Saturday, August 15, 2015

The PM and FM have been brainwashed by “the Actual Government – The Famous Babus”

15 Aug 2015.
Dear Veterans,
Jai Hind.

I have received very large number of emails today, most of them need to be circulated to All Members of "REPORT MY SIGNAL”.

For the time being I am forwarding to you only two emails, which need to be examined by you on priority and which will convey to you the gravity of the situation regarding OROP and the truth about the statements being made by PM and FM.

The PM and FM have been brainwashed by “the Actual Government – The Famous Babus”

In my opinion among the politicians, who are in power today, the only True Well Wisher of Armed Forces and Veterans, on all subjects related to them, appears to be Shree Parikkar, The RM. We should not make any statements against him.

Probably you all know that some time ago, when ESM leaders had approached the President of BJP, to request him to speak to the PM and ask The PM to fulfil his election promises, he said –
“Dekho Bhai, election ke samay par both se jumle (statements) bole jaate hein. Zaroori nahin ke woh sab waide pure kiye jaen”. (Words to that effect).
In the very first meeting with the ESM leaders, the FM had also made a similar statement.

Whether it is BJP or Congress or any other Political Party – yeh sab ek hee thaili ke chatte batte hain. Just do not trust them.
Even when they genuinely want to keep their election manifesto promises, “the Actual Government – The Famous Babus”, would not allow them to do so.
The Babus use their magic of “Brainwashing the Politicians”.

Now coming to the main subject of this email – please read the succeeding paragraphs and thereafter, the two emails appended below

It has been established beyond doubt, that the so famously known statements - “ARITHMATIC is being done” by PM and FM are not true statements.
The Arithmetic is over long time ago, which was sincerely done by the RM with the advice of Services HQ.

Also some politicians, on the advice of Babus are also saying that –
“There is no dearth of funds. But, it is colossal task to compile the data of all those veterans and Veer Naris, who have to be paid the OROP amount”.
Some of the veterans, who take part in TV show discussions, must tells these ill informed  politicians that OROP is not to be paid to  veterans  and  Veer Naris, who are dead but to those veterans and Veer Naris, who are already receiving pension. The data of all Defence pensioners is well documented on computers, with all the concerned authorities.
It is a confirmed bitter truth that the PMO is trying “Track 2 tactics” to negotiate the amount to be paid as OROP; they are buying time by making silly excuses during interviews and press meetings.

It was not only Gen Ved Malik, who was called to PMO to help in negotiating the amount with Veterans, and make ‘A SAUDA’ on OROP amount that should be paid to Veterans and Veer Naris, a few other senior veterans were also called to PMO to do the same. I cannot give you the names of these Veterans – but trust me if you can.

Very rightly, all these True Well Wishers of Veterans, who were called to negotiate ‘A SAUDA’ with the Veterans, true to the traditions of Armed Forces, refused to do so in very firm words
They also conveyed their mind, in very strong words, to the concerned persons who are trying to cheat the Armed Forces Veterans.

The Veterans who were called to help in negotiations, are convinced beyond doubt that –
All the Babus, who are trying the Track 2 Tactics, feel that like ‘A SAUDA’ they do with Trade Unions in the industry, they will also succeed with the Veterans in making ‘A SAUDA’. Hon’ble PM Modi Sir - what a shame???

Gen VK Singh and Col Rathore, like many other ESM in politics, have also let us down.
They seem to be worried only about their own future in politics.
In particular, Col Rathore, without knowing the ABC of the definition of OROP, is making statements which are not true and are very damaging to the Veterans.

Before I close this note, I request All Members of "REPORT MY SIGNAL", to kindly give widest possible publicity to the contents of this email – BUTplease do not include me in your forward emailing list. Have mercy – I am already very heavily loaded.

Those Veterans, who may receive this email directly or after being redirected, are further requested to send copies of this email to as many as possible Media Persons, politicians and civilians. Please do oblige.

For Army HQ Veterans Cell Only.
Dear Sir,
I have earlier also sent many emails requesting you to put up "REPORT MY SIGNAL" emails to the COAS and also try and send those to CNS and CAS.
You have never responded.
At least please ensure that this email, which not only concerns the Veterans and Veer Naris of today, but will also affect you tomorrow, is put up to the Three Chiefs.
We shall be grateful if you would kindly confirm it to us.
In service of Indian Armed Forces Veterans & Families
Chander Kamboj PS - The above note has been prepared by me in great hurry. So please forgive me for any typographical errors.


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  1. I am very thankful to the writer of this email who brought truth and real struggle to dilute the prop by the so called (desh bhakat netas)