Wednesday, January 16, 2013

INDUS CALLING -Warriors and that savage country

15 January 2013, 03:39 PM IST

The Army Day being celebrated today gives an extraordinary message in the prevailing circumstances. Surrounded by unfriendly countries, app 7 thousand kms of undecided border, two hostile nuclear powers and a savage army on our western front that keeps India bleeding in a cowardly, jackal like fashion.

Bravo to Gen Bikram Singh, who took up the cudgels and at last spoke the language India wanted to hear. While the ministers remained mired in a myth of fake peace making, letting the soldier and the patriotic people down, Gen. Bikram Singh made it clear that the warriors are in no mood to take the barbarism of Pakistan lying down. It was shocking for a nation to see that immediately Minister of External Affairs contradicted the army chief, in fact admonished him publicly.

A report says -‘Despite Indian Army chief General Bikram Singh 's tough talk on Pakistan over ceasefire violations on the Line of Control (LoC) the government looks in no mood to indulge in confrontation with Islamabad. Downplaying Army chief's warning to Pakistan, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said on Monday that the government did not want the peace process to get derailed.’ The peace process of the pusillanimous rulers has become another threat to the national security apart from what Pakistan poses to us. What peace process? With whom? And at what cost?

Isn’t the soldier’s dignity and Izaat foremost for us?

Who were the two soldiers, beheaded by the savage Pakistani army and whom did they belong to? Does this government feel any affinity with those who die for the nation? This political state apparatus shows feelings for or fears only the media reports and their impact on its public image. Those leaders who run to pay homage to even an octogenarian politician, who might have been thoroughly corrupt and died due to illness, never found time to pay homage to the martyred soldiers at the time of their last rites. It was only when the media reported their absence with scathingly harsh comments and the family members of Lance Naik Hemraj sat on hunger strike, the chief minister of the state rushed to the spot and met the bereaved family. And well, the union govt. announced bravery awards to be given on the Republic Day.

So phony it all looked, so insincere.

Another worthy minister from UP ‘Ram Karan Arya said that the demand of the family for the severed head of martyr Lance Naik Hemraj Singh was petty.

Such politicians would have received harshest possible reprimand from the people in any country, but alas, we have been tolerating such small people at top positions far too long. When we see how President Obama salutes and pays homage to the dead soldiers, often reproducing finest words from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and saying the martyrdom of the soldiers would give "A New Birth of Freedom", the Indian leaders talk to the media in a lackadaisical, ‘matter of fact’ manner that lacks commitment.

We have leaders who lead us in just pettiness and failures often demoralizing the warriors. They don’t find just the right words to boost the morale of the soldiers because they never speak from their hearts when they are speaking to the warriors. For them they are just another class of employees, who serve for a salary.

Then why do we observe Army Day every year with such fanfare, gaiety and somberness?

Isn’t this is the day to remind the warriors that the entire nation stands with them, they are our most honoured defenders of Motherland and their honour and dignity is the foremost in the eyes of the people and the State? This day in 1948 Lieutenant General K. M. Cariappa became the first Indian Commander-in-Chief . hence the observance of 15th January every year to salute the valiant soldiers .

Is this the way we should be doing it?

The soldiers who have shown extraordinary courage and perseverance in the oddest of all situations, who stand guard at -80 degree Celsius at Siachin, who have fought to the last bullet and the last man, in 1962, 1965, 1971 and the Kargil wars, who have a family tradition preserved for the last many generations, in some cases 10 to 15 generations, to join the forces and fight for the Matribhumi, the holy Motherland, deserve much better.

They live as a soldier and die as a soldier. Still they, the warriors of the nation, the protectors of our lives and land, do not find a voice from the government who would swear to the nation to take revenge on the unrepentant wicked and the savage. Surely a government that oscillates to build a war Memorial to the martyrs even after six decades of a great legacy of the warriors, is capable of showing such a defeatist attitude. And to rub salt on the wound, when the army chief says something that he should be saying, the minister contradicts him publicly and issues a self-defeating statement on the day when soldiers celebrate Army Day.

Nobody in India wants a war or provokes the neighbor to get wild. It is the sham secular Anglicized brown sahibs who use insultingly the word’ jingoistic’ for the voices of patriotism. Since we got our truncated freedom, we have been relentlessly trying to be more than reasonable and make peace with the neighbors. But immediately after we saw the day of ,‘tryst with destiny’, Pakistan attacked in September 1947. Then the Kutch skirmish, followed by 1965, 1971, Kargil, supporting and encouraging Khalistani terrorism under their ‘thousand cut’ policy, Kashmir separatism and terrorism infiltration into our territory, continuing with terrorist training camps, ISI’s operations in South and the NE, fake currency attacks, inviting Chinese PLA to POK, a territory claimed by us… what is left anymore that needs us to say- come what may we shall continue with our peace initiative?

Pakistan government has proved hundreds of times that it is dishonest, liar, and a unreliable dialogue partner. India gave them Most Favored Nation status way back, 16 years before. They are still mulling to return the favor. We took bus to Lahore, welcomed the butcher of Kargil at Agra, give invitations enveloped in fat packets of dollars to them to come and participate in our conclaves in Delhi, still they refuse to help in our probe against terror, remain blind to our substantial evidences, keep the terror kingpins safe in their lap and behead our soldiers.

Carry on Mr Minister. May be next time you may think to hold a Qawwali programme in Islamabad to please them and change their heart!!

Ram is celebrated and revered not because he left Sita with Ravana saying freeing her would mean war and I am a peacenik, hence returning Ayodhya, sacrificing my consort for the sake of a higher goal, the peace.

We do not celebrate Dusshera for the last thousands of years because Ram didn’t punish an unrepentant wicked Ravana. Each of our gods has punished the bad, the ugly and the savage. Each of our heroes, whether Vikramaditya, Guru Govind Singh, or Shivaji or the Chola kings have shown that they can fight and annihilate the agents of barbarism.

If our peace initiative receives beheaded bodies of our sons, it’s a sin not to swear and say, we shall avenge it


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