Friday, August 21, 2015


It is  sad to note that  the defence civilian pensioners  (including Defence accounts )  have got the “Revision of pension for pre-2006 pensioners. We must take actions to avoid further delay of our dues  as happened in the case of NPA for medicos and also the disability circulars . Pre-empt any such delays .

It is requested  to group members to  send the following emails to the addressees , so that our own payments are not inordinately delayed . Only cut paste the relevant details (in your wisdom duly edited ) from the following draft . Do not forward this email .
 TO: “Sh. Devendra Chaudhry , Secretary (Pension)”  
CC: “Dr. Jitendra Singh MOS (PP)”  ;
BCC: Deputy Secretary (PW) ;
Subject: Revision of pension for pre-2006 pensioners: Non implementation of Your Office Memorandum by DESW, MOD (Department of Ex-Servicemen welfare, MOD)-Regarding


Orders for implementation of Revision of pension for pre-2006 pensioners were issued vide GoI Min of PPG&PW(A) (DOPT) Letter No. 38/37/08-P&PW(A)  dated 30 Jul 2015 & also No. 25014/1/2013-AIS-11Dated: 17/08/2015 

Implementation order regarding the same has not been issued so far by the  Secretary ,Department of  Ex-Servicemen welfare, Ministry of Defence , in r/o of Military pensioners , though the implementation orders  has been issued for the pensioners of Defence Accounts department as well as other civilian defence civilian  employees  By the PCDA (Pensions) , Allahabad  Vide their  Circular No.C-144 dated 14/08/2015 . Accordingly banks are paying  arrears to these pensioners , along with Salary for the Month of Aug 2015.   Whereas the DESW, MOD   /CGDA  has not yet issued these orders in respect of Ex-Servicemen.

The delay in issue of  orders  for implementation in respect of Ex-servicemen & family pensioners  by the Dept of Ex-Servicemen welfare , amounts to  denial of their pension dues to   Ex-Servicemen pensioners, leading to disparity   when  their defence civilian  counter parts paid out of defence estimate  have already got their dues .

Therefore it is requested that the Secretary, DESW-MOD & Controller General of Defence accounts may  be requested to issue relevant orders without any further delay and comply with the instructions given in your office Memorandum quoted above.

A acknowledgement  by email is requested.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely 

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  1. Sir, refer also letter No. 25014/1/2013-AIS-11
    Government of India
    Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension
    (Department of Personnel & Training)
    North Block, New Delhi
    Dated: 17/08/2015

  2. वेन विल बि पैद दिज amounts

  3. When arrears will be paid to ex-service man

  4. Sir, we are urgent required waiting for pre 2006 arrears of payments of all ex-soilders