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A well-penned poem on Pathankot attack : Whom to blame?:: 'When Eagles Won't Dare'​

Dear Friends

I am sharing a despairing poem from Facebook. 'When Eagles Won't Dare'
As received but well said and what thoughts by the writer:
When the Eagles won't dare…
When every Neta has had his fill,
When media has dissected every operation and kill,
When bureaucracy has won the battle,
When uniforms have been sacrificed like cattle,
When smart phone generations just wouldn’t care,
Trust me Oh India, your Eagles wont dare !!
Floods, Earthquakes, Fires, Blazing guns,
They are always there, your brothers and sons,
Veterans beaten, Youngsters Dead,
And you think they do this to earn their bread !
And still no change in attitude,
Nation silent and government rude,
Those who died in Pathankot could've been saved,
If those high headed decision makers had behaved,
Its wrong to blame Fidayeens for this loss,
Someone should actually question organization and Boss.
And Somewhere some kid is watching this show,
who wants to don the uniform when he grows,
But slowly he'll understand whats in store,
He should be ready to keep giving more and more!
And then die for someone else's mistake,
Always have his life hanging on some stake.
No one has extra life to spare,
And that’s why, Eagles wont dare !
An operation bungled and lives lost,
'They' never realize what it costs !
To satisfy egos and act bossy,
Seven dead, Happy ?
Who needs Army, I'll send NSG,
Someone should ask, why exactly?
Shouldn’t Base commander be the boss,
Why is no one getting cross?
If anything, this operation proved one thing,
From Bureaucrats to Fidayeens, Enter at Will,
So basically, we knew the plan well in time,
But no one was told, no bullets primed,
Simple three steps and we would've won,
Those Fidayeens trapped and in minute, gone !
Inform Army, Fortify and wait,
But who likes operations so straight,
Lets not even repair the boundary walls,
Lets not monitor any calls,
Lets not fix the broken security lights,
Lets not add to Terrorists' plight,
Let them feel at home and enter at will,
Let them think we are on Chill pill,
Let them work their way inside,
Lets not kill them too soon and hurt their pride,
Lets not use Army's experienced teams,
Lets plan a whole new scheme.
Lets believe that SP's weird story,
Lets now keep investigating every theory.
But the answer is simple and right there,
There WAS a need to create the scare,
That attack is imminent and coming soon,
Get prepared to kill those goons,
Government should own up and apologize,
For their mistake, seven families paid the price.
Your experiment failed Mr NSA,
You are already the Hero in India, why sway?
Its one thing our Generals don’t protest,
They only care about how their interests are served best,
Didn’t see anyone raising hell on this issue,
No one jumped and said " I'm the boss here, not You"
But its another thing that soldiers are dead,
And that’s the reason we should bow our heads.
we didn’t win this one, and should accept it,
Create a better inter-agency fit.
And lets not forget The Media, our friend,
Who never fails to keep the trend,
Insensitive, Uncaring and dying for TRP,
Again went on Twitter spree,
Lets not care what happens to people fighting,
Let me focus on my Tweet writing,
Give all the information of ops in progress,
Let my piece be the first to reach the press,
Oh wait, how can I make this anti Modi too,
Because sanctity of country,,what, who?
You people are so lost, clueless and selfish,
that I cant even find a word to rhyme !!
Running to interview martyr's widow,
You are pathetic, stop putting up a show !
And then there is one of you who crossed the line,
not that any of you was even a bit fine,
But to question a martyr and his last rites,
Show your text book knowledge on how he fights,
This just shows how low can you fall,
Cognitively distorted, negative and small,
You arm chair generals should be given a bomb,
"Diffuse that while you search, destroy and comb"
This man should be banned from lot of things,
Just for the amount of negativity he brings,
In afterlife he might meet Lt Col Niranjan,
Oh wait, that place is for those heroes with guns!
He, I think should be sent the other side,
Coz at 71, they are short of a bride !!
Msgs on FB tell me that country mourns the martyrs,
So why the respect to soldiers limited only here,
Why cant we spare a seat in train,
for a soldier who's family waits in vain.
Why millions can be spent on campaigns,
but nothing for those who bear the pains.
Why bureaucracy cannot look beyond peripherals,
And realize that what they hate is only with Generals.
Normal soldiers and youngsters are managing to survive,
House, cars, helpers are dream..they are lucky if they get time with wives !
Generals anyways will speak and earn a lot once they retire,
Give a hundred ways how to put down any fire.
Ask them what happened to them few years back,
The system still had same flaws and slack,
But now its Eureka moment for all,
Suddenly they can save the Army from fall.
its funny how these marriages work,
Media and Generals, how they connive and smirk !
The real Tigers, never get invites,
Because their honesty will give everyone a fright,
So lets get all those who are politically correct,
Who always knew how to put up an act.
Well, to be honest on TV, not everyone's tea's cup,
Hope someday real Slim Shady WILL stand up !!
For a country where leaders go only where they score,
Dadri is favorite, Not Soldier's funeral next door.
Where you ask a chief minister of martyrs yesterday,
And he shamelessly says, "focus on pollution today"
You cant name five ministers who can stand up for Army's cause,
And name the corrupt ones, and you wont take a pause.
Generals, Media, Bureaucracy, Politicians gone,
Basically Youngsters and soldiers are mere pawns,
Go fight our wars and follow all orders,
Die, defending our borders.
We will leave Kashmir unresolved,
And by sending Army we will be absolved,
We will mismanage Punjab and mess up North East,
We will also send you to manage Communal riots beast !
If you're free there is Sri Lanka to deal,
Its not like we are sending there to rest and heal.
Basically we will keep making bad policies and send you ahead,
Because we need a scapegoat and you need your salary and bread,
So lets make you do all the dirty work and fight your countrymen,
Its always easier to blame the man with gun!
It’s a strange Army in strange situation,
Losing more men in its own nation.
So much hate for Army in so many places,
And soldiers bear it all with straight faces.
And this time again, same thing prevailed,
Someone's mistake and experiment that failed.
No one suffered except those families of Heroes,
No one will care about their suffering and woes.
Our limit of patriotism is one FB post,
In which, our love for Army, we all boast.
The country will move on and this will happen again,
Its endless, till the time everyone feels the pain.
It’s the day when someone will stand up and say No More,
We cannot let these young guys die in scores,
Something needs to change and change fast,
We really need to learn from our violent past,
Aim for peace and not depend on their sacrifice,
For this nation has already paid enough price.
When Gods will come to gates of Heaven,
When angles will clap and welcome those Seven,
When they will look down and smile and nod,
"Look, India Lives and thrives" they'll show God,
As long as their stories will motivate and inspire
As Long as everyone in India will have that fire,
As long as soldiers will get that love, respect and care,
Till that time, Eagles will dare !

Col  NK Balakrishnan, (Retd)

(Source- Via e-mail)

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