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Tuesday, June 21, 2022


OROP 2 - GOI filed in HSC time extn contrary to PCDA (P) letter stating implementation of judgement awaiting Govt orders (att). MoD asking extn when PCDA ready, cause of serious concern. Reveals Govt intention for not paying arrears.

This also clarifies that Review Petition cannot be reason for not paying arrears. Some misguided ESM asking withdrawal of Review Petition is unfounded. We will continue struggle till we get actual OROP.

(source : Via twitter)

Thursday, June 16, 2022


Dear all Vet Bros, 

The HSC in their judgement of 16.3.2022 reiterated that there is no ambiguity in Govt's OROP orders of 07.11.2015 and the Re-fixation or Revision OROP to be carried out every 5 years (was due on 01.7.2019). The Govt (DESW), therefore, was duty bound to  revise/refix OROP from 01.7.2019 and also pay arrears to all concerned within 3 months. That deadline expired on 15.6.2022, and the Govt did not release the said orders even on 16.6.2022. 

The IESM who was in the forefront and was the appellant before the HSC was unhappy that their main plea that the OROP in full as per the Committee OROP definition was not accepted and the HSC ruled that the Govt order on the subject stands valid. Aggrieved, therefore, the appellant IESM lodged a RP on 13.4.2022 (purportedly) in HSC registry. Therefore, the RP and its effect on the judgement and or its implementation part is supposedly is NIL. 

Interestingly, the IESM, had urged the Govt as late as 08.6.2022and submitted inputs :- 

 a) the PBORs max scale of pay was not considered while fixing the OROP as on 01.7.2014 in terms of Govt orders of 2013 and this may be now considered.

b) the OROP of officers of Lt Col/Cols & above was to be done with MF 2.67 instead of 2.57 wef 1.1.2016 and this may be considered now. 

It is past the HSC deadline 15.6.2022 and the OROP orders yet to come. The Govt will have many reasons for delay:-

i) They were busy in evacuation work in Russia/Ukrein war. 

ii) They were busy in state/RS elections.

iii)Some VVIPs were called for ED questioning and its effect.

iv) They were busy in Agnipath scheme and its effect.

v) The CDS appointment process is on.

iv) They are now busy with President/VP election work.

Therefore, they will request the HSC to grant more time, say another 3 months, for implementation of 16.3.2022 judgement.

The HSC normally would not say No to above submissions.

So, the OROP re-fixation/revision SAGA rolls over to next 3 months?  

Or The Govt may release the OROP orders any time soon. 

PS: This is not any official version. But only my individual view. ESM bros please be cool cool. OROP will be revised and arrears will be paid. In due course of time. Nothing to worry. 




Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Analysis of 2018 IAF pensioners(Sgt X Grp and Navy) PPOs


I just want to make a simple analysis of two PPOs placed across by CE sir in he centre spread of this blog.
1 Jun 22, 07:38 PM
GaviniVN: 1. Sgt Lalit Kumar X gp DoE 24.3.1998 and DoD 1.4.2018(total service wrongly shown as 19 yrs 11 months and 28 days instead of 20 years and 7 days) Any was pension shall be for 20 yrs only). Hislevel 5 PMtx 42800, Milp 5200 Gp pay 6200 & Class allow540 (3 GCBs?) =Rs.54740/2=27370 as pension (50% of emoulments as Service Pension.
1 Jun 22, 07:43 PM
GaviniVN: Similarly 2. Sgt Gaurav Gupta X gp DoE 18.12.1998 and DoD 1.1.2019 (total service rendered 20 yrs 14 days). His level 5 PMtx 44100, Milp 5200 Gp pay 6200 & Class allow540 (3 GCBs?) =Rs.56040/2=28020 as pension (50% of emoulments as Service Pension.
1 Jun 22, 07:48 PM
GaviniVN: No idea as to how many years they were in Sgt rank. May be about 8-9 years. But their BP at the time of discharege from service is shown at : Sgt Lalitkumar - BP at 14 years and for Gaurav Gupta - BP at 15 years level. crement difference.
1 Jun 22, 07:53 PM
GaviniVN: Capitalised Value of Pension for Sgt Lalit Kumar :Rs.14,90,297/-and for Sgt Gaurav Gupta -Rs.15,28,211/-
1 Jun 22, 08:07 PM
GaviniVN: These two Sgts seem to have got fixed the BP as maximum of their 5th CPC Rs.5595/-and 6th CPC Rs.13210/-levels and at 7th CPC at Rs.34900/- and thereafter 7 and years annual increments. with these figures these ESM sgts were in the ranksof Sgt for more than 12 and 13 yearsrespectively. Any guesses?
1 Jun 22, 08:10 PM
GaviniVN: They were elevated to Sgt ranks in 6-7 years? I am really confused if any one get to Sgt rank so quickly. Of course Edn Instr and Dip Holder Sgt ranks are different.
1 Jun 22, 08:10 PM
GaviniVN: CE sir may kindly elucidate please.
1 Jun 22, 08:27 PM
GaviniVN: It is still more cur-ous to note the Navy ESM pensions displayed in the centre spread of this blog - 15 Yrs service rendered pension @ Rs.28150/- and 15.5 yrs service rendered pension is Rs.32800/-. Simply unbelievable.6months more service and you get Rs.4650/- more basic pension??
1 Jun 22, 08:29 PM
GaviniVN: Live data furnished herein is hopefully enough to go to AFT Principal Bench Delhi? CE Sir?
1 Jun 22, 08:31 PM
GaviniVN: p.s. I compared these data vis-a-vis Cir 608, Gp X Sgt con table.

(Source : The Voice of Pensioners blog)