Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pay Commission Award To Get Cabinet Nod In June: PMO

New Delhi: The Seventh pay commission award for Central Govt employees will be placed for Cabinet’s nod in June after the completion of T N, W B, Assam, Kerala and Puducherry States assemblies’ poll process, the Prime Minister’s Office official said on Thursday. The proposal is almost ready to be recommended by the Empowered Committee of Secretaries on the VII th CPC recommendation, according to the PMO official.

There were some disputes among the Central Govt employees’ bodies about the Pay Commission recommendations, which are under consideration of Secretaries Committee. Following the context, the Finance Ministry sent an interim report on the proposed pay structure, including the disputes surrounding it, to the PMO.

PMO sent it back to the ministry with instruction to address the genuine concerns raised by stakeholders and accommodate their demands as much as possible. After these processes, it will be sent to the cabinet in June, the official said.

Although, there is indication that the Empowered Committee is also positively mulling the demand of Central Govt employees for hiking the minimum pay, which was recommended very low by the Seventh pay commission and removing anomalies of Seventh pay commission recommendations like scrapping of advances, allowances.

It is likely to take another 45 to 60 days to settle the issue, in the mean time, the model code of conduct, which is currently in place for five states assemblies’ poll, which will end May 21, so,that’s the right time to implement the Seventh pay commission award in June, according to the official.

This means although the new pay structure is to be in place since July 1, the Central Govt employees may start drawing the increased salaries from January with arrears of the previous six months. But the House Rent Allowance (HRA) will be paid from the date of the Seventh pay commission award implementation.

The Seventh Pay Commission headed by Justice A K Mathur recommended the minimum basic pay of central government employees is Rs 18,000 per month while the maximum is Rs 2.25 lakh per month, its increased the pay gap between the minimum and maximum from existing 1:12 to 1: 13.8.

“All pay commissions made up pay gap between employees and higher officers from second Pay Commission 1:41 ratio to Sixth pay commission 1:12, except it,” said the official.

(Source : / The Sen Times )


  1. 7CPC will confuse the OROP further.

    1. That is the most sincere and serious desire of the Babus -- to mess up the issue further.Even 6th CPC anomalies are pending to be solved so add a few more. Mr Parrikar has been no different than Mr Jaitley. UNFAIR AND UNCARING. Can't yet say for the one man judicial committee. Let's wait for that also.... but there will never be any clean and clear deal for the ESM.THE END.



  3. 7CPC..7वें वेतन आयोग NO NEWS IN BUDGET,,HOPE HERE...

  4. JCM National Council Standing Committee will not agree to the NPS non-withdrawal, and any reduction in the minimum pay 26000 projected. The Armed Forces, if at all get what they want; the bureaucrats will bless themselves with new allowances for them which may not be palatable to the FM, thus the final decision will go beyond Oct. Keeping the deficit finances in view, on some frisky reasons the implementation of the 7CPC will be postponed till the elections in Punjab in 2017 for sure. Politically this postponement will be welcomed by the BJP party high command and the PM.

  5. Manohar Sir is very much correct.

  6. This is well timed to ensure some positive outcome for BJP in the elections.

  7. Please do not mislead ESMs. The OROP has already been been dealt with and some minor positive changes expected that is being looked in to by a judicial commission appointed by Government.

    As regards 7th pay commission salaries/pension expected will be based on the multiplication factor on the basic pay / pension as given out in OROP tables. if some one basic pay after OROP is 5000 then his pay effective Jan 2016 will be 5000x 2.57 equal to 12500 ++ approximately. or what ever multiplication factor approved by the Govt

    1. The JCM National Council wants the minimum pay scale to be 26000 instead of 18000. In that case the multiplication factor 2.57 will change over to 3.71. If they settle to an average to keep the expenditure to a minimum the factor will be around 3.2. The NPS is already picked up steam and cannot be reverted, the FDI in Railways and the Defence too cannot be reverted. Thus the CG Emoloyees all India strike is inevitable and the talks will resume beyond the July dead line spoken here. In the May 2016 elections the BJP will not have any stake, but the 2017 Punjab elections are crucial for the BJP. All this points out to a delayed 7CPC implementation for sure.

  8. The table below is for Hav X gp. I have just copied and pasted. Hope it comes out clear

    1. Pension after 7 CPC has been calculated on the assumption that the ad hoc multiplication factor of 2.57 will be applied on the pension after orop.
    2. If there is no increase in Pension with increase in Service, that line has been omitted.

    (Yrs) New
    OROP Pension
    + DA 119% Pension
    After 7 CPC
    ad hoc
    0.5 6308 13815 16212
    1.0 6404 14025 16458
    1.5 6503 14242 16713
    2.0 6602 14458 16967
    2.5 6704 14682 17229
    3.0 6806 14905 17491
    3.5 6911 15135 17761
    4.0 7016 15365 18031
    4.5 7124 15602 18309
    5.0 7232 15838 18586
    5.5 7344 16083 18874
    6.0 7455 16326 19159
    8.0 7510 16447 19301
    8.5 8070 17673 20740
    13.0 8136 17818 20910
    13.5 8201 17960 21077
    14.0 8328 18238 21403
    14.5 8454 18514 21727
    15.0 8585 18801 22063
    15.5 8715 19086 22398
    16.0 8778 19224 22559
    17.0 8925 19546 22937
    19.0 9055 19830 23271
    22.5 9280 20323 23850
    23.5 9793 21447 25168

  9. Some confusing tables were prepared for orop specially for Hav/sgt and nb sub /jwo ,Sub/wo and Sub Major/MWO as per earlier tables yearwise service and increasement effect every year was given which has been confused now . Old CPCs had shown maximum pension for each rank 24 ,26 and 28 this needs some corrections in tablesby mod and CDAP