Monday, April 10, 2023

SPARSH Data update for All Pre 2016 Pensioners

Rectification or Update of your personal data in your Pension Profile held with PCDA can now be done at your own through SPARSH Portal. You need not to approach the Zila Sainik Board any more. SPARSH Data update for All Pre 2016 Pensioners is now can be done easily.

If you can do it at your own may do so using smart phone or computer or may get it done with the help of any Cyber Cafe/CSC. Min of Def has already established SPARSH Service Centre at your nearest city to help you to make effective use of SPARSH Portal by all defence pensioners. 

Initially the document update system was not feasible in your Profile being pre 2016 Pensioner.  But from 1st April 2023, the PCDA has given you full access of SPARSH Portal  to update personal data of pensioners. Now, you may update/add/ rectify all of your personal data including :

(i)  Name and date of birth of  SPOUSE
(ii) Name and date of birth of your Dependents
(iii) Change of Home address
(iv) Change of Reemployment Status
(v)  Update Service Details
(vi) Nomination details etc
(vii) Aadhar Number & PAN Number
(viii)Mobile Number, Email ID & Bank A/c details
(ix)  Any other information related to family and profile of self

You need to upload the supporting documents to change or rectify the data i.e  Electricity Bill for Change of Address etc. To initiate update your data, you need to login to SPARSH portal then go to My documents

A large number of pensioners are still waiting to get their user ID and password for SPARSH Portal.  To get user ID and password, you may lodge a grievance using the grievance redressal system available in SPARSH Portal. 

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A large number of Defence pensioners are yet to be migrated to SPARSH.  Migration of their pension is still under process. Work is under progress at PCDA. However, you may lodge a grievance as per instructions available on the SPARSH portal or contact PCDA as details given below.  Must keep your mobile number and email functional ( the contacts which is connected to your Pension account in bank) to get information regarding SPARSH from PCDA : 

1.   Details of Nodal Officers –

2.  Lodge your grievance –  then click on services   then Grievances.

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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Sgt Sushil Kumar Choudhary, Veteran Missile Fitter (L), Filed a Case in HSC : MA 499/2023 for table 7 & 8 of OROP2 related issue, alongwith 10 others (Vet MBC Menon & Vet P Vigneshwar Raju)

Dear Veterans, 

Once more, I am informing you that I have filled the petition in Hounarable Supreme Court bearing diary no. 10538/2023 & Case no MA 499/2023 for table 7 & 8 of OROP2 related issue on individual capacity with the help of My friend Adv Shri Amitesh Chandra Mishra. Since the cause of this case is related with lakhs of veterans & their families across the country, I involved petitioners also across the country with various age group and trades so that HSC should realise that this is not the problem of a single veteran but the problem of veterans across the country. I thanks all other 10 petitioners alongwith Veteran MBC Menon & Veteran P Vigneshwar Raju who have given valuable contribution in collection of various documents for finalisation of petitions. Again I am informing you that in this case, there is no need of money and in future if there is any need of money, I will intimate you. Till now, please beware of cheaters and don't contribute any money to any group or individual Veterans. If anybody has any type of queries related to this petition, please contact me on 9560926001. Please spread this message across the all veterans group so that no veteran should be cheated by anyone. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat 🇮🇳🙏 

Sgt Sushil Kumar Choudhary, Veteran 

Missile Fitter (L), MF(25) Entry,

Mob. 9560926001

(Source : Voice of Pensioners blog)