Friday, January 22, 2016

Pre-2006 pensioners with less than 33 years of service

As everybody is aware, the orders regarding calculation of pension of pre-2006 retirees based on minimum of pay within the pay band rather than minimum of the pay band itself, with arrears from 01-01-2006 rather than 24-09-2012, have already been issued for all Central Government pensioners.

On a similar analogy, many decisions by various Benches of the Central Administrative Tribunal (and then upheld by the High Courts) have been pronounced delinking the service requirement of 33 years for grant of full pension for pre-2006 retirees at par with post-2006 retirees for whom there is no such requirement. Some Special Leave Petitions preferred by the Government against such orders were also dismissed, though not by way of detailed orders.

The matter for issuance of orders in this regard for similarly placed retirees is currently being examined Department of Pensions & Pensioners Welfare, Ministry of Law & Justice and Ministry of Finance. The file is currently pending with the Law Ministry.

This is for general information in view of the multiple queries in this regard. 

(Source- Indianmilitary service benefits blog)


  1. I am anxiously waiting for that order as I am one of the victim. I have served in the railway for more than 22 years and retired on 30 apr 2004 and now getting pension on prorata basis Rs 5022 only instead of 6750. Hope Govt will issue orders as contempt court case also on its way.

  2. Mr Gavin
    Thanks a lot for posting this valuable information.
    "As everybody is aware, the orders regarding calculation of pension of pre-2006 retirees based on minimum of pay within the pay band rather than minimum of the pay band itself".This sort of writing leads to further doubts and gives room to unnecessary confusion. I have some reservation to read like this.
    People sitting in the office of PCDAPENSION may be ignorant of the 6th CPC report.But we should not be.The pay band and the pay are two different things.The commission thought that we may read and quote wrongly.SO they, in the report clearly said that pay means the pay in the running pay band.In variably we have to ascertain the pay from the running pay band means,ie from the fitment table.That is the reason they had given the tables too, in the report.The Pay band is nothing but a band of pay in which the running pay band lies.Pay band is not per se the pay.Please understand.Saying match box is grammatically incorrect and wrong.We should write and read Box of matches.The pay commission should have written as Band of Pay and Running pay band and given examples also .Then we could have avoided the entire aftermath of implementation -

  3. An Open letter to Mr. PM from Ex Veterans- G.S UAPADHYAY ALLAHABD
    Dear Prime Minister,

    The blog have written by Army serving soldier in connection of Govt playing emotionalized &/ blackmailing to all Ex all veterans Since during last 2 year (Election companion).
    As per your ideology and work efficiency’ working according to projection and plan basis and many works & Election highlighted have done in due period.
    2- The OROP Es- chem has announced been by you during Election campaign at Rewari with commitment to our Great nation and Ex- Veterans in ( Rally). The each and every Veterans have hope the Prime Minister some would be done' Which yet not been done by any Former Prime Minister in last 42 years. No doubts Many Es-chem have launched by you and your Govt' in beneficiary of our nation / our society.

    3- You and our country always saluting to Army personnel’s and Ex- veterans and 'Who has been Sacrificed to for our security’ and for save of our nation on cost of her/his life. Are you know about widow /Ex- Service veterans' below line of Officers suffering from Such & Much hardship of life a some Few Rs of Pension' You can feel at a time delivered of Dialogue in public domain 'Emotionally By Face Aspiration to for show to our public & for our Nation’ But It should be internally by heart' and Should seen at effectiveness and feeling with satisfaction's by any community.

    4- The OROP' had announced by your Govt' in Second weeks of Sep-2015 before election of Bihar with view 'The formal notification would be release a base of Bihar poll' and have put to all Ex-veterans in dark. At a time of announcement (PC) had Opted/ Exit to Ex Veterans' Who have taken Premature Retirement before fulfilled of their Engagement. This clause had added by Bureaucrat but was not in knlodge of our Hon'ble MR. The PA of RM have nor read regard this clause 'Voluntary Retire (VR) Not effective if 3 Armed Forces If was not in knowledge' ? How would convey & Direct/ Advise to MANTRI ' for any scheme. Second ally' The Horn'ble RM ? why not Ensure and self satisfies before announcement (PC). After the clear this clause( VR) not effective in 3 armed forces 'The matter had brought Regard PR and same related to those personnel and Issued Notification was for ambition from this Scheme for the purpose of the controlling Fund/Budget and same for reduction.

    5- After interval of right three month Again Formal notification had issued for Effectiveness and have add to the (PR) personnel's will be Entitled to this scheme. After issue of notification' 3 month has lost But Matrix table/ and Formal circular yet not been issue by CCDA(P) for further enhancing of pension to Veterans under this scheme . The sense and purpose of this kind letter for remediation and brought Attention in your view for cause of Delayed to this scheme' Who are making controversy between Ex Veterans with ending of patience in this view Govt playing the play card with moral of Ex-Veterans' under hope to your Good Governance.

    With Best Regard