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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Indian Defence Force Veteran Fraternity,

I as an Indian Army Officer, (though today I benefit from the present OROP form, I write for those who wont); am now treading on the OROP minefield, taking the risk, to attempt to explain, to clarify and to expose the hidden anomaly and weakness of “Koshiyari Committee Report”; Clearance of OROP by the “Two Parliaments” and the present “ESM Leadership”, who in their exuberance of achieving somehow success, are inadvertently “ Placing Themselves Into Misleading The ESM, By Promising Them Something They Know To Be Untrue”.

About this hard, harsh and heartbreaking truth, the entire ESM brotherhood, the ESM agitators and the ESM on Relay Hunger Strike including Three Honorable Veterans on Fast unto Death wef 16 Aug; are unaware, unconscious and probably want to remain unconcerned, about the actual facts, the factual inside, which is going to severely affect, if OROP is allotted in its present form and will further deteriorate their peace and health; the step would be irrevocable, thereafter leaving Veterans to approach the Sanctity of Judiciary as the only option to resolve the large scale OROP painful anomaly.

“The Truth May Hurt For A Little While, But A Lie Hurts Forever”. “Veterans” the PM Shri Narendra Modiji, has clearly foreseen the biggest shortfall in the present definition of the OROP. The leaders in ESM leadership, I am sure are well aware and conscious of all the facts? Surprising therefore, why other ESM members seem to be in total darkness about these glaring lacuna's?

The biggest bone of contention in the OROP as its stand in the present form is the edifice on which it has been based and built, “The Rank And The Length of Service In That Rank”.

The "Koshiyari Committee Report" says, in Armed Forces, Equality in Service has two components, namely, Rank and Length of Service. The importance of Rank is inherent in Armed Forces as it has been granted by the President of India and signifies command, control and responsibility in consonance with ethos of service. Hence, Two Armed Personnel in the Same Rank and Equal Length of Service should get Same Pension Irrespective of Date of Retirement and any future enhancement in rates of pension be automatically passed on to the past pensioners.

How very innocent and simple it looks, the Koshiyari Report also felt so, more so the committee was unaware of Army, Navy and Air Force rank intricacies.

Now, the Senior and Old Veterans, who have retired much earlier, do not realize that during their time an Officer was promoted to the Rank of Major after 13 years of service, Lt Col after a Competitive Selection Board on 18 to 19 years of service and Col after a Competitive Selection Board much later.

Whereas now, an Officer without any hitch or competition becomes a Major in 5 years of Service, Lt Col in time bound promotion in 13 years of service, a Col in 26 years of service. In Navy, generally smooth sailing is till Brig equivalent, and AF somewhat similar as Army.

Therefore the majority of Officers, earlier retired in the Rank of a Major, and maximum as Lt Col, whereas today all Officers Retire as Col and equivalent. .

Similarly promotions of PBOR, during earlier days; were delayed and late, large percentage of PBOR retired in the Rank of Sepoy, whereas now almost all PBOR attain the rank of Havaldar before retiring.

Now what Modiji is saying? the “Mathematical glitch”; An earlier Veteran who has retired as a Major, inspite of putting 30 years of service, will get maximum pension of today’s equivalent Major’s service till 13 years, because on 13th year the present Major gets promoted to a Lt Col. Nobody retires as Major today. Similarly earlier Veteran who has retired as Lt Col, inspite putting 30 or more year’s service in that rank, will only get maximum pension of today’s equivalent Lt Col service till 26 years, because on 26th years of service, the present Lt Col gets promoted to a Col. Nobody retires as Lt Col today.

What Modiji, is saying, if OROP is Approved and Granted in its Present Flawed Form, the large number of Veterans, will not benefit, because as per Koshiyari Committee Report, OROP is Same Rank and Equal Length of Service in that Rank.

This aspect, respected Veteran “Ladies and Gentlemen” Modiji could not visualize when he inherited the flawed OROP Agenda from the Congress, the UPA Govt. The other Two Issues of contention in the OROP, First; is payment of OROP dues with Retrospective Date and the Second; decision on Cut of Date, April 2011/ April 2014.

Now the Retrospective issue is again highly contentious, firstly no documents of Older Veterans are available in the Archives of the Defence Forces, making it difficult to realize the exact amount due to each individual veteran, the total arrears as per rough estimate, without proper input available; is colossal, and may run into many thousand crores. The total stated figure of OROP Rs 8300/ crore is a misnomer, the author of this hypothetical figure remaining obscure.

“TRUTH IS POWERFUL AND IT PREVAILS” Unfortunately the leadership of OROP is in the hands of Officers who are already into OROP, and are therefore oblivious of the danger and pain which the Veterans will realize, if OROP is implemented in the present flawed form, resulting in large number of litigation and agitations.

Gentlemen, do we have the courage to assure The PM Shri Narendra Modiji, that no one will approach the Judiciary, knock the doors of the Court, once the OROP in its present form is implemented; in order to get and demand what we are not understanding and foreseeing today.


I know the OROP atmosphere is highly charged, volatile and the Veterans are in no mood to relent to any logic. The issue is now further precipitated by our Three Respected Honorable Veterans deciding to go on Indefinite Hunger Strike. Respected brother Veterans in spite of these facts, we need to rationally think and study the entire report, individually; to exactly know what we are demanding and will be individually getting. Fortunately, Modiji is favorably disposed towards the Armed Forces, and we should make the best of the situation, kindly do not get into rhetoric, and take decision on emotions.

Like, today I benefit from the OROP, but after 2 years, when the Rank of Brigadier is made time bound, after 28 years all to be promoted; I would regret accepting the OROP in the Present Form.

Respected Veterans, I do not claim all correctness in my claim, in my argument, but I have the Courage to request you all, especially at a time; when the atmosphere is not conducive for any suggestion.

Dear Veterans, “The First Step To Get What We Want Is Having The Courage To Get Rid Of What We Don’t.”

Col Rakesh Dubey,Vir Chakra

A Professional Combat Infantry Officer,A Paratrooper who has seen Combat in Kashmir,Saichen Glacier,Sri Lanka,North East and Punjab. Killed Enemy in Bloody Combat, at Times with Hand to Hand Fights. Physically and Medically very Fit and Tough. Highly Decorated for Gallantry in war. For Bravery of Very High Order In The Face Of Enemy, Awarded Vir Chakra, By The President Of India. He is also The Recipient Of Two Chief Of The Army Staff Commendation Cards For Gallantry. 
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Dear Sir,

It is very unfortunate that here and there people are trying to tarnish the image of OROP leadership. We must be thankful to them to have brought fore the gross in justice done by Babus & politicians for past 30-40 to the armed forces personnel. Already a parity with present pensioners is granted to civilian employees w.e.f. 1.1.2006 vide O.M. No.38/37/08-P&PW(A)dated 30/7/2015 read with O.M.38/37/ 08-P&PW(A) dated 28th January, 2013 & dated 30/07/2015 of Dept of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare.

Than why it is being denied to the armed forces pensioners. Nobody in the GOI specially the bubudom bothers but are dead against the welfare of the armed forces as the weakest chain in the armed force is the retired and ex servicemen they suffer due to this attitude. we must be very thankful to the OROP team that they have now given a powerful and justified platform to protect the legitimate rights of the veterans. Question is not of the OROP alone or of some financial gain at the movement but it is to do with the lost status and prestige of the armed forces over the past many years. If the nation do not care about the sacrifices made by the armed forces than there has to be rethinking on the plank on which we discipline and motivate our soldiers to fight for the nation. I think what the OROP leadership is doing, is a great service to the nation to enlighten the country that they should have pride in their soldiers and should feel gratitude to the veterans to have served the nation at the peril of their life. I fear if the deep rooted attitude of contempt towards armed forces personnel remain in the mind set of civil population specially our babus than days are not far when the country will again be slave. we should not allow the history to repeat. What has happened to this nation or to our rulers and intellectuals, they are not realising this simple thing.



  1. Col Rakesh Dubey's writing is either due to blind Modi Bhakti or due to ignorance. If he had taken the pain to go through the DGL prepared by the IHQ, he would not have written it. Such ill informed articles will become strong weapons in the hands of those who are trying to sabotage it. I request him to withdraw that.

  2. Dear Col, I was commissioned in 1984, remained as Capt for thirteen years and became Major in 14th year and then got selected rank of LT Col in 16th year but CDA did not give Lt Col Pay till completion of seventeenth year finally I retired after 21 yrs service in the rank of Lt Col. An officer who was commissioned in year 1991 got the May rank in 2002, and with AVS commission implementation on 24 Dec 2004 he picked up substantive Lt Col rank on 24 Dec 2004 as he completed 13 yrs in the same month and started getting Lt Col pay also, I was in service that time but my pay has started after completion of 17 yrs service even if I got Selected rank of Lt Col in 16th year. When AVS commission was implemented wef 24 Dec 2004, as I was in service my pauy would have been stepped up by 7 increments considering my rank from 14th year. On 24 Dec 2004 the Majors who completed 13 to 20 years service all together got the time bound rank of Lt Col because they completed 13 years on 24 Dec 2004. Can you now justify an officer of 13 years and 20 years start getting Lt Cols pay from same date, does not the 20 years service officer pay steps up more than 13 years officer in the same rank of Lt Col.
    Your logic explained above is incorrect. Some one may have picked up time scale rank of lt Col after 21 years and an officer promoted to Lt col on 13 years service also retires after 21 years of service but at different rates. Both are entitled for 8 increments over the Lt Col pay decided, in any particular pay commission. This is what one rank one pension. I retired on 31 Jul 2005 because of age factor and my coursemate retired in feb 2006. On 1st Jan 2006 I was given 50% of Minimum Lt Col pay of 37400/2 plus 14000/2 (grade and MSP) (total pension 25700/-) where as my coursemates pay who continted service on 01 Jan 2006 got stepped up by due service increment of 8 considering 13 yrs time bound rank other wise his pay goes down to the pay of newly promoted Lt Col with 13 yrs Service. OROP removes this disparity. on 01 Jan 2016 I must get 50% of 7th CPC basic for Lt Col plus 8 increments of 7th CPC. Why to bother about all this, DGL of OROP pay scales will be attached to the OROP implementation letter, that is sufficient. As per the DGL a Lt Col basic pension including MSP and Grade pay on 01 Apr 2014 will be Rs 34765. Please see the ORP Scales on this site. This is what OROP. Today we are getting only 26265/- basic pension. The difference will be Rsw 8500/- basic pension plus 119% DA over it which goes to Rs 76136/- total pension per month till 31 Dec 2015. Wef 01 Jan 2016 in 7th CPC the likely increase in the total pension will be 30% of pension drawn on 31 Dec 2015. We must see the OROP scales before accepting the OROP implementation orders. - A veteran

  3. Service in the same rank is some times due to the number of vacancies in the particular branch or trade except when an individual has not met the criteria or is placed at lower side for some reason.But One good solution is to split the basic into 2 components as the service pay & rank pay.SERVICE PAY KEEPS PROGRESSING WITH LENGTH OF SERVICE & Rank pay is added to it on achieving a rank.This will also solve problem of junior getting more than senior.

  4. You have really provided an ill informed message in order to destabilize the effort which is being undertaken by the OROP team. If you are really interested in the welfare of veterans, please do withdraw your present message,

  5. Since OROP implies same pension for the same rank and same total length of service, a fair solution would be to workout the tables starting with the maximum of the sanctioned pay scale for a particular rank and maximum attainable total service and then work downwards. It will eliminate the chance of any one getting more pension with lesser years of total service. Thus tables can be drawn for all ranks.