Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Army Hqs. instructs to stop the usage of Term 'PBOR'.

Tele: 2301 8051

Dte Gen of Staff Duties
General Staff Branch
Integrated HQ of MoD(Army)
South Block
New Delhi - 110 011

13048/SD-1B 23 Dec, 2010

Southern Comd (GS/SD)
Eastern Comd (GS/SD)
Western Comd (GS/SD)
Central Comd (GS/SD)
Northern Comd (GS/SD)
Southern Western Comd (GS/SD)


1. The abvn/acronym 'PBOR' does not exist in the 'Staff Duties in Fd Appx 'C' - Abbreviation 2006'. However, over a period of time incorrect usage of this term PBOR has become a practice. It is seen and reported by a Comd HQ that the acroym 'PBOR' is being wrongly used in respect of 'JCOs and OR'.

2. The issue has been considered at the IHQ of MoD(Army). It has been decided that the acronym 'PBOR' will not be used, instead 'JCOs and ORs' is to be used in all the letters/comns.

3. The above instr may be disseminated to the envt for compliance.

(S Sharma)
Lt Col
Offg Dir SD-1
for DCOAS (IS&T)

Copy to :-
All Branches of IHQ of MoD(Army)
All Dtes of GS Branch

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The 20% disability misconception

Defence personnel and Record offices are still under the misconception that a minimum 20% disability is required for earning a disability element of disability pension. This misconception stems from the fact that the said 20% figure is mentioned in Regulations 48 and 173 of the Pension Regulations dealing with grant of disability pension.

However, the said criterion of 20% minimum requirement has already been abrogated with effect from 01-01-1996 but only for invalided personnel. Hence, there is no requirement of minimum 20% disability for earning a disability element for those post-1996 retirees who were invalided from service and such invalided personnel are entitled to a disability element by rounding off the disability to 50% even in case they are medically boarded out with 01% disability. The minimum 20% disability requirement however remains intact for those disabled retirees who have been discharged on completion of terms or have superannuated.

The Govt, after the 5th CPC, had brought disabled defence personnel at par with civilian disabled personnel and had abrogated the minimum 20% requirement for earning a disability element for those personnel who were invalided. The reason for this was that normally it is not expected from the authorities to invalid out personnel with disabilities less than 20%, hence the govt had taken a considered decision that if such a situation arose then such invalided personnel shall be given the benefit of disability element with rounding off to 50% even if the disability was 01%.

This becomes clear from the heading of Para 7 and Para 7.2 of Govt of India, MoD Letter dated 31-01-2001 which provides that disabilities ‘less than 50%’, (that is, without any minimum criterion of 20%) would be reckoned as 50% for disability element purposes. Further the heading of Para 8 read with Para 8.1 and more particularly Para 8.2 clearly stipulate that in cases of individuals retained in service (and not invalided), no disability element shall be paid for disabilities below 20%. This condition of minimum 20% has only been imposed in Para 8 (retirement / discharge cases) and not in Para 7 (invalidation cases).

Though the office of the PCDA(P) and the MOD are both aware of the abrogation of the 20% criterion and are granting the benefit whenever papers are processed to them, many Record offices remain unaware of the same and are not sending the documents for continuation of disability pension in invalidation cases where the disability has fallen below 20% or when the disability was initially assessed at below 20% but still the person was invalided out.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


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Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) to the Armed Forces. Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS (Retd.)

Extract of Govt Order
No. 1 (10)/09-D (Pen/Policy)
Government of India, Ministry of Defence
Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare
New Delhi- 110011

Dated: 12 Jan 2011

To - The Chief of the Army Staff
The Chief of the Naval Staff
The Chief of the Air Staff

Sub: Grant of FMA to the AF Pensioners Residing in area not covered under ECHS


The undersigned is directed to refer to the Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. 1(1)/98/D (Pen/Sers) dated 15th June, 1998 regarding grant of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) of Rs.100/- p.m. to Armed Forces Personnel/Family Pensioners for meeting expenditure on the day medical expenses that do not require hospitalization unless the individual opts for OPD treatment in AF Hospitals/M.I Rooms and convey the sanction of the President for enhancement of the amount of FMA from Rs.100/- to Rs.300/- The other conditions for grant of FMA shall continue to be in force.

2. Ex-Servicemen who retired after 01 Apr 2003 have to become member of ECHS compulsorily and are not eligible to draw Fixed Medical Allowance. However, all are 01 Apr 2003 retirees have the option of either joining the scheme or draw fixed Medical Allowance as per the rates.

3. These orders will take effect from 01.09.2008.

4. This issues with take concurrence of the Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) vide their U.O. No. 4609/F/P/2010 dated 07.01.2011.

Yours faithfully,
(Malathi Narayanan)
Under Secretary to the Government of India.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

War widow was getting Rs. 70 a month as pension

New Delhi: The Centre today told the Supreme Court that the monthly pension of a 90-year old war widow has been enhanced to Rs. 18,000 from a pittance Rs. 70 and a proper mechanism is being evolved to address the grievances of ex-service personnel at their "doorsteps".

The widow Pushpavanthi, through counsel Ramesh Haritas, had earlier complained that she was getting Rs. 70 as family pension on behalf of her late husband Major Dharam Chand who died in 1967 at the age of 42. Appearing for the Centre, Solicitor General Gopal Subramanium told a bench of justices Markandeya Katju and B S Chauhan that the government was fully concerned with the welfare of the armed forces and greatly valued their contribution to the nation. The counsel said the government had enhanced Pushpavanthi's pension to Rs. 18,000 after she moved the apex court.

He told the bench that there was no need at the moment for setting up any separate commission to address the problems of ex-servicemen as the defence department has separate welfare wings at the district level to tackle the grievances. The court had earlier mooted the idea of a separate commission to deal with the service-related problems of army personnel both serving and retired as courts were flooded with such complaints.

The Solicitor General said the government was in the process of formulating a suitable mechanism to ensure that the grievances of the ex-servicemen are addressed at their doorsteps instead of compelling them to visit the headquarters for the same.


Bhiwani (Haryana), Feb 5 (IANS) Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda Saturday said that his government was in favour of one rank, one pension scheme for the ex-army personnel. 'I had also advocated this issue in parliament when I was an MP. The union government has taken a number of steps in this direction,' said Hooda, while talking to reporters at an Army Mela here. The two-day 'Army Mela', which is being organised by the Indian Army, was inaugurated at Bhim Stadium here Saturday.

Speaking on the issue, Army chief Gen. V.K. Singh, who was also present, said: 'The centre is consid-ering the issue. The one rank, one pension norm has been achieved for JCOs and soldiers, up to 90%  ranks, while the issue regarding officers is under consideration.'

Comparing the strength of Indian defence forces with China, Singh said that Indian soldiers are matchless. 'Defence forces are not evaluated on the basis of numbers only, other factors like morale, physical efficiency, courage and enthusiasm are also important,' he noted

Sunday, February 6, 2011


BHIWANI/CHANDIGARH: The Chief of the Army Staff ( COAS), General VK Singh, has informed that the demand of one rank for one pension (OROP) for officers is under serious consideration. He added that the OROP for other ranks has been almost accepted. General Singh was in his hometown Bhiwani in Haryana on Saturday to attend the 'Army Mela' organized by the South-Western command. He also informed that the army authorities have chalked out a proposal for the restructuring of the force and to bring more transparency in it. On the Adarsh scam, the General assured that enough steps have been taken by the army to ensure that such incidents are not repeated in future.

The two-day mela was organized at Bhim Stadium, Bhiwani under the theme, "Indian Army - Nation First Always and Every Time." Speaking on the occasion, Gen Singh said that the Army has declared the year 2011 as the 'Year of the Disabled Soldier'.

A large number of initiatives have been launched for the well being of those army men who have suffered disablities including allotment of Rs 1 crore for upgradation of infrastructure, rehabilitation and training of quadriplegic and paraplegic patients, financial assistance of Rs 25,000 for widows of army men for higher education, one time financial assistance of Rs 20,000 to those who have suffered amputations for modification of their bathroom, education grant of Rs 400 per month per child for a maximum of two children for those who suffered fatal injuries and demise grant for the next of kin of retired JCOs & OR has been enhanced from Rs 3,000 per individual to Rs 5,000 per individual with effect from January 15 this year.

General Singh, who hails from Bhiwani informed that a large number of directions have been issued towards improvement of facilities for soldiers of Bhiwani including relocation of unit run canteen and a new building for ECHS (Ex-servicemen contributory health scheme). Bhiwani district alone has about 35,000 Gaurav Senanis, a sizeable strength of 'Veer Naries' and 25,000 serving officers, JCOs and other ranks in the Indian Army.

The Rajya Sainik board and the pension liaison cell, Allahabad too had set up their awareness stalls to redress the grievances of retired soldiers. Haryana chief minister, Bhupinder Singh Hooda was also present on the occasion and thanked the army for organizing such big event in the state.





Jaipur, Jan 24 (PTI) The Rajasthan high court has come down heavily on the "inaction" of the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) for not adhering to its board resolution to pay equal pension to all the retirees across the country irrespective of their date of retirement.

The division bench of Justices Dalip Singh and Mahesh Bhagwati directed LIC to give effect to its board decision dated November 24, 2001 to revise the pension and Dearness allowance ( DA) payable to its retired employees corresponding to the successive revisions of the pay scales that took place in 1986, 1993, 1997, 2002 and 2007 respectively.

The court verdict is bound to effect thousands of retired personals of LIC across the country.



Dear Friends,

Jai Hind.

Today at Signals Vatika, New Delhi, during the Centenary Celebrations of Corps of Signals, Brig Lakshman Singh, Signals Veteran, introduced me to a serving General Officer from Army HQ, who confirmed that Army HQ has issued a letter ordering discontinuation the use of the word “PBOR”.

The General Officer has very kindly agreed to forward the scanned copy of the Army HQ letter on Monday, 7th Feb 2011 to Brig Lakshman Singh. As soon as the letter is received I will circulate it to you all.

Well done IESM. Congratulations.

Vande Matram

In service of Indian Military Veterans

Chander Kamboj.
English to Hindi translation

प्रिय दोस्तों,

जय हिन्द.

संकेत वाटिका, नई दिल्ली सिग्नल कोर, ब्रिगेडियर लक्ष्मण सिंह, सिग्नल वयोवृद्ध के शताब्दी समारोह के दौरान, पर आज मुझे सेना मुख्यालय से एक सेवारत जनरल आफिसर ने पुष्टि की कि सेना मुख्यालय एक विच्छेदन आदेश पत्र जारी किया है करने के लिए शुरू की का उपयोग करें शब्द "PBOR".

जनरल आफिसर बहुत कृपया के लिए उत्सुक सोमवार को, 7 फ़रवरी 11 ब्रिगेडियर लक्ष्मण सिंह को सेना मुख्यालय पत्र की प्रति स्कैन सहमत हो गया है. जैसे ही मैं यह पत्र आप सभी को प्रसारित करेगा प्राप्त होता है.

खैर IESM किया. बधाई हो.

वंद Matram

भारतीय सैन्य दिग्गजों की सेवा में

Kamboj Chander

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