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Chandigarh: Jan 14, 2016, 19:05 

A panel on defence reforms has frowned upon the rejection of compensation claims of service personnel and has recommended that the officials of defence accounts department should be made to serve in tough forward areas to have a first-hand experience of problems faced by soldiers.

The panel, which recently submitted its report to the Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar, has recommended the immediate release of all held-up benefits of disabled soldiers noting that a short-term deployment of finance officials will help them understand the hardships faced by troops in forward areas.

The Committee, comprising former Adjutant General Lt Gen Mukesh Sabharwal (retd), former Military Secretary, Lt Gen Richard Khare, defence matters advocate Maj Navdeep Singh, Maj DP Singh and former Judge Advocate General Maj Gen T Parshad has recorded that “it must be appreciated that those posted in operational areas are performing cardinal functions for the nation’s defence and are facing the vagaries of nature and also many other dreadful eventualities which cannot be measured or predicted with a straightjacket formula. All such individuals are integral to the success and sustenance of such operations”.

The Panel has further noted that financial authorities “are bent upon over-riding law and decisions, taken by executive authorities and constitutional courts, and even statements made before parliamentary committees”. The panel has provided examples of benefits refused by financial authorities on objections such as death occurred on “line of actual control” and not on “line of control” or by stating that a soldier killed by a leopard while on duty in a jungle area was just a ‘carpenter’ by trade or refusing benefits to those dying due to falls or cardiac arrests in Counter Insurgency operations even in one of the coldest places on earth.

Noting that it was “at a loss to comprehend why negative energy and multiple reams of papers should be wasted on such matters concerning benefits of soldiers and deceased soldiers” the panel has urged immediate reforms.

In the last ten years, benefits to more than 400 deaths and disabilities in operational areas have been rejected or not processed by financial authorities or the defence accounts departments. Defence sources say that the same continues despite the Supreme Court and High Courts having repeatedly ruled that restrictive and perverse interpretation of rules was not warranted and such personnel and families were entitled to higher pensionary and disability benefits.

According to applicable rules, disabilities arising in notified operations, even if due to climatic causes or accidents, qualify for war injury pension while deaths qualify for liberalized family pension. However, the financial authorities have been rejecting all such claims even when approved by executive authorities by illogical interpretation of policies. Officers in the know of such cases say that while no major problem was faced earlier, the tirade of rejections started in 2009 and continues till date.

  • Ram Pravesh - Extremely unfortunate. Ministry must take urgent steps to have a honourable compensation for those soldiers dying in harness in extreme conditions.
  • MManwinder  
    It should be mandatory for Accounts dept of all organisations associated with defence to serve in leh or beyond for min Two years.
    • AAmit  
      • AAmit  
        I think George Fernandes was onto something.. I don't know why the practise was stopped.
        • MManikantan  
          Modi & jaitley first should be sent. Then immediately Modi will make promises and keep fooling for another five years. OROP was a election promise of Modi. Yet to implement it.
          • VVish  
            This is a very good suggestion by the panel. The problem with the beaurocrats is their long stay in capitals and proximity to political powers, and ganging up prompting corruption. Not only the defence accounts officers, but officers and even clerks of all departments, should be transferred out to districts, other states compulsorily, after 5-7 years.
          • No need to Send accounts officers to forward areas to know hardships faced by soldiers.After all rules are framed by Defence Ministry and not by CGDA/CDAs which implement the orders received from ,Defence Ministry.It is only IAS officers serving in Ministry Defence must be sent to to forward areas to know hardships faced by soldiers. It seems the panel comprises of retired Generals does not know function of Defence Ministry and Defence Accout Department.That is why it committed mistake in blaming accounts officers for rejection of claims.
            • PKPRONOB KUMAR  
              Illiterate people like you definitely need to be sent. Problem is not with framing. .problem is with warped mindsets like yours who have a parochial and ignorant interpretation of the law. Therefore doing so is OK when you sit in a comfort zones of a corrupt cut based CDA office a kick in your guts when you get on the front line will make people like you who have the gumption of ridiculing generals realise the truth. I am a serving officer and have the courage to taking on you head on head if you give your email. Cowards fire behind pseudonyms.
              • SShakti  
                Why should they not go. Are you not in service of the govt of india? Even ladies are serving in these areas. So why not go on ground and see the condition of those whose cases they decide. Why dont they pt out irregularities of orders passed by IAS officers in the same swift manner they pt out irregularities in a genuine claim of a soldier?

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            1. As per our view and opinion should send to All bureaucrat/ Babu of MoD along with AlL CGDA CCDAP higher authorities near 'Gil git for Temporary Duty for the only 15 days. Hence RM Should take necessary action with action plan with immediate effect please. G.S UPADHYAY ALLAHABAD 9452878685

            2. We have a bureaucracy that takes arbitrary discisons from their AC environments as they are all knowing jack of all trades. Just they assume the pay/pension/allowances scales a bit lower than their own lot. The senior cadre in the Armed Forces are subservient to these bureaucrats for selfish reasons for promotions and after retirement plum assignments. The lower ranks got no godfathers either in government as they are no vote banks or the Armed Forces where the feudalistic mentality prevails. In near future the present lot of the soldiers in lower ranks are going to show their resentment openly, the rumblings of which are already being felt by the officer class at field levels.