace being occupied with futile, useless, fruitless, negative, regressive thinking.

In an age when this country should be thinking of inventions and ideas, we are discussing subjects mentioned above.

I like Modi's 'Make in India' initiative. Why can't we discuss that and talk about it? That can be a game changer for this country if the entire nation gets involved in it and if the government practices it and not just makes hoardings out of it.

Why isn't the government and media talking about it?

Why the subject of debate is not development?

Why isn't RSS talking about it?

Why the news channels aren't focusing on it?

Why Indians on facebook not discussing it?

Or spreading that idea to the world?

Saffron or Green, Beef or Chicken, Porn or Sanskari channels, Temples or Mosques, Jats or Kashmiris aren't tools of development. 

These subjects of conversations are anti-development. And anything that's anti-development is anti-national atleast for me.

I want to see my India look better than Switzerland.

I want my India to do better than the US in the Olympics.

I want to see my India more civilzed than the most civilized country in this world.

I want my India to be more innovative than Japan.

I want my India to be more safe for woman than Copenhagen, Denmark.

I want my India to be more open minded than Canada.

I want my India to be better than what it is today. And not worse.

And that can only happen when we start thinking productive. Else we will all be wasting time doing something that is useless, futile, infertile.

Like this post of mine. I could have used the half an hour I took to write this, as a reaction to what's happening around, for better purposes. 

Like cracking an Idea.

Now that even sounds like India 

India. Idea.
 (Source- Via e-mail from Col  NK Balakrishnan (Retd)


  1. Well said, my brother! Media wants to create excitement and get good number of audience. Leaders of all hues want more chairs. Country , unity, progress, developments etc ,are all secondary.

  2. Discussions and arguments are critically important for democracy and public reasoning. They are central to the practice of secularism and for even-handed treatment of adherents of different religious faiths including those who have no religious beliefs. Going beyond these basic structural priorities, the argumentative tradition, if used with deliberation and commitment, can also be extremely important in resisting social inequalities and in removing poverty and deprivation. Voice is a crucial component of the pursuit of social justice.

  3. Nationalism aptly defined but our leaders of isms will say ideology is bigger than Nation. The people meaning citizens can wait development of their lot but ideology is the root of nationhood. Ridiculous

  4. Please add one more thing. Our soldiers (Men) and veterans should be treated better than them

  5. Thanks to express your views and I salute to you. I hope that all new generation should thought and start work to develop the INDIA. Youth can do it : JAI HIND

  6. I fully agree with you. why does Arnab Goswamy not discuss any new invention or discovery or how to make life better .I am sure hundreds of ideas to make life netter with existing faciities will come up.There is no dearth of ideas with the present Generataion. for example , how can we tansfer electicity by air.Any Ideas??open to all???

  7. Yes sir, our India had ben all those that you longed for; but uor values got distorted and we happen to change in our longing for everything better and gigantic in the physical world; yes we forgot the values that life is unique and we ignored that,and the longing and fulfillment became prominent in place of truth and the potency of creation in which whole Galaxies are evaporated and freshly regenerated even before the characters in the mighty drama pondered where each one stands...! humanity is a billion year or so old! just watch the drama and we could get delighted !!

  8. Nothing can be more true thanwhat Khan Shaukat Ali has written in this blog. let us all grow beyond our personal interests and narrow mindedness and do actions which will bring good name our country so that we can walk with our head high in this world. May God grant us wisdom to do right things.

  9. I am in also in synch with you but have some set of questions too :-
    a) This Govt came to power on its election promises .. where are they ? Sure it take time ..
    b) Why entangle in Beef issue
    c) Why this anti minority position
    d) Is it necessary to promote this Sri Ravishanker and Hinduism philosophy
    e) Why is this attack on educational institutions
    f) Which commitment they full filled among the election manifesto including of the diluted OROP
    God knows how many such hidden agendas ... Can Govt keep all saffron agendas away for 03/05yrs and only have single agenda of development cum jobs.
    If the country sees the fruit, they will automatically have the rest of the country giving them the mandate for 02nd term and for perusing the secondary agendas.