Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gallantry award given to deserters - Survivor Of INS Khukri Seeks Correction In Naval History On Role Of INS Kirpan In 71 Indo-Pak War

Chandigarh: Did the crew of INS Kirpan,the Indian Navy frigate which was honoured with gallantry award for its role in 1971 Indo-Pak war,actually deserve the honour or did it play an ignominious role by deserting fellow sailors who were drowning in INS Khukri  Nearly 40 years after the sinking of INS Khukri,this is the question being raised by one of the survivors of the illfated frigate of Indian Navy.

A retired sailor,Chanchal Singh Gill,who served in the Indian Navy for 14 years,has moved the Chandigarh bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) seeking correction of Naval history related to the INS Khukri. A comprehensive time bound inquiry by a commission,withdrawal of gallantry awards from those who allegedly showed cowardice,including officers and Commanding Officer of INS Kirpan,and fixing responsibility for the Indian Navys greatest cover up after the greatest tragedy,besides their court martial,has also been sought.

The main allegations of 58-year old Gill who was on duty as artificer apprentice on the fateful night of December 9,1971 when the Pakistani submarine PNS Hangor hit the INS Khukri is that the record prepared by the Historical Cell of Directorate of Naval Operations,at Naval Headquarters,New Delhi,pertaining to INS Khukri is far away from the truth. While pointing out glaring errors in the records,which came to his notice in February 2004,that Khukri sank just by one torpedo hit whereas INS Kirpan manoeuvered to deflect torpedo attacks,Gill claims that actually three torpedoes had hit Khukri and instead of joining action to counter the attack,INS Kirpan fled away.

After reading the official account,Gill immediately sent letters to parliamentary standing committee on defence seeking correction of the records but has not heard from them till now. Along with his petition, which would now come up for hearing before AFT on December 24,Gill has also annexed the report of Commander B Bhushan who had submitted a report in January,1972 on Khukris sinking.Commander Bhushans report,which was declassified in 2005,if gone through carefully,highlights an amazing cover up (on INS Kirpans role) by the naval authorities,Gill claimed.

Gill said he was one of the few survivors who were thrown out at the time of first blast but survived as he could take hold of a life raft and operated it in the darkness of night besides rescuing six more survivors from freezing waters. INS Kirpan,which was in the vicinity,did not respond to distress signals,instead,speeded away from the spot,abandoning the drowning crew of Khukri,he alleged.He also claimed that not all of the survivors were questioned about how the tragedy had happened and no independent inquiry was instituted.



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  3. Mr. GIll 100 % correct. INS Khukri was hit by three torpedoes and INS Kirpan run away from the war field like coward. Captain of INS Kirpan should have been court marshelled and put behind bar with war crimes. I am one among 66 survivors.