Saturday, October 2, 2010

Govt to address pension issues of armed forces personnel

With a large number of officers and jawans approaching the A F Tribunal with pension-related grievances and complaints, Govt today said it was working towards improving the situation. Def.Min. AK Antony said in comparison with the civil pension structure, defence pension was "very complex" and a large number of complaints and grievances were there. "There are so many instances of personnel-below officer ranks and very senior officers approaching the Armed Forces Tribunal against these grievances... this is not a happy situation," the minister said while addressing the foundation day celebrations of the department of defence accounts.

The defence minister said there was a need to further improve the situation and government was working towards it. "In last few years, the DAD has improved the system drastically and there are lesser number of complaints now but there is a scope of further improvement. A large no.of ex-servicemen are approaching the Tribunal but this doesn't mean the things are bad," he added.

Earlier in the day, Antony launched three DAD websites named Project Suvigya, Project Aashraya and Project Sankalan. The websites have been created by the department for helping defence pensioners to know about their pensions and addressing their grievances related to it.

Under the Project Suvigya, pensioners would be able to know about their pension entitlements online and with project Aashraya, it would be possible for a pensioner to log into his pension account from anywhere in the world, DAD officials said here.

Project Sankalan would facilitate dissemination of various orders, instructions and manuals electronically and would also help in reducing paper consumption in the department, they added.

(Source : Pay Commission/DNA News /PTI)

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  1. 1. I, JC-412394K Ex Sub(Clk) Shiv Kumar retired on Mar 2006. My PPO No is S/017865/2006(Army) and corrg PPO No is S/COR/060182/2006. My basic pension is Rs. 9755/-.and Residual pension is Rs 5366/-. After commutation i.e 45% I am getting total pension including DA as on date Rs 9756/- pm only.. As per table No 37 of Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No PC10(1)/2009-D (Pen/Pol) dated 08 Mar 2010 and PCDA (P) Allahabad circular No 430 dated 10 Mar 2010, pension of a Sub( Gp ‘Y’) having served for 28 years service prior to 01 Jan 2006 has been fixed Rs 11970/- pm wef 01 Jul 2009. (ie Rs. 1295/- more than that of post 2006 retirees) whereas pension of post 2006 retirees should be more than the pre 2006 retirees.

    2. In view of the above, it is apparent that a Sub (Gp ‘Y’) retired prior to 01 Jan 2006 is getting more pension than the Sub retired after 01 Jan 2006. The same thing has happened with Nb Subedars retired after 01 Jan 2006. This point is concerned with welfare of post 01 Jan 2006 pensioners and needs due consideration..

    3. Therefore. could you please clarify about this. Please also confirm whether is there any order pending with the Govt for further revision of pension of post 2006 retirees if not then please take up a case with MOD about the anomalies in the pension of pre-2006 and post 2006 retirees. Please throw some light in this regard. An early reply is requested.


    Ex_sub S K Yadav