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Disability Benefits to Voluntary Retirees: Status on the recommendations of the Raksha Mantri Committee



Sr. No.RecommendationStatus




2.2.3 DISABILITY BENEFITS TO VOLUNTARY RETIREES : It is hence recommended that disability pension may not be denied to pre-2006 voluntary retirees with the following in the backdrop:

a) The denial itself was based on a false foundation of ‘double benefit’ as also incorrectly projected to the pay commission, but in reality there was no such availability of a ‘double benefit’ as explained above and hence the reason for such prohibition itself is invalid. A disability or a war injury does not cease on voluntary retirement and even otherwise the cut-off date now stands struck down and the striking down has been upheld by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. It is even otherwise discriminatory The Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare has extended the benefit of Constant Attendance Allowance (CAA) to pre-2006 as well as post·2006 eligible civilian disabled retirees but with financial effect from 01-01·2006, hence it is not logical for the DESW to alone deny benefits based on such artificial cut off dates. The pain and agony caused by an injury prior to 2006 or after 2006 is the same.

(b) It is recommended that till the time the policy is comprehensively revised, all appeals filed in the Supreme Court on the said point by the MoD may be withdrawn, no fresh appeals be filed and pending litigation in various Tribunals be conceded on a case to case basis.

Status:  Accepted:

Policy has been revised and Government order for grant of Disability Element to Armed Forces Personnel who were retained in service despite disability attributable to or aggravated by Military Service and subsequently proceeded on premature/voluntary retirement prior to 1.1.2006, has been issued vide MoD letter No. 16(05)/2008/ D(Pen/ Pol) dated 19.5.2017. [Click to view]

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Amendment for reimbursement of medicines – Special Sanction till 30.04.2022: ECHS Order


Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters
Ministry of Defence (Army)
Thimayya Marg, Near Gopinath
Circle, Delhi Cantt-110010


14 Jan 2022

(All Regional Centres)


1. Further to this HQ letter No B/49761/AG/ECHS dated 23 Mar 2020, even No dt 24 Apr 2020, 01 Jun 2020, 02 Jun 2020, 07 Aug 2020, 05 Oct 2020,01 Jan 2021, 16 Apr 2021 and 17 Aug 2021.

2. A onetime sanction for purchase of medicines and claim reimbursement was issued till 31 Oct 2021. In view of increasing cases of COVID-19 and restrictions on mov in containment zones, to promote social distancing and avoiding unnecessary exposure to ECHS beneficiaries as well as minimizing footfall at ECHS Polyclinics, the ECHS beneficiaries having life style/ chronic ailments/ diseases on long treatment may purchase medicines lasting till 30 Apr 2022 in one go or month wise based on the prescription held (prescribed by doctor of Polyclinic / Service hospital / Empanelled hospital / Sehat OPD) irrespective of NA or otherwise till 30 Apr 2022. It is also Clarified that the ECHS Polyclinics are functional and ECHS beneficiaries also have the option to collect medicines through ECHS Polyclinics as per normal practice, instead of purchasing from market.

3. One time sanction is hereby accorded to reimburse the above expenditure under individual reimbursement of medical claims. The reimbursement will be done as per guidelines issued by this HQ vide letter No B/49761/AG/ECHS/Medicine Policy dt 18 May 2020 and even No dt 21 Jul 2020.

4. These orders shall be valid from date of issue of this letter and will be valid up to 30 Apr 2022.

5. The date up to 30 Apr 2022 indicates that the beneficiary may purchase medicines under this provision on any day before or on 30 Apr 2022, as per the date of his a prescription. The medicines may be purchased as per prescription for a period of 30 days if purchased in the month of Apr 2022.

(Anupam N Adhaulia)
Dir (Med)

(Source: ECHS PDF )

Nomination of Liaison Officer for implementation of orders of reservations relating to Ex-Servicemen in the posts and services of the Central Government: DoP&T OM



No. 36034/2/20 17-Estt.(Res.)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training

North Block, New Delhi
Dated the 31st December, 2021


Subject: Nomination of Liaison Officer for implementation of orders of reservations relating to Ex-Servicemen in the posts and services of the Central Government -reg.

Ref: OM No.36035/8/92-Estt(SCT) dated 10.11.1994 as mentioned at Chapter 10 of Compendium of Instructions on Reservation for Ex­ servicemen (as available at> Notifications>OMs&Order>Estt(Reservation)>Ex-servicemen).

The undersigned is directed to say that instructions have been issued by the Department of Personnel and Training, from time to time, with regard to nomination of Liaison Officers for different categories to ensure that the reservation policies of the Government of India are implemented in letter and spirit. The said instructions also specify the role, duties and responsibilities, etc., of the Liaison Officer.

2. After careful consideration of the matter and in consultation with major Ministries/Departments, it has now been decided that instructions regarding appointment of Liaison Officer, at least of the rank of Deputy Secretary, to look after the reservation matters relating to Ex-Servicemen be re-circulated. Accordingly, in each Ministry/Department/ Attached and Subordinate Office, the Deputy Secretary in charge of administration (or any other officer at least of the rank of Deputy Secretary) should be designated as a Liaison Officer in respect of matters relating to representation of Ex-servicemen either exclusively or in combination (the Officer already appointed as Liaison Officer for other categories, may be appointed as Liaison Officer for Ex-Servicemen also), depending upon the availability of Officer of the requisite rank. The particulars and contact details of liaison officer, so appointed, may be intimated to the Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare.

3. The details of roles and responsibilities of Liaison officer are enclosed in the Annexure.

4. All the Ministries/Departments of the Central Government are requested to bring the contents of this O.M. to the notice of all the appointing authorities and also attached and subordinate offices under their control.

5. This issues with the approval of Hon’ble MOS(PP).

6. Hindi version will follow.

(Debabrata Das)
Under Secretary to the Government of India



  1. The Liaison Officer is especially responsible for:
    1. Ensuring due compliance by the Ministry/Department and subordinate appointing authorities with the orders and instructions pertaining to the reservation of vacancies in favour of the ex-servicemen and other benefits admissible to them.
    2. Ensuring timely submission of ex-servicemen reports on appointment/representation by each appointing authority in the Ministry/ Department concerned and ensuring scrutiny and consolidation of the above reports in respect of all establishments and services in and under the control of the Ministry/Department and sending the consolidated reports in the prescribed proforma to the Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare;
    3. Acting as Liaison Officer between the Ministry/Department and the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare for supply of other information, answering questions and queries and clearing doubts in regard to matters covered by the reservation orders.
    4. Cases of negligence or lapse in the matter of following the reservation and other orders relating to Ex-servicemen coming to the light through the inspections carried out by the Liaison Officer or otherwise, should be reported/ submitted by him/her to the Secretary/Additional Secretary to the Government of India in the respective Ministry/ Department or to the Head of the Department in respect of offices under the Heads of Department, as the case may be. The concerned Secretary/Addition Secretary/Head of the Department shall pass necessary orders on such reports to ensure strict compliance of the reservation orders by the appointing authority concerned.
    5. In order to ensure due compliance of the reservation orders of the Government, the Liaison Officers may periodically visit/inspect the offices/organizations under them. They should ensure that reservation for Ex-servicemen has been implemented properly. Liaison Officers should carry out their duties in relation to reservation by calling for the records from them and by convening the meetings of the officer of such organizations who are responsible for ensuring reservation in organizations under their control.
    6. If Liaison Officers of Ministries/Departments notice that there are complaints against any officer of harassment or deliberately manipulating things to damage the interests of the ex­ servicemen, they should feel free to report such lapses to the Secretary/ Addl Secretary of the Ministry/Department concerned.
  2. Each CPSE, Statutory and Semi Govt Body, Autonomous Body/ Institutions including Municipal Corporations,Co-op Institutions, Universities, Voluntary Agencies receiving grants-in-aid from the Govt connected with appointment of the Ex­ servicemen should appoint Liaison Officer in the same manner as is existing in the Ministries/Departments.
  3. The appointment of Liaison Officer in the CPSEs, does not, however, dilute or alter or curtail the responsibilities of the Liaison Officer of the administrative Ministry/Department in regard to implementation of reservation policy in the CPSE.
  4. Liaison Officers of the Ministries/Departments have special responsibility to monitor implementation of reservation in their attached and subordinate offices, Autonomous Bodies, CPSEs, etc., under . the administrative control of the concerned Ministry/ Department and voluntary agencies, which are getting substantial grants-in-aid from the Government of India.

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