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Uganda President KAGUTA MUSEVENI warns against people misbehaving during this COVID-19 period, "God has a lot of work, He has the whole world to look after. He cannot just be here in Uganda looking after idiots...". Below is his reported statement.

"In a war situation, nobody asks anyone to stay indoors. You stay indoors by choice. In fact, if you have a basement, you hide there for as long as hostilities persist. During a war, you don't insist on your freedom. You willingly give it up in exchange for survival. During a war, you don't complain of hunger. You bear hunger and pray that you live to eat again

During a war, you don't argue about opening your business. You close your shop (if you have the time), and run for your life. You pray to outlive the war so that you can return to your business (that's if it has not been looted or destroyed by mortar fire).

During a war, you are thankful to God for seeing another day in the land of the living. During a war, you don't worry about your children not going to school. You pray that the government does not forcefully enlist them as soldiers to be trained in the school premises now turned military depot.

The world is currently in a state of war. A war without guns and bullets. A war without human soldiers. A war without borders. A war without cease-fire agreements. A war without a war room. A war without sacred zones.

The army in this war is without mercy. It is without any milk of human kindness. It is indiscriminate - it has no respect for children, women, or places of worship. This army is not interested in spoils of war. It has no intention of regime change. It is not concerned about the rich mineral resources underneath the earth. It is not even interested in religious, ethnic or ideological hegemony. Its ambition has nothing to do with racial superiority. It is an invisible, fleetfooted, and ruthlessly effective army.

Its only agenda is a harvest of death. It is only satiated after turning the world into one big death field. Its capacity to achieve its aim is not in doubt. Without ground, amphibious and aeriel machines, it has bases in almost every country of the world. Its movement is not governed by any war convention or protocol. In short, it is a law unto itself. 

It is Coronavirus. Also known as COVID-19 (because it announced its destructive presence and intention in the year of our Lord 2019)

Thankfully, this army has a weakness and it can be defeated. It only requires our collective action, discipline and forbearance. COVID-19 cannot survive social and physical distancing. It only thrives when you confront it. It loves to be confronted. It capitulates in the face of collective social and physical distancing. It bows before good personal hygiene. It is helpless when you take your destiny in your own hands by keeping them sanitized as often as possible.

This is not a time to cry about bread and butter like spoilt children. After all, the Holy book tells us that man shall not live by bread alone. 

Let's obey and follow the instructions of the authorities. Let's flatten the COVID-19 curve. 

Let's exercise patience. Let's be our brothers' keeper. In no time, we shall regain our freedom, enterprise and socializing."

In the midst of EMERGENCY, we practice urgency of service and the urgency of love for others✨

God bless us all

👏👏👏👏, the best and most intelligent public speech ever made during Covid-19. 🎩 off to him. SALUTE a great leader.


Saturday, April 25, 2020


Dear Brig Vidyasagar,

1. This has reference to my telecon with you today, a couple hours back  and discourtesy shown by you  by banging my call abruptly.

2.  Today I complete 75 years of my existence. I feel terribly sorry to shoot out a mail like this and spoil an otherwise solemn occasion for me. I am deeply pained and cannot wait for tomorrow in convey-ing my feelings & what I wanted to discuss with you.Had you shown some patience to listen to me this unpleasant communication could have been avoided .  Unpleasant  because, having been  conceived, nurtured and brought up this organisation called TSEWA, you  certainly do not deserve to receive  a communication like this from me.

3.  I know you do not have any patience to hear even a genuine advice  from any member of TSEWA  since you believe that you are all in all and the supreme authority in TSEWA, whatever you think and understand is gospel truth & whenever you get slightest oppo- rtunity  you do not mind beating your own drum and blowing  your own trumpet and publicise that TSEWA headed by you is the most democratic organisation!  You do not seem to realise that TSEWA has become an organisation absolutely domineered by itsChairman, under you. A recent example is that you turned down suggestion by Col Ajith Singh Rana  for filing a case  through TSEWA  for IT relief for war wounded veterans . You often forget that there are others also who had put in lot of hardwork and dedicated service in  bringing up TSEWA to its current status and that you are duty bound to listen to their suggestions also. I myself had single handedly and tirelessly worked over couple of years and co-ordi-nated three cases( having been nominated by TSEWA) & remitted  over  Rs25.00 lakhs towards the legal charges , from 500 odd  litigants. I did not ask for/accept even a single rupee from TSEWA  for the efforts put in and rendered absolutely  voluntary service( no regret on that). Filing AFT Case No-6, was perhaps  a milestone in the progress of TSEWA because it had enhanced  its credibility  as  an ex-servicemen welfare oriented organisation, apart from the fact that legal fee collected turned out to be  the much needed seed money for the organisation ! In spite of that, you did not accept my  proposal  for filing  a case to remove a great anomaly in the OROP sanctioned w e f 01 Jul 2014, wherein  Senior Officers are getting less pension  than their juniors(I , as a Selection Grade Lt Col who had put in 11 years service in that rank get much less pension  than  some  Lt Cols who had put in One year  service in that rank)  because of flawed interpretation of   the term 'equal service'.  Not only that you had ridiculed me mentioning that I was/am jealous  of those  who are getting more pension than me. On that occasion, I l kept quiet  and filed the case in AFT Delhi directly w/o going through TSEWA, because I didn't want to vitiate the atmosphere in the organisation.  However, this time  your mis-behaviour can not be condoned, because it affects not only me but host of litigants in various cases coordinated by me on behalf of TSEWA.  Having been instrumental in collecting money ( legal charges) and remitting to TSEWA,  am I not answerable to litigants and give them a satisfa-ctory answer on progress of the cases? Similarly, since I remitted the legal fee to TSEWA, are you not, as the Chairman (or someone on your behalf)  answerable to me(on behalf of the litigants) and inform  the progress & hold up in the cases for which I acted as Coordinator?  Your arrogance in banging my call is not acceptable at all ,Brig! You had chosen to render public service through an  Association of Tri-Services Veterans and can not turn your back  whenever you feel  like doing so and become discourteous  to its  illustrious members  who also had contributed  in abundance in bringing up the credibility, name & fame that TSEWA  enjoys  today.

4. When I rang you up today, first thing I asked was whether you can spare couple of minutes and hear what I wanted to tell you. Though   gladly answered in affirmative, you started interfering even before I could utter the first sentence . The moment I mentioned  AFT cases, you started yelling courts are closed etc. etc.  You  seem to have, perhaps,  forgotten, I also keep myself abreast with what is going on  in the country  and  am aware all courts are closed  during this shutdown . You did not have the patience and  disconnected the call abruptly. Though I made an attempt   to reconnect and complete what I wanted to tell, you did not show the basic courtesy   and banged the telephone  again ! I   was extremely polite , from my side,  and  had shown  no  dis-respect to  you .Your uncalled for action  of disconnecting the call  pained me beyond  comprehension   and hence this mail.

5.   I didn't want to put the points which I was to  discuss  with you in public domain.  Only thing I wanted  was to seek your opinion  and  know from you the future course of action on the cases already filed  through TSEWA and those in the pipeline for filing( pipeline for the past two or more years). Your discourtesy  has forced me to  go public  with the points raised below and seek opinion of the affected litigants (I do not require any response from you now). The points are :-

a)    As intimated  through the forum of TSEWA mail groups, we were  given to understand  AFT Case  OA 34/2016 had reached argument stage and verdict would  come through in a short time.  Today also , the moment  I mentioned   about OA 34/2016,  you told me that the case is in argument stage.  When I told your contention is wrong, you became furious and left the telephone.  As for the progress of the case please see  the Court Order  of AFT Delhi , dated 1703/2020.  The fact is that none of the Services HQ have so far submitted the CA, without which the case could  not proceed further. Why was then? , a false impression was created that the case is nearing culmination?  The Court Order mentioned is attached.

b)     So far , none of the new cases filed  by TSEWA has shown satisfactory progress. In TSEWA sponsored cases, only  disability  pension related cases have been won. This was obvious since already there was a precedence set by verdict of  Chandigarh AFT. What about other cases? . I had myself mailed you including  your Legal Team and TSEWA Legal representative at New Delhi and brought out the slow progress that the case (AFT Case No:6- Col(TS) Pension Case -1)  was making. I do not remember to have received   a satisfactory reply from any one of   you , on not even a single occasion !  I  do understand , we have to wait for the court has to reopen, for further progression of the already filed cases. 

c)     However, seeing the slow progress and not even lukewarm response from TSEWA, I had suggested long back that the cases waiting in pipeline must be called off and legal fee should be re-funded to those who are interested to get it back. So many litigants who had joined the cases through me have contacted for refund. There had been no outcome of my communication to you, except that you diverted the responsibility to your Legal Team & Legal representative at Delhi, who, it  seems, have taken an oath to keep mum (they always have excuse that they did not receive such mail). If  you have not taken any action on this suggestions, is there any thing wrong if I believe/presume that you have already made payment to the Lawyer far in excess of what he has done so far & put yourself  an inexplicable  situation. My Dear Brig, all these matters have to be absolutely transparent and you owe a satis-factory reply  to the litigants who had bet on the promises made by you that TSEWA is capable of and will win the cases 


6.  Those who are litigants of  TSEWA sponsored cases which have not been filed so far( not filed for the past two years or more) are requested to kindly respond to TSEWA under intimation to me.


Lt  Col  K P  Radhakrishnan (Retd)
 E-1/175, Sobha Hibiscus,
 Bellandur Post, Bangalore-560103 



OA 34/2016 with MA 14/2016
Brig S.K.S.Rana (Retd.) & Ors. ......Applicants
Union of India & Ors. .......Respondents
For Applicant : Mr. Anil Srivastava,Advocate
For Respondents : Mr. K.S.Bhati,Sr.CGSC for IAF
Dr.V.S.Mahndiyan, Advocate for Navy



Counter affidavit has not been filed either by the Air Force or

Dr.V.S.Mahndiyan, Advocate has appeared for Navy submits
that he will be filing counter affidavit within a week. Same be filed within a week with copy to the applicant.

As regards, Air Force is concerned, Mr. K.S.Bhati, Sr.CGSC
submits that he has been asked to file counter affidavit.

However, no inputs have been received so far. As such, he seeks time to file counter affidavit on behalf of the Air Force. He further states that although, counter affidavit was filed on behalf of Army but that also lacking some particulars, as such fresh counter affidavit will be filed on behalf of the Army. 

Same be done within four weeks with copy to the applicant.

Relist on 08.07.2020. 



(Source _ Via - e-mail)


One widely circulated gospel truth on social media is that in 1973, Smt IndiraGandhi terminated One Rank One Pension, the basis for deciding deciding pension of Indian Armed Forces Personnel ‘which had been in vogue for 26 years since independence’. In addition, the Govt, on the basis of the report of 3rd Pay commission, from which Armed Forces representation was excluded, & which was dominated by bureaucrats, increased the pension of civilians, who retired at 58, from 30 to 50%, a net increase of 20%; and reduced the pension of soldier, NCOs & JCOs by 20%, from 70 to 50% of basic pay,with a caveat that for full pension the minimum service was 33 years.

I did some research and I have gone through many docs, including 4 volumes of 3rd CPC report (attached) to uncover the truth. With out going into finer details, my findings are given below:


1. 3rd CPC was the first CPC for Defence Forces. I quote from para 5, chapter 48 Vol 3 of the report,  
"5. It is for the first time that a Pay Commission has been asked to enquire into the structure of emoluments of both the civ employees, of the Govt and the Armed Forces. In the past, the latter, was entrusted to departmental committees which included the representatives of the Services also."

2. There was no bureaucratic interference in proposals made by services. Ex Chiefs Gen Kumaramangalam and Adm Chatterjea were invited for discussions besides some other veteran officers. I quote from para 7, chapter 48 Vol 3.

"Report of the Expert Cell was finalised only by the Service members. The Ministry of Defence in, their letter forwarding the Report of Expert Cell in June, 1971, clarified that "the views contained in the Report are those of the Service Experts, as endorsed by the three Service Chiefs".

3. Commission also visited forward posts at heights of 13000 feet, air bases, ships, submarines, ordnance depots, hospitals etc. to gain first hand experience of service hardships.

There is no evidence of any bureaucratic or political interference in the report. The CPC was headed by a retd SC justice, Sri Raghubar Dayal.

Pensions before 3rd CPC. Pensions were worked in fractions and not in percentages, as is being claimed by many dubious sources. For ease of understanding, fractions will be converted to % in subsequent text.

Armed forces Pensions.  Armed forces pay and pensions were lower than those of the Britishers. During II World War these were hiked for obvious reasons. After world war, these were reduced drastically and brought more or less in line with civilians.After Independence,pensions of Armed Forces were fixed by Armed Forces Pension Revision Commi-ttee (AFPRC). It’s recommendations were implemented wef 01 Jun 53. Pensions remained more or less fixed till next pay commission for civilians was finalised. For example a Lt Col drew a fixed pension of Rs.625/- from Jun 1953 till Oct 1961. No DA/DR was admissible to pensioners before 3rd CPC. Later pension was increased to Rs 675 in Oct 1961. In Sep70 pension was reduced to Rs 587/- to compensate for grant of Death Cum Retirement Gratuity (DCR).

As for as PBOR are concerned, upper retirement age was 50 years for Army and 55 years for other two services. For officers &PBOR, AFPRC used the formula of 1/60 to work out pensions rank wise. Maximum pension was capped at 30 years of service. A person retiring with 30 years or more of service got a pension 30/60 (50%) of the rank emoul-ments. The pension was not worked for individuals. It was worked rank wise. Rank was to be held for at least 2 years to get pension for the same rank. However, it was based on the minimum pay of the rank for officers and mean of the pay grp for PBOR. There was a depression of 2 years for PBOR who served from 15 years to 25 years. Therefore,  soldiers were compensated for 13 years of service while they actually served for 15 years and so on. This depression was removed in 1968. Service pensioners did not receive any DCR till 1970. In 1970, DCR was introduced, where as civilians were receiving DCR since 1950 with their pensions reduced proportionately from 1/60 (50%) to 1/80 (37.5%). The loss of pension was 12.5% to compensate for DCR. On similar lines, to compensate for DCR in 1970, officer's pension was reduced by appx 8% and PBOR 11%.

From the information given above, it is evident that before 3rd CPC a PBOR retiring with 15 years of service got a pension of 15/60 (25%) less 11%. A PBOR retiring with 30 and more years of service got 30/60 (50%) less 11%, appx. 39% of his emoluments as pension. It is clear that no PBOR got a pension of more than 39% of emoluments contrary to the belief that the PBOR pensions were 70% before 3rd CPC and OROP was in vogue. 

Liberalised Family Pension - Conditions. Mrs Indra Gandhi for the 1st time introduced Liberalised Family Pension for war widows& their children. It was made effective from 1947 to include all past operations including Counter Insurgency Operations. In case of death of an Armed Forces Personnel under the circumstances mentioned below, eligible member of the family is entitled to Liberalised Family Pension equal to reckonable emoluments last drawn, both for officers and PBOR. LFP at this rate is admissible to the widow in the case of officers and to the nominated heir in the case of PBOR until death or disqualification.

G.O.I, M.O.D. vide its letter No. 200847/Pen-C/71 dt. 24.2.72, decided to grant Liberalized Pensionary Awards equivalent to the basic pay + increments +rank pay +good service pay+ dearness pay + home saving element to the nominated heir of PBORs of Armed Forces personnel as well as NCs(E), (including APS and DSC personnel), who were killed in action or disabled in the operations against any neighboring country and as well as in following actions:

1. 1947-48 Kashmir Operations, international wars of 1962, 1965 (incl Kutch and Kargil Ops.), 1971, as well as Goa& Hyderabad operations.

2. In warlike operations or border skirmishes either with Pakistan on cease fire line or any other country, operation against armed hostiles like Naga & Mizos and also while deployed in peace-keeping mission abroad.

3. During laying or clearance of mines:These benefits were granted wef 1-2-1972 to the nominated heirs/NoKs of all personnel who were killed in above actions and operations from 1947-48 onwards.

Rates of Liberalised Family Pension. Under this category nominated heir of the PBOR will be granted Lib. Family Pension equal to reckona- ble emoulments last drawn which includes Pay in pay band + GP+MSP + X Group Pay if any + Classification allowance actual drawn if any until death or disqualification. If a PBOR is not survived by widow but is survived by child (ren) only, all children together shall be eligible for Lib. Family Pension at the rate equal to 60% of reckonable emoluments till his/her disqualification i.e. attaining the age of 25 years. On death / disqualification of senior most children it will pass on to next eligible child. And the crippled child if any will be granted continuance award of family pension when all children become disqualified. The crippled child will continue to receive this award for life at the rate equivalent to 60% of Liberalised Family pension.

In addition, Civilians serving in field formations (Cooks, Washer up, Water carriers etc.) were given uniform and made NC(E)s.

Civilian Pensions. As far as Civilian pensions are concerned, their retirement age varied from 50 years for senior officers to 58 years for class IVemployees. Till 1950 they were not getting DCR and their pension was based on 1/60 formula and capped at 30 years of service. They received 30/60 (50%) of last three years of average emoulments  as pension. In 1950 DCR was introduced and their maximum pension reduced to 30/80 (37.5%). This continued till 3rd CPC. Therefore, Civilians as well as PBOR were drawing less than 40% of emoluments as pension by more or less using similar formulas. Both were getting similar DCR too. There was no DA/DR for any one. PBOR had no advantage on account of early retirement.

Post 3rd CPC Pensions.Civilian pension formula wasn't altered much. The significant change was to increase qualifying service for pension from 30to 33 yrs. Thereafter, max pension improved to 33/80 (41.25%) for 33 years of service. Formula for DR was worked out. I quote from para 92 Vol IV, “We received numerous representations suggesting that we should recommend some measures for protecting the pensions of the existing Government employees from erosion on a/c of the possible increases m the cost of Living in future.We recommend that all future
pensioners, irrespective of the amount of pension drawn by them, should be given a relief at the rate of 5 per cent of their pension subject to a minimum of Rs 5 pm and a maximum of Rs. 25 pm. The relief at these rates should be given as and when there is a 16 points rise in the 12-monthly average of the All India Working Class Consumer Price Index (1960=100).”

On the other hand, service pensions were revamped. The same 33/80 formula was used to work out defence pensions. There was no change in rank criteria for earning pension. Pensions were granted as per rank held for two years. Improvements were done to base pensions on the maximum pay of the rank and not minimum/mean pay as was the case earlier. The main high light of the 3rd CPC was that for the first time weightage was given to Armed Forces for early retirement and DR granted.

PBOR, Lt Colonels,Colonels and Brigadiers got a weightage of 5 years, Majors 6 years and Captains below 7 years. This resulted in a PBOR retiring with 15 years of service getting a pension @ 20/80 (25%) compared to 15/80 (18.75%) received by a civilian. A PBOR retiring with 28 years of service received 33/80 (41.25%) in comparison to civilian who received a lower percentage of 28/80 (35%). Hence, for the first time since independence Armed Forces had an edge over civilians in pensions.

Blaming Mrs Indra Gandhi for punishing Armed Forces for winning the war & rewarding civilians instead is an absurd statement without any truth in it. Only anti-national elements are expected to create such fake posts. Unfortunately we fall into their traps and circulate these with out any verification.


Links: 1. Report of  3rd Central Pay Commission, 1973.Vol.I

2. Report of 3rd Central Pay Commission, 1973.Vol.II part I

3. Report of 3rd Central Pay Commission, 1973.Vol.II part.2

5. Report of the Third Central Pay Commission, 1973.Vol.IV.

Best regards,

Wg Cdr RK Bali (Retd.)

(Source : Via e-mail)

Friday, April 24, 2020


Dear Friends,

1.      Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) thanks all Ex-Servicemen who have voluntarily donated funds to be spent at the discretion of Hon’ble Prime Minister to fight War on Corona Virus.

2.      Total amount donated  by Ex- -Servicemen with effect from 26 Mar 2020 to 23rd  April  2020 at 10AM is Rs 14,93,001.00 a sum Rs 6999.00 have been added from IESM Account to make the donation of Rs 15,00,000.00 (Rupees fifteen lakhs only).  Accordingly, Cheque bearing No 000072 dated 23 April 2020 payable to PM CARES for Rs 15,00,000.00 lakhs  (Rupees Fifteen Lakhs only) donated by Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) has been deposited in PM CARES fund account. The transaction details are as under:-

Donations to
PM CARES Fund Account
Rs 15,00,000 Lakhs
23 April 2020
Name of the Account
Account No
663701PM CARE
Name of the Bank

3.      A DO letter has been written to Hon’ble Prime Minister giving details of the donations by Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM), on behalf of 24 lakhs ex-servicemen and 6.45 lakhs veer-naris, to fight war against CORONA Virus. Copy of the letter dated 23 April 2020 addsd to Hon’ble Prime Minister is enclosed herewith.

4.    Ex servicemen are requested not to send any more donations to Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM) Account for the above purpose.  Ex-Servicemen who want to donate fund to fight War on Corona Virus can donate in the fund as per their choice.

5.      Thanking you so very much all the donors who have promptly responded to the call by Indian Ex-Servicemen (IESM) and voluntarily donated funds to showcase our solidarity with the Nations at this hour of National Calamity.

6.   List of donors with amount is enclosed as per Appendix attached.

7.  80G receipts for Corona Donation will be issued as soon our office starts working after lifting lockdown.

With regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd)                                                                                
Chairman Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) &
Advisor United Front of Ex Servicemen
Mobile: 9312404269, 01244110570                                        

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Saturday, April 11, 2020

ITALY’S RECIPE FOR DISASTER : By Giacomino Nicolazzo

As I sit here in my involuntary isolation, it was just reported that overnight 743 more people died and 5.249 new cases have been reported. This brings the total cases of infection to 69,176 and the body count to 6,820. We take relief in knowing that 8,326 people have recovered so far. (Numbers as of 3/24, 8:30pm in Italy)

Most towns here in Italy, from the upper reaches of the Alps to the ancient shores of Sicilia & Sardenia, while not deserted, are closer to being ghost towns than the bustling centers of tourism, business and daily life they were just a few weeks ago. Stores and shops have been shuttered. Restaurants and coffee shops no longer serve cust-  mers.  Schools, universities, sporting arenas, even our museums & theaters, all closed. Even the Vatican City has closed its gates and armed patrols monitor the 20 foot tall walls that protect it!

Streets and roads are now empty for as far as the eye can see. Normally they would be filled with crazed Italian drivers in tiny cars and scooters (the ones that sound like demonic insects) darting here and there, reaching the limits of centrifugal force on our roundabouts. In the piazze of our towns and cities, there are now officially more pigeons than people. Many of us know someone who has been infected and recovered.. Some of us know someone who did not recover…now they are dead. But everyone knows someone who has been affected by this microscopic monster in one way or another.

Sixty million of us are in lockdown, it is like a war zone here. We are being held prisoner in our own homes by an unseen enemy that sneaked in unnoticed by most of us. As you will read in just a few more minutes, there were those who knew something like this was coming or at least they should have.

So who is to blame? With all this craziness swirling like a whirlpool at our feet, I just had to find the right answer. And so I have spent my free time (I have a lot in these days) digging and researching. I was literally shocked to discover how this has come to be. I am not going to bore you with talk of Patient ‘0’ who spread it to Patient ‘1’ and how mathematics efficiently explains the rapid expansion of infection. No, I am going to tell you how (as I see it)the virus came to Italy.

It has everything to do with communism. Allow me to explain. Beginning in about 2014, Matteo Renzi, the imbecile Ex-mayor of Firenze (Florence) acting as the leader of the Partito Democratico (synonymous with the Italian Communist party), somehow managed to get himself elected as Italy’s Prime Minister. To give you a proper frame of reference, Matteo Renzi was so far left, he would make Barack Obama look like Barry Goldwater! At the same time that Renzi was leading Italy into oblivion, strange things were happening in Italy’s economy. Banks were failing, but not closing. Retirement ages were being extended for some reason, pension funds were dwindling or disappearing. The national sales tax we call IVA (Value Added Tax) rose from 18% to 20%, then to 21% and again to 22%.

And in the midst of all this financial chicanery, the Chinese began furiously buying up Italian real estate and businesses in the North.
Now the reason I mention Renzi and the Chinese together is that strange things were also going on between the governments of Italy and China. A blind eye was being turned to the way the Chinese were buying businesses in the financial, telecommunication, industrial and fashion sectors of Italy’s economy, all of which take place in Milano.

To be brief, China was getting away with purchases& acquisitions in violation of Italian law and EU Trade Agreements with the US and UK and no one in either of those countries (not Obama in the US or Cameron in the UK) said a thing in their country’s defense. As a matter of fact, much of it was hidden from the public in all three countries.

In 2014, China infused the Italian economy with €5 billion through purchases of companies costing less than €100 million each. By the time Renzi left office (in disgrace) in 2016, Chinese acquisitions had
exceeded €52 billion.. When the dust settled, China owned more than 300 Cos. representing 27% of major Italian corporations. The Bank of China now owns 5 major banks in Italy, all of which had been secretly (& illegally) propped up by Renzi using pilfered pension funds! Soon after, the China Milano Equity Exchange was opened and much of Italy’s wealth was being funneled back to the Chinese mainland.

Chinese state entities own Italy’s major telecommunication Corp  (Telecom) as well as its major utilities (ENI and ENEL). Upon entry into the telecommunication market, Huawei established a facility in Segrate, a suburb of Milano. It launched it’s first research center there and worked on the study of microwaves which has resulted in the possibly-dangerous technology we call 5G.

China also now owns controlling interest in Fiat-Chrysler, Prysmian and Terna. You will be surprised to know that when you put a set of Pirelli tires on your car, the profits are going to China. Yep, the Chinese colossus of ChemChina, a chemical industry titan, bought that company too! Last but not least is Ferretti yachts, the most prestigious yacht builder in Europe. Incredibly, it is no longer owned by the Ferretti family.

But the sector in which Chinese companies invested most was Italy’s profitable fashion industry. The Pinco Pallino, Miss Sixty, Sergio Tacchini, Roberta di Camerino and Mariella Burani brands have been acquired by 100%. Designer Salvatore Ferragamo sold 16% and Caruso sold 35%. The most famous case is Krizia, purchased in 2014 by Shenzhen Marisfrolg Fashion Company, one of the leaders of high-priced, ready-to-wear fashions in Asia.

Throughout all of these purchases and acquisitions, Renzi’s government afforded the Chinese unrestricted and unfettered access to Italy and its financial markets, many coming through without customs inspections. Quite literally, tens of thousands of Chinese came in through Milano (illegally) and went back out carrying money, technology and corporate secrets. Thousands more were allowed to enter and disappeared into shadows of Milano and other manufacturing cities of Lombardy, only to surface in illegal sewing shops, producing knock-off designer clothes and slapping ‘Made In Italy’ labels on them. All with the tacit approval of the Renzi government.

It was not until there was a change in the governing party in Italy that the sweatshops and the illegal entry and departure of Chinese nationals was stopped. Matteo Salvini, representing the Lega Nord party, closed Italy’s ports to immigrants and systematically began disassembling the sweatshops and deporting those in Italy illegally.

But his rise to power was short-lived. Italy is a communist country, socialism is in the national DNA. Ways were found to remove Salvini, after which the communist party, under the direction of Giuseppe Conte, reopened the ports. Immediately, thousands of unvetted, undocumented refugees from the Middle East and East Africa began pouring in again. Access was again provided to the Chinese, under the old terms, and as a consequence thousands of Chinese, the majority from Wuhan, began arriving in Milano.

In December of last year, the first inklings of a coronavirus were noticed in Lombardy, in the Chinese neighborhoods. There is no doubt amongst senior medical officials that the virus was brought here from China. By end of January 2020 cases were being reported left and right. By mid-February the virus was beginning to seriously overload the Lombardy hospitals and medical clinics. They are now in a state of collapse.

The Far-Left politicians sold out and betrayed the Italian people with open border policies and social justice programs. One of the reasons the health care system collapsed so quickly is because the Renzi Govt (&now continued under the Conte Govt) redirected funds meant to sustain the medical system, to pay for the tens of thousands of immigrants brought in to Italy against the will of the Italian people.

If you remember the horrible earthquake that decimated the villages around Amatricia, in the mountains east of Rome in 2015, you would also remember how the world responded by sending millions of dollars to help those affected.

But there is a law in Italy that prevents private donations to charitable Italian organizations. All money and donations received must be turned over to a government agency, who in turn is to appropriate the funds as needed. But that agency is corrupt just as are all the others. Most of the money never reached a single victim in the mountains. The Renzi government redirected the vast majority of those funds to pay for the growing immigrant and refugee costs.

As the economy worsened under the burden of illegal immigration, compounded by gross government spending and incompetence, unemployment rose quickly…especially among young people. The unemployment rate for men and women under age 35 is close to 40%. So more money was diverted from the health care system and used to pay what is known here as guaranteed income. Whether you work or not you are paid here, especially if you belong to the PD! The government simply raises taxes on those who do work.

Let me give you a quick example of the height of insanity to which Italian taxation has risen. If you live in a building that has a balcony or balconies, and any of those balconies cast a shadow on the ground, you must pay a public shadow tax! I will say no more!

The point I am trying to make here is that not only did the Chinese bring the virus to Italy (and the rest of the world) it was far-Left politics and policies that facilitated it.

This should hopefully be a warning to Americans that while they work to rid themselves of the China Virus, they should just as vehemently endeavor to rid their Govt of any politician that circumvents the Constitution and ignores the laws of the land, plain and simple.

(Giacomino Nicolazzo is one of Italy’s most beloved writers. Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania USA, he lives in a small village in Lombardy where he writes his books, Montecalvo, Lombardy, Italy}.


(Source - Via e-mail from Col NK Balakrishnan (Retd)