Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cabinet approval granted to pensionary part of the report of the Committee of Secretaries

The cabinet has today approved the pensionary part of the PM appointed Committee of Secretaries.
What has been accepted and promulgated is the same as was placed on this blog on 09 August 2012.

An official press release can also be accessed by clicking here.

Service pension for various ranks shall now be the following:

For Junior Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks (JCOs/OR): Add two years in the existing tables which can be accessed by clicking here. For example, to get to know the basic pension now admissible at 15 years, the amount reflected at 17 years may be seen.

For Officers: The admissible basic pension for pre-2006 retirees shall be as below:-

Lieut : Rs 13,500

Capt : Rs 15,350

Maj : Rs 18,205

Lt Col : Rs 26,265

Col : Rs 27,795

Brig : Rs 29,145

Maj Gen : Rs 30,350

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