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It is a good idea to go to court and seek redressal by those Officers and men who joined the Defence Services to get what was promised at the time of enrolment.


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Hi All,
Jolly good show by Brig HS Ghuman on his initiative below . Like the theory of ' A Thousand Cuts", let us take the battle now to the babus of MOD and its affiliated depts (  May be prudent to wait for another fort night or so, till the OROP orders are out !) . Instead of leaving every thing to the Service HQs , individuals too should bear arms and fight against the scorn and injustices heaped on us over the years. If the babus  shut the doors, the judiciary should be approached. Let us identify  feasible and logical issues  which  we can take up individually and collectively. In the mean time, all kudos to Brig Ghuman.
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On a recent TV panel discussion on OROP, a retired bureaucrat (Babu) kept interrupting the panelists to assert that the Faujis should have been aware of what they were going to get; and if they did not, they should not be now complaining. I found this argument juvenile and weird because one can not expect a teenager signing in for the services, to be so shrewd at that young confused stage of life, to research all aspects till pension, before signing !! After all,how many people- even grown up, read the Terms and Conditions before pressing 'I Agree' while buying  insurance/ credit cards and things on internet?
In any case the Government has changed rules unilaterally, as when most of those protesting at Jantar Mantar for OROP had joined. 
Brig HS Ghuman, SC, has now petitioned the authorities to pay him pension as per authorization that existed prior to 1973.(when it was changed unilaterally and unjustifiably by 3rd CPC. The Koshiyari Committee acknowledges this).
Letter is forwarded for Info.
I wonder what canard/ obfuscation the Babu panelist / community going to come up with now on this !!

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Col RP Chaturvedi,
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From: Brig Hardip Singh Ghuman <>
Date: 16 August 2015 at 11:36
To: "CDA (P) Allahabad" <>

            Brig HS Ghuman, SC, Retd. (IC 12391).
            # 1043 Sector 71, (Mob - 09316982294)
            SAS Nagar – Mohali, Punjab, Pin 160071.
            The Chief Controller,
            CDAO (P)
            Allahabad (UP).
            I was commissioned in Punjab Regiment on 18 Dec 1960 & superannuated from Military Service on 31.5.1993, on attaining the age of 54 years. Therefore, ‘terms & conditions’ of Military Pension as applicable on 18 Dec 1960 are applicable to me.
2.         CDA (P) is an impartial executing Authority, without any powers to apply Policy formulated by Govt. from any retro-respect date. Military Pension was reduced from 70 to 50% in respect of Other Ranks & from 60-65 to 50% in respect of Officers, during 1973 without logic, is not applicable to me, as I was Commissioned on 18 Dec 1960.
3.         Military Pension is a National Compulsion; in order to keep Armed Forces young, because of Role assigned to them to ‘protect sovereignty & integrity of our Nation’, at any cost.  Pay Commissions are tasked to improve Pay / Perks based on present day price index & not to play around with Inter Service Relativity / Pension percentage; a job of Parliamentarians keeping in mind the Role, as assigned in Indian Constitution – more or less a copy of British Rule which was tempered & no Parliamentarian objected to it because ‘Right to be Registered’ in electoral rolls at place of posting up-held by Supreme Court AIR 1971 SC 2123 was also illegally taken way during 1972, not objected by EC/COAS. Ten points, in reverse order of Rank are awarded as Military Service Weight-age to make up minimum service criteria is again garbled.   
4.         It is a General Rule; terms & conditions as applicable at the time of entering service are sacrosanct, which could be improved, but not degraded, without mutual agreement. Those commissioned prior to 1973 are entitled to Military Pension 70% for PBORS & 60-65% to Officers. No Govt. letter / Memorandum of MoD has any retro-respect application, hence Military Pension entitled to those who joined service earlier is illegally taken away at the time of fixation of Pension. Therefore, all Officers / PBORS who joined Service prior to 1973 are under paid Pension, which may please be re-fixed & arrears paid for which no frsh Govt. Orders are needed.
5.         My service with Punjab Govt. after retirement upto 31 May 1997 may please also be compensated for the purpose of Pension, if Rules permit.  It is sincerely hoped CDA (P) would apply Rules to protect the interest of those who gave their youth to the Nation, knowing well Freedom is not free & the Nation owes its responsibility to protect their interest by impartially, implementing Rules / Regulations intelligently as applicable then.
Yours Faithfully,
Brig HS Ghuman SC, Retd.
IC 12391.
Copy to:- Adjutant Gen. AHQ, GOC Western Command. RSB Pb. President IESL Punjab.

(Source --Colonel  N K Balakrishnan ( Retd), " SINHGARH",Pulleppady,
Chittoor Road,Kochi-682018, Phone- ( 0484) 2380987 via gp e-mail)

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