Monday, August 16, 2010

EASY MONEY - A bit of adhesive is enough to rob you at your neighbourhood ATM

Kolkata: Beware if the ATM screen goes blank after you swipe your card.It could be a mischief by fraudsters to withdraw cash from your account after you leave the ATM in a huff.A bit of adhesive and a screwdriver are all thats needed to outwit hi-tech safety gadgets. These swindlers are part of an inter-state network spread across the country.Assam Police and Kolkata Police recently rounded up three who have mastered the tampering of ATMs.The trick applies only to ATM machines that need a customer to insert and extract the card to start operations.Many nationalized banks use this system.

Fraudsters,who generally strike in pairs,enter ATM by swiping valid debit card at the gate,press down a key on keyboard and stick it with adhesive so that it does not return to its original position.This switches on the machine.They then wait for a victim.When a customer enters the ATM and swipes the card,he does not realize that the machine is already on.A message flashes for him to key his PIN,which he does.But as the machine has been switched on in an improper way,the screen goes blank automatically as a security feature to stop fraudulent withdrawals.Its here that the fraudster enters after the customer leaves.He simply use a screwdriver to release the key.The ATM restarts with the PIN of the last customer and the gang walks out with cash.


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