Wednesday, March 16, 2016


This is an absolutely MUST WATCH panel discussion featuring the inimitable Wg Cdr GB Athri (Retd) as one of the panelists. It is a long, just over 54 minutes, video but worth watching every minute of it.

Wg Cdr Athri is on the offensive, right from the start, and keeps changing gears till he launches a no-holds-barred attack on everything that is wrong with our system. And, having done that, he highlights what needs to be done with the DRDO and Defence PSUs, and also points out how the long overdue CDS and Integrated Service HQ system would solve the command and control problem. He is well supported by his co-panelists.
Arnab Goswami and all our other celebrity anchors, of our mainstream TV channels, need to learn a lesson from the anchor of this regional TV channel on how to conduct a panel discussion. He allows the panelists to say what they have to say, without the constant interruptions that "know-it-all" Arnab et al indulge in.

The discussions range from Siachin to LCA/Kaveri and ineptness of the IAS to re-organisation of Ministry of Defence. There is also a very interesting take on how the Swachh Bharat programme should include eradication of corruption.

Why can we not see some such panel discussions on mainstream national TV channels, rather than the inane drivel of self-proclaimed "Defence Analysts" to which we are constantly subjected?
Dear, Well done!!!!

Thank you ever so much for sending me the url for this most interesting and forthright exposé on how the IAS, the DRDO and HAL have consistently deprived the Defence Services of achieving their full operational potential. Full marks to you and Capt Karnik for not mincing any words in condemning the current system where the IAS has, time and again, allowed delays in procurement but has not had any accountability whatsoever for the adverse effects on the Defence Services.

You have, very rightly, pointed out that the concept of Chief of Defence Staff and integrated Service HQ has been recommended long long ago but has never been implemented because the IAS is very happy with the status quo of having sweeping powers and authority with absolutely no accountability.

I do wish our PM, RM and other politicians would watch this panel discussion and take to heart what has been revealed. More power to you for your continuing fight against "the system".
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Dear Sir
The continuation of previous panel discussion on siachen..this discussion was entirely based on my comments about the apathy of IAS in the previous discussion.  This panel includes a IAS officer, a public prosecutor, and a BJP  MLC who is also a retired Captain of SS..all your feed back is welcome..kindly do share with your family and friends especially civilian youngsters



  1. Wg Cdr Athri really slammed out all that is wrong in the present system, so were the military experts in the past. But ultimately it is the politicians who are to bell the cat. Alas! Both are inseparable like the hand in a glove in damaging our nation and its security. All the research and manufacturing capabilities are mere show pieces with no credible outcomes. The 'make in India' is a distant dream, in the mean time somebody must wake up to reality and make our defence capabilities strong. Only solution is to remove the so called the iron curtain, the IAS authority that is fighting for the security of the nation with files and rule books and not expertise to react in time. All these days the country is secure because of the soldier's innovative survival instinct/expertise with substandard equipment and outdated war machines in their hands.

  2. A Wg Cdr, a Capt., an IAS officer and a public prosecutor talked and talked and talked without pointing their fingers at the problem. There was nothing but the usual well worm cliché of IAS bashing. Nobody asked the simple question what were the Chiefs doing all the time. When the present president when he was Finance Minister wanted to stop free rations for officers the then COAS Gen Krishna Rao offered his resignation saying he 'has lost the moral right to command.' Is it that Gen Sundarji who first sent troops to Siachen and all other subsequent Generals had the moral right to send ill clothed soldiers to Siachen? Why no COAS has resigned over the last 3 deacades of Siachen? Admiral Dhowan resigned accepting moral responsibility when 3 officers died in INS Sindhu Rakshak. Why Gen Dalbir Singh is still clinging to his post? Does he not have any moral responsibility to cloth his soldiers to withstand the rigours of Siachen? Or is it because the dead are all JCOs&ORs that he has not contemplated resignation? That is the reason why IAS rules the roost, because the Chiefs don't stand with their men. Wg Cdr Athri is an officer. Capt Karnik is an Officer. Mr Vijayakumar IAS is also an officer. That is why nobody asked this question against an Officer. Had our Chiefs stood by the men they commanded,ready with resignation letters if their voice is not heard, the political masters would have woken up earlier.

    1. All the three serving Chiefs and the HAG+ Lt Generals are only ceremonial heads working under the Defence Secretory. They have no voice to raise to the a cations concerning the welfare of the soldiers and veterans. The Defence Secretory with his bookish knowledge fights the wars from his AC environment briefing the RM from time to time. The PM and his PM's party head takes the credit of winning a war. The work force, the general army toils even if their morale is in their boots. Quagmire once entered swallows them, like Abhimanyu in 'Maha Bharat War' they know not the way out.

  3. Requested sir please intimate. If any shoulder discharge from service by Medical board out within short period. Children study on board class 12th living with unit quarter. Can retention of accommodation till academic year or not. However shoulder pension not start due to short period discharge. Please clarify at the earliest.