Friday, June 11, 2010

IAF dismisses Wing Commander for lewd remarks

Even as the Army conducts a court of inquiry against its engineer-in-chief Lt-Gen AK Nanda after a colonels wife complained against him, an IAF courtmartial has ordered a wing commanders dismissal after finding him guilty of outraging the modesty of a woman officer. Wing Commander HS Virk, posted in Agra, was tried by the GCM in Bareilly last month, after the woman officer alleged he had passed objectionable comments against her.While a confirmation of the court-martial sentence by the Central Air Command chief is awaited, Virk has approached the Armed Forces Tribunal, contending he is being kept in illegal detention. Virks counsel Rajiv Manglik said the IAF had kept him in confinement even though there was no sentence of imprisonment. IAF, in turn, contended Virk could not be released as the sentence recommended by the GCM was yet to be confirmed by higher authorities.


  1. the latest news is that all this court martial wasa set up , just to throw this highly ranked officer out because the IAF did not want to deal with the basic issue that the said officer actually has a psychiatric problem , which he is officially diagnosed by PGI-Chandigarh.
    Shame to the IAF for neglecting this for so long even though family members have been repeatedly saying it loud and clear that he needed psychiatric treatment.

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